Can you get fit without leaving the house?

Ahh convenience, we all want it. The easiest fastest way possible is what we all crave to find. That also includes when it comes to working out. Sure, we join that gym that we all see on the way home from work, thinking how convenient homeworkoutit is. Just stop in after work and go home. But, by creating your own home gym, you’ve got an even easier more convenient route.

The first thing you probably think of buying is a bigger piece of equipment. A treadmill may seem the most obvious answer, but don’t forget about the other smaller items like dumbbells, resistance bands, a medicine ball and don’t forget about using your own body for resistance with workouts. Also, don’t forget about the exercise mat to use for stretches and cushions for things like crunches and push-ups.

Your home gym doesn’t have to mimic “the gym” you need to make it your own, for your needs and fitness level. Remember you can always add on to the equipment as you need to, there’s no need to rush. Start small, with the most simple things. Think of the area’s you want to improve on, or what you enjoy doing with your workouts.

Exercise is important and you need to find things that work for you, sometimes without requiring equipment at all. Find ways to make your workouts fun like blasting music, or watching TV. Forget the excuses, you don’t need all the fancy equipment.

Here are some great workouts you can do:
– Walking: It’s great to get outside and enjoy the weather, but if it’s just not working out for you that day do a flight of stairs, or just walk around the house a few times.
– Jumping Jacks: They can make you feel like a kid again, but guess what, it’s great cardio!
– Pushups: Yea, they kind of suck. But you need to find the best way to do them where you feel comfortable. Use your knees instead of keeping your legs straight, or do them standing up against the wall.
– Leg Lifts: They don’t always have to be done straight to be effective, try bending your legs slightly while lifting.
– Crunches: You want those abs? You have to get down and do those crunches, as a beginner, don’t worry about getting all the way up, as long as you feel the stretch in your muscles, you’re doing good!
– Jogging in place: Make it interesting so that the time goes faster, play some music or watch TV.
– Squats: Sitting or standing up from a chair, as long as you do a few reps you’ll be doing something for your legs and buttocks.
– Dancing: Talk about having a fun workout, dancing is great and hey, if you can’t think of a dance, pop in that Just Dance game and go at it, include the kids, you’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll all have and how much of a workout you’ll get.

Getting some sort of exercise in is important, but you don’t have to go all out, paying gyms or buying expensive equipment to have an effective workout. Use what you have on hand, in your home, you’ll be more likely to keep up if you’re comfortable!

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