Cheat Day – All In or Just a Treat? #WAMJourney

So it’s another week. I’m still hanging in there. I’ve been too tired some days/mornings, but I’ve refused to give up or give in. I haven’t missed a day of my gym training or boot camps, and in fact, this week, I’ll be adding a Saturday boot camp into my routine.

Saturday was my weigh day, and I’m proud to say I lost 3.2lbs since my last weigh in. That means I’m down to 237.3. This Saturday will be a measuring week so we’ll see how the numbers change, it will also be my photo day.

May 26, 2016 – 241.5 lbs
June 25, 2016 – 237.3 lbs


Not the change I’d like to see, but I’m moving…. It’s just recently that I started using MyFitnessPal and logging and paying attention to my food and nutrition. This is what I need to work on. The exercise is actually the easy part for me.  I also had the challenge from my trainer to do a gallon of water a day last week, and I’m happy to say that it’s officially a week today, and I’ve drank an entire gallon each day!!

I am noticing though that I’m starting to pay a lot more attention to things. Take this past weekend. I allow myself a cheat meal once a week, or treat, whatever you want to call it. I don’t want to stray too far, so I refuse to have a cheat day so to speak, but if there’s something I’ve been craving all week, on the weekend I’ll allow myself to have it. I’ve been craving McDonald’s chocolate shake and fries, so I figured I’d get it for my ‘cheat treat’. I got to the drive thru, and thank goodness for McDonald’s having calorie counts on their menu board now, because a shake was 700 calories. FORGET THAT! I know it was a cheat treat but come on, I really didn’t want to down 700 calories for it. So, I left the drive thru line, pulled over and pulled out MyFitnessPal and took a look at what my options were.

Wendy’s was just a drive over, and I found out that a Jr. Chocolate Frosty was only 200 calories, and a value french fry was 220. 420 calories and I satisfied my sweet / salty craving!! I was pretty proud of myself for not giving in like I normally would and being like oh, it’s a cheat day let’s eat everything in sight.

You can follow my journey #WAMJourney not only on my blog, but also on Twitter and Instagram and you can follow along on MyFitnessPal.

Until next week :).

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6 Comments to “Cheat Day – All In or Just a Treat? #WAMJourney”

  1. Jennifer Periard Says:

    Oh yes, the cheat meal/treat.
    This is something that I have done for years and years because I have been dieting for years and years. You know where having a cheat treat got me???….nowhere. Eventually I would give in and gain back all the weight I lost plus some.
    The problem with having a cheat meal/treat is that you’re reinforcing the diet and deprivation mentality. You’re telling yourself that normally you’re depriving yourself of the foods you really want. You will eventually start to resent the fact that you can’t just eat what you want and then all hell will break loose.
    I don’t want to tell you what to do but I just wanted to tell you my experiences. I try to find substitutes for those types of treats etc. that are much healthier choices. For example: crispy minis instead of chips, Skinny Cow frozen treats or pudding for a chocolate fix. I have found several great low calorie dessert recipes that are so amazing and easy to make.
    I have also changed my thinking about food. It’s so important and critical to my success. I think of food as fuel now and only that.
    For me to achieve my goals I totally have to change my thinking and my old way of living. This is a total lifestyle change. I want my LIFE back.

    I am here to support you in any way I can
    Jennifer Periard´s last blog post ..Cheat Day – All In or Just a Treat? #WAMJourney


  2. patty Says:

    You can usually find an alternative to meet that craving that is driving you batty. I’m so glad you did. Good job with all of the exercise.
    patty´s last blog post ..How to Add a Pond – Step One, Dig a Hole


  3. Denise Says:

    Yes – you’ve gotta have those cheat days to keep you going, you’re doing great!
    Denise´s last blog post ..How to Put Together a Race Day Survival Kit


  4. Katrina Says:

    I think it is important to keep yourself happy — even if that means a cheat.
    Katrina´s last blog post ..How To Keep Your Child Reading Over Summer Break


  5. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place Says:

    I have about 15 lbs to lose so I’ve been eating less and really getting into my daily workout. I’ve always wanted to do one of those boot camps. Now, you are inspiring me. Great job on the motivation! 🙂
    Jocelyn @ Hip Mama’s Place´s last blog post ..Our Visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World + How to Avoid Stress During Family Vacations


  6. Shell Feis Says:

    See I’m the opposite- eating better is hard for me but manageable, it’s the working out that I REALLY struggle with! I am sure once I get going I’ll get into it but I never seem to get going. That’s an awesome tip about using MyFitnessPal to compare items and find the lowest calorie option- I’m signing up for an account today!
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..Backyard Beach Party Ideas!


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