SodaStream Pairs With Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson SodaStream Partnership

During a live webcast the other night that I was invited to by SodaStream, they announced their new Super Bowl ad as well as their Global Brand Ambassador; Scarlett Johansson. Why Scarlett Johansson out of all the other celebrities out there who could endorse their product? It’s because she really does have a love of SodaStream.

“I’ve been using the SodaStream products myself and giving them as Soda-Streamgifts for many, many years,” said Johansson. “The company’s commitment to a healthier body and a healthier planet is a perfect fit for me. I love that the product can be tailored to any lifestyle and palate. The partnership between me and SodaStream is a no brainer. I am beyond thrilled to share my enthusiasm for SodaStream with the world!!”

Johansson believes that being healthy is about commitment, determination, and self- empowerment. These core values emulate SodaStream’s mission to revolutionize the beverage industry by empowering people with easy-to-use, fun ways to enjoy better-for-you, better-for-the- environment bubbly beverages.

The actress has loved sparkling water since childhood, which led her to discover SodaStream. Now a loyal user for years, Johansson has a soda maker in her home and is an enthusiastic fan of the brand.

I think she’s a really great fit for SodaStream, and it’s nice to hear endorsements for products from people who actually are passionate and use the products as well, not just a paid spokes person.  Take a peek at the live stream and announcement that was made.

As the new Global Brand Ambassador of SodaStream Ms. Johansson will also star in the new SodaStream Super Bowl Ad scheduled to air during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII on Fox on February 2nd, 2014.

If you’ve never tried or heard of SodatStream before, the system allows consumers to carbonate water and then to flavor it at home with their favorite soda flavors. Environmentally it replaces all the cans and bottles we waste as well as makes healthier carbonated beverages. There are over 100 flavors available which contain no High Fructose Corn Syrup and no Aspartame.

The advantages of SodaStream‘s Home Carbonation System include:
– Convenience: No need to carry heavy bottles from the store. The SodaStream system is simple to use and requires no batteries or electricity.
– Environmentally-Friendly: SodaStream is an “Active Green” solution that minimizes the huge eco-footprint caused by the manufacture, transport and waste of plastic bottles.
– Variety: SodaStream offers over 100 flavors to suit everyone’s taste. Regular, diet, natural, fruity flavors, ice tea, energy drinks, sport drinks, tonic and many more.
– Space Saver: No need to store bottles of beverages or empty bottles for recycling in your home.
– Personalization: Make drinks just the way you love them… more bubbles, less bubbles, sweeter or lighter, even create your own flavor!
– Family Fun: The system is quick and easy to use. It’s fun for everyone and kids just love it!
– Value for Money: Great savings compared to pre-packed carbonated water and beverages.
– Satisfaction Guaranteed: SodaStream drinks makers are of extremely high quality and include a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Scarlett Johansson SodaStream Partnership

For more information on SodaStream visit their website at, and don’t forget to tune into the Super Bowl during the 4th quarter on February 2nd to see the new SodaStream commercial featuring Scarlett Johansson!

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January 12, 2014 – 2:20 PM - | Posted in promotions | 4 Comments »

4 Comments to “SodaStream Pairs With Scarlett Johansson”

  1. Billie Says:

    An actor/actress might be great at what they do, but I think you can tell if they are just getting paid or actually enjoy promoting an item they use and like. She looks like she really loves the SodaStream!
    Billie´s last blog post ..Forced Vacation from the Internet


  2. Cameron Says:

    I’ve been wanting to try soda stream for a while. Maybe the Koolaid flavors.


  3. Jeffrey Says:

    I don’t drink much soda but I do like Scarlett Johansson. I’ll be on the lookout for the commercial during the big game, who knows I may have to get one for myself!


  4. Junell Says:

    If I still drank a lot of pop, I would probably have one of these.


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