No Fireworks near you this 4th of July…Go virtual

3D fireworks and a big screen can bring the tradition indoors

The fourth of July is iconic with fireworks. Yet, for many people they are unable to get out and enjoy the day. Whether it is the location or the fact that you do not want to wrangle 3 kids in 90+ degree weather, the show is missed. However, with modern technology and a good television, you do not have to forgo the fireworks experience. The best part is, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your air conditioned living room.

3D Fireworks

With the ever evolving trends in 3D, it is not surprising that 3D special effects and 3D models would transition to such viewing. There is just something about a video that pops out of the screen which makes the viewing experience that much better. 3D fireworks are designed to be viewed (typically) using the blue and red glasses that are typically associated with the 3D cinema. Since 3D imaging and 3D motion pictures only require some editing software or Photoshop, there are an abundance of options on the internet. Typically, to make a stereoscopic image you will need to:

  • Convert your layers on the image to Separate RGB
  • Offset the R and G to the right and left by dragging

That is the basics of it. Now, there are a few tweaks and modifications which a professional will add to the 3D fireworks. Various particles, directions, and sizes of the flares all add to the realism. Of course, you could find some firework HD video and make it yourself. But, if you do not want to sift through the family videos or YouTube, can get a 3D model of fireworks or PNG sequence and get the same effect.
Getting the glasses

I have had my share of 3D glasses, mostly paper. They are cheap and easy to come by, especially if you look at Amazon or Ebay. If you want something a bit more durable then you can go with plastics and still not be out more than around $7. For someone who has children, the more durable the frame, the better. Plus, from an adult’s perspective, the plastic frames do not irritate the ears as much as the cardboard which has a tendency to take away from the viewing experience through irritation on the lobes.

Some things to consider

There are a few things to consider when you are planning an indoor fireworks display. Primarily, you want the show to be spectacular and not….well, lame. This means that you will need to have the supportive sound (the booms) and that you will need to have some kind of patriotic music as most firework displays do this. Again, you can always find a pre-made show on YouTube which has the video or find a 3D model which comes with the sound clip. Regardless of where you get your source information, ensure that you get HD or HDX quality so that it appears clear on your television (it should go without saying that your television needs to support the format that you choose as well).

Fireworks are loud. Ramp up the volume of your sound system to make it more believable, but don’t go to the point of blowing out your eardrum. Additionally, remember that the fireworks are imitating light. Darker rooms will have better results. Personally, I would also turn out the lights and make the room as dark as possible.

A cautionary note

As you will be dealing with 3D glasses and flashes of light, epileptic individuals should probably stay clear of this alternative. Check the safety warnings of any professional grade glasses that are used. If you experience a headache when wearing your 3D glasses take them off. Better to have a 2D experience than to have a migraine after the show.

Don’t forget the hotdogs

Where this alternative to the traditional fireworks is more oriented to those which do not want to get or cannot get to a fireworks show, it does not mean that the full ambiance of such a location should be avoided. Think about the things which make for a memorable day. Do you want to have a grill out, sparklers before the show, or homemade funnel cakes? Make the day unique. Use the 3D fireworks as the closer to a great day.

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