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When I was in kindergarten, I used to want to wear my dad’s t-shirts to school. Thankfully, I left my dad’s Zubaz pants out of it. There was just something about a 2XL Iron Maiden shirt. I loved how comfortable they felt on. I would take one of my mom’s belts and wrap it around the shirt and make a dress out of it and I thought I looked great. My mom would rush into my room and make me change into my own clothes…. I usually missed the school bus because of this.

At school, everyone’s favorite time was lunch break of course. All of the other kids had fun stuff in their lunch boxes like fruit-snacks, cute little bags of chips and Kool-Aid. My mom would pack a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat bread that would get squished and soggy under an ice-cold milk box and a large Mark Henry-approved apple. The heavy apple annihilated the poor sandwich every time. I would always gaze over at the other kids’ food and fantasize about polishing off the rest of their Oreo cookies and Cheetos. Instead I was left with my healthy lunch. Thank you, Mommy.

I’d finally make it home, after a long ride back on the bus, trying to make sense of Papa Shango’s antics against the Undertaker with the other kids. My work wasn’t done yet. Of course there was homework! My mom would help me with math questions for hours. Math was hard for me. It was like trying to figure out who was the winner of a dance contest between The Great Khali, Santino and Fandango. Total brain overload. My mom confidently gave me the answers to my long division nightmares. The next day I would come home with the graded assignment and everything was wrong, just like that dance contest. We would have to start from scratch together and attempt to answer them all over again.

My mom may not have been the best at math, but she is a very gifted artist. She showed us how to use our imaginations from a very young age. With that being said, there have been times when she has shown up to my house with strange pieces of artwork from garage sales or antique shops. I have gotten the gift of loud hammering into the wall, before I even see what she is hanging with pride. I have this large ceramic lion’s head near my front door that she was so excited to give me. I wasn’t sure whether I should slam the door “extra hard” and accidentally break it or pretend I liked it better hung in the garage. I decided to leave it up.

Every time I look at that lion’s head hanging on my wall, I am reminded of how much my mom cares about me and how fierce she is. From making sure I looked great on my first day of school, to teaching me how to eat healthy. She worked so hard on those math questions and taught me that if you try once and don’t succeed…you keep trying until you get it right & you NEVER give up.

She taught me how to FIGHT. When I told her I wanted to make it to the WWE, she never questioned it. She strongly stood behind me and encouraged me to be relentless. From torn ACL’s to making 8 dollars wrestling in front of 20 people at the Ogden Legion, my mom reminded me that it was important to experience bumps and bruises and to struggle for what I wanted because it would make reaching my dreams that much sweeter. She was right.

The greatest lessons about compassion, perseverance, work ethic, creativity and unconditional LOVE I learned from her. We may not have been the best at solving math problems, but I learned that having self-confidence would be the most valuable tool I could ever have. Because she believed in me, I believed in myself. She is a true Champion.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Written By WWE Diva, Natalya

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4 Comments to “Shooting From The Hart! Blog By WWE Diva, Natalya #WWEMoms”

  1. keri belanger Says:

    thank you for sharing that it was sweet. now a days familys seem to have no time for one another and they really need great bond like you have


  2. Jenny from Mommin' It Up Says:

    Wow, it sounds like you hit the mom jackpot! What a blessing!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up´s last blog post ..There Are Some Things We Just. Must. Have.


  3. MommyJenna Says:

    I love this! She definitely grew a women with strength, in more ways the one.
    MommyJenna´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday:Preschool Graduate #WW #Linky


  4. dawn litty Says:

    Married that is so sweet. Your. Mom has truly raised u right. The love u were shown shows through every aspect of ur life and we are so lucky to see it. It makes u a great example for young girls out there to need themselves.


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