Book: Finding Your Fit Eliminates the Fad from Fitness *Giveaway*

Fitness and nutrition expert Kathleen Trotter has a revolutionary new book that goes beyond the standard “get fit” message and will guide you through the process of staying fit.

The health and fitness industry is full of quick-fix, radical change, total transformation books and videos attempting to motivate people who are looking for the latest trend to help them lose weight and get healthy. FINDING YOUR FIT is for people who want to embrace incremental changes that will help them stay fit on their terms. Kathleen has developed a myriad of strategies to incorporate fitness into daily routines and Finding Your Fit is full of tips, tricks and tactics to move beyond the fads.

Kathleen Trotter has been inspiring Canadians for 15 years on television, through her work as spokesperson for Quesada restaurants, and with her columns in The Globe and Mail and The Huffington Post. Her mission is to move people to the “fitness is an integral part of my daily life” category with her no-nonsense approach to diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

With FINDING YOUR FIT Trotter answers the question, “How do we get off the sofa and out the front door?” The book is a practical guide to actually getting (and then staying) on track, which provides readers with practical tools that will allow them to connect the dots between wanting to make a health and fitness change, and actually making it.

“The key to staying active is to frame daily movement as a non negotiable. Don’t ask yourself if you will move. Instead ask yourself when you will move.” – Kathleen Trotter

As a lifelong fitness expert, Kathleen is able to speak on a variety of health and fitness topics that tie together her training, her experience, and her mission, including:

– How to get your 10,000 steps: Building exercise into your daily routine
– From treadmill to pavement: How to stay injury free as a runner
– Quick and easy lunchtime workouts / Exercises you can do at your desk
– Understanding the basics: “unhealthy healthy” foods / common workout and diet mistakes / common fitness “traps”
– Motivation, stretching and posture 101
– What is a health entourage, how do I get it and why do I need it?

FINDING YOUR FIT will help you find the inner motivation to go from thinking about a healthier lifestyle to actually adopting one. FINDING YOUR FIT can be purchase on as well as other book retailers.


How would you like to win a copy of FINDING YOUR FIT? Two winner’s will be selected, just enter via the giveaway widget below, and be sure to complete the mandatory entry for all entries to be valid. Giveaway is open to those in the US/CAN.

Good Luck!

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January 24, 2017 – 1:47 PM - | Posted in Giveaways, Reviews | 21 Comments »

21 Comments to “Book: Finding Your Fit Eliminates the Fad from Fitness *Giveaway*”

  1. Ashley C Says:

    I’m trying to find my fit by eating more veggies and getting in my 10,000 steps a day!


  2. Kim Keithline Says:

    I am wearing a fitbit pushing myself to meet my daily goals and walking on the treadmill


  3. Tonya Flores Says:

    I am cutting out gluten, exercizing and drinking lots of water.


  4. Suzanne Says:

    I’m eating to live and going to the gym 3-5 times a week. I’m loving the fit lifestyle.


  5. Stephanie Liske Says:

    I am starting w/ small exercises and monitoring my food intake.


  6. Sandi Tymchuk Says:

    I’m trying to be patient with getting healthier–exercising at least 5 days/week is non-negotiable (unless I’m sick from below the neck).


  7. Heather Semple Says:

    Looks like a good book to read and try.


  8. Calvin F. Says:

    I’m trying to find my fit, by going to sleep early everyday. Also exercising at least 2-3 times a week. Include more fruits and veggies in my well balanced diet.


  9. Marlene V. Says:

    I am trying to work into my routine regular exercise.


  10. Jennifer M. Says:

    I’m getting fit thru exercise.


  11. Julie Says:

    This book seem very interesting. It’s true sometime we try to be in shape but no pleasure. We have ti find what we love


  12. Amber Warfield Says:

    I am finding my fit by trying to ignore all of the sales pitches out there. People are trying to push miracle cures for weight loss and I have to remember they are just trying to make money. Stick to good honest advice!


  13. susan smoaks Says:

    i am trying to find my fit by trying new ways of exercising so i do not lose interest.


  14. Aarone Mawdsley Says:

    by exercising and attempting to eat much better and healthier and drinking lots and lots of cold water!


  15. Rosanne Says:

    I workout on a regular basis zumba, yoga, strength. I drink 9 glasses of water a day. I do have trouble with the flour and sugar in my diet and not enough fruits and vegetables. I need more of that and less carbs


  16. Julie Harris Says:

    I’m trying to find my fit by eating more healthy, counting my calories, drinking lots of water and exercising daily with my recumbent bike, that is all I can do right now as I just had knee surgery in November.


  17. Pat Says:

    I’m trying to find my fit by eating healthier and exercising at least three times a week.


  18. Laurie Emerson Says:

    I am trying to stay fit by eating healthier and doing a lot of bike riding.


  19. Yvonne Delgado Says:

    Signed up for gym membership to start with and now I am eating better, from scratch instead of quick food.


  20. Janice Gabriel Says:

    I’m exploring different fitness activities to find what’s enjoyable and what strengthens me, prior to moving to more cardiointensive activities that might aggravate old injuries.


  21. Jennifer H. Says:

    I am trying to find my fit by walking.


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