Playing Games with Your Children

Kids learn so much from play, and it’s an essential part of their development. When you’re an adult with all the responsibilities and time pressures that entails, it can be hard to join in with the fantasies your kids create and let out your own inner child. Many parents find it difficult to engage with the games their kids play and want them to join in with, and will breathe a sigh of relief if there are friends or siblings who can relieve them of the burden of pretending to be a space pirate or a wicked queen!

Rethinking playtime

You might think that there’s nothing you can do to change the way you feel about play, but there are some very good reasons for making the effort:

  • Spending time with your children is a precious gift that will disappear all too quickly. Kids grow up so fast, and opportunities to share their childhood come and go in the blink of an eye. Taking every chance you can to just be with them is something you’ll be glad of in the future.
  • Kids love to be with you and want to involve you with their play, and by giving yourself up to your designated role in their game, you are demonstrating to them how important and loved they are. This is essential for their emotional wellbeing, so rather than seeing yourself as wasting time by playing with your kids, appreciate what an important job you are doing for them.
  • If you get involved with the game, it can be more fun than you might imagine, and you can find you end up enjoying yourself. Don’t be half-hearted with your roles; over-act your socks off and be as silly as possible, and your kids will love it.
  • See just how far you can go with your character, forget you’re a grown-up and let your inner child out to play. Letting yourself go will do you good, releasing stress and diverting your mind from everyday worries.

What to play

Whatever their imagination comes up with! Go with the flow, let them create their worlds and scenarios, and don’t try and take over with your logic and what you may think of as better ideas. You can go off script as it were, and go your own way now again with the story and characters, and see how your child adapts and copes with you not doing what they expected. Older kids may not be into playing dinosaurs or princesses anymore, but you can still share some more mature forms of play with them such as paintballing, or an Escape Room STL adventure game experience. Kids love making up fantasy worlds where they can pretend to be characters from books or TV shows fighting battles, having adventures, overcoming difficulties to achieve a goal or win a prize. This is all part of their education and development, and joining in will be good for them could be a lot of fun for you, too, if you let down your adult reserve and embrace the joy of pretending you’re a child again.

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