Baking the perfect Cupcake

Baking a cupcake is easy, but baking the best cupcake is slightly difficult.perfect cupcake
Why is it so?

Here are some mistakes made while baking cupcakes. Some of the noted mistakes can lead to disasters while others can still be a turnoff. So, read and understand them so that you don’t make any of them.


Sub-standard ingredients or a poor mix, either way you are spoiling your cupcake. High-quality ingredients are important. At the same time, it is important to know what is required and in what quantity. For example, if the cookbook or expert tells you that you need one cup cocoa powder, you need cocoa powder only. Also, if it is noted that you need just one cup of cocoa powder, don’t assume that experimenting with an additional cup or half will not affect your cupcake. It definitely will!

Warning: Before using your ingredients, it is important to bring them to room temperature. Using them
straight out of the fridge will not be a good idea because it will not bring in the smoothness. So, bring them to room temperature before using it, especially egg and milk.

Mixing the batter

Mixing is important, but people often over-mix the batter. Over-mixing crushes some of the air bubbles
that can lead to hollow tunnels inside of your cake. Look at your cupcake. If you do not like it, it is
probably because of those tunnels that make your cupcake look average.


We often make this mistake. We do not pre-heat the oven. Placing your cupcake tray in the over before
it is ready; you are messing up with the baking process. So, be careful and pre-heat the oven before
placing the tray in your oven.


We love to know whether our efforts have paid off or not. So, we keep peeking by opening and closing
the oven door quite often. Opening and closing the oven door regularly, you are disrupting the structure of the cupcake. So, resist the urge of peeking, and the result will be better than expected.

Cupcake liners

How do you fill it?
Well, if you are not using a scoop for filling the cupcake liner, you will be disappointed on pulling out your tray of cupcakes because they are either overcooked or still raw inside. Placing the exact amount of batter in each liner is possible if you use a scoop.

For minis, use a small cookie scoop and for standard-sized cupcakes, use a large scoop.

Want to buy a scoop that is perfect for your need? Buy it at Apart from the scoop, look
for deals and discounts too because is not the most economical online store. Also, look
for coupons that can help you get additional discounts on your purchases.

However, before choosing coupons, make sure that you choose unexpired and matching coupons so that you can get the best deals on your purchased items.

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