WWE’s Tuesday Night Takeover with Tough Enough and Total Divas

This week was a Tuesday Night Takeover by WWE. First we had Tough Enough on USA Network at 8pm, at 9pm we had Tough Talk on WWE Network, and at 9pm we also had the return of Total Divas! It was a packed night for wrestling fans!


Let’s talk Tough Enough. This week, they focused on characters and Seth Rollins was a special guest to talk to the competitors about what it takes to have personality.

Each competitor was to pull a card from a hat Billy Gunn had filled with different concepts, so no one knew exactly what they were getting beforehand. Once they picked they had limited time to select wardrobe and any props they would choose to use for their gimmick. Once their time was up, it was time to come out to the ring in their new character….

Here’s what they came up with:
~ Josh – The British Brawler
~ Sara Lee – The Queen of Mean
~ Tanner – The Stud Muffin
~ Gabi – The Farmer’s Daughter
~ Mada – King of the Ring
~ Daria – The Fallen Angel
~ Patrick – The Evil Intellect
~ Giorgia – The Bitch Boss
~ ZZ – The American Hero
~ Amanda – The Barbie Doll

The winner of this weeks competition was Patrick, which I totally agreed with, considering he’s my favorite to win WWE Tough Enough.

We also finally got rid of Dianna this week. She’s been more focused on going home and planning her wedding then being the next WWE Diva from the beginning, so she called her fiance and said she wanted to come home, she packed up and left without a word to anyone.

As per reality tv rules, there has to be a fight in the house. WWE Tough Enough included, and it wasn’t in the ring. Patrick and Tanner had an argument that got physical between each other until Josh broke it up. Judge Daniel Bryan said it was the worst fight he’s ever seen!

Elimination came down to Daria, Sara Lee and ZZ. Sara Lee has always been one of my favorites from the girls, however, she just couldn’t pull off her Queen of Mean character, even when they got a 2nd chance, I was sure this was her time to head home.  Even with her plead to the judges and WWE Universe to keep her, she just didn’t show heart. Once the votes were in, Daria was the one to leave, which was surprising to most.

We’re now down to 10…..

unnamed (5)
Season 4 of Total Divas premiered on E! Following Tough Enough.  Reminding viewers where we left off last season with The Bella Twins not wanting to re-sign their contract with WWE.

The Bella Twins are back this season as is Paige, Nattie, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie and Naomi is back (Thank You!!!!) All the Divas met for brunch and discussed about a possible leave for the Bella’s which Paige reminds them all, if they leave there’s open spots. Once the Bellas show up there’s a little competitive nature that comes out once Nattie and Alicia start talking about what could be once The Bellas leave WWE. Nikki gets very upset at the fact that the rest of the Divas are sending her off already and talking about taking her spot.

We see a clip of a Divas match, and of Brie grooming her husband Daniel Bryan’s beard backstage, he jokes as to who will do his hair if she leaves, she said No One!

Nattie has a new idea for her gimmick, in which she goes to talk to Mark Carrano about, and the fact that Nikki may be leaving and where her career can go if she does. Nattie’s new idea is a cat-lady dominatrix gimmick, Carrano isn’t too sure how that will work with a “PG Environment”.

Nattie also talks to him about how she found out that Eva Marie is now training one on one and rumored that she’ll be taking the Bella’s place. Carrano tells her Eva is in high demand for acting and other various things.

Eva Marie is training with Brian Kendrick in California one on one.

The girls get catty again, once Nattie decided to tell them all that Eva was lying to them about going to the WWE Performance Center for training, and that she’s really getting 1-on-1 training in California. As they should be, the Diva’s are all mad because they all think that Eva needs to pay her dues! They all did, they all worked hard to get where they are, Eva should be no different!

Nikki and Brie then head backstage to talk to Mark Carrano and how they’re not happy about the special treatment that Eva is getting. The girls think she can’t wrestle, nor is her heart in the business (which I agree totally!). Nikki contemplates staying now as she doesn’t want to see Eva destroy the Divas division.

Nattie is still convinced that this Cat Lady Dominatrix character is the way to go, so she heads to a sex shop with Jon and Trinity (Naomi) to find some props. She even finds a cat toy there for her cats (which was a Butt Plug and Nattie had no clue lol). Nattie also hires a professional dominatrix to come to her house to teach her. Once she tries to get TJ into it, it’s over as he storms out of the house and takes off.

Paige complains some more about Eva and the treatment she’s getting, how she doesn’t love wrestling (I agree), Naomi tries to stick up for Eva for everyone to give her a chance.

Training with Brian Kendrick, Eva complains about the physical toll training is doing to her, her husband asks her what’s wrong, she complains some more about it being such hard work, whine whine, cry cry, blah blah blah……

Lillian Garcia makes an appearance on the show (I’d love to see more of her) and talks to the girls about Eva. Brie explains that like Paige, she doesn’t think Eva cares about wrestling, and just wants the fame (I Agree).

Eva shows up at a show backstage and wants to talk to everyone. She confronts the girls about talking behind her back. The girls / Brie point out that they’ve worked hard to get where they are, they’ve paid their dues, they didn’t get one on one training. Paige says one on one training is lazy and Eva needs to pay her dues like they all did! (AGREE!!!!!!)

Brie even told Eva (what the majority of us fans have been saying for a while now) that she sucks at wrestling!

Ahh the drama of the WWE Divas!

Make sure you don’t miss anything!  Tune into Tough Enough on USA Network Tuesdays at 8pm ET, log into WWE Network at 9pm on your mobile device to see Tough Talk, and tune into E! Network at 9pm to watch Total Divas!

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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