Tick Tock goes the clock….

Written by lyricsmama on January 5, 2009 – 10:14 PM -

As time goes on, our homes tend to look more and more modern. Gone are the old antique styles and great quality that we once remember in our grandparents homes. One of the most timeless pieces I think though has to be a beautiful grandfather clock.

I remember many visits to my great aunts home, and the beautiful grandfather clock that once stood there, and the loud ‘gong’ it would make as the time flew by. I almost miss the sound of that clock, and can remember it clearly from my childhood days.

Today you are less likely to see these great beautiful clocks in people’s homes, it’s almost sad that it’s an experience our children will never have unless it’s in a story book or fairytale of some sort. The room grandfather clock take up, the art and of it is almost lost, but there is hope, perhaps a more modern grandfather clock is what’s needed, it is possible to find them. They give homes that ‘homey’ feel no matter if it’s an antique looking or modern clock, the sounds are unmistakable and their appearance is always memorable.

Even a simple wall or mantel clock can be exquisite and beautiful, and even memorable. For some reason I remember the clocks in my grandmother’s home and even today strive to find something similar in looks so that I can preserve those memories. Clocks don’t just tell us the time, sometimes they are the memories of our times as well.

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Grandfather Clocks

Written by lyricsmama on August 20, 2008 – 10:57 AM -

Do you or have you ever owned a Grandfather Clock? I never have, but I really love them and would love to own one day. I remember as a child going over to my Great Aunts house and she had one in her home, it was always so beautiful and made the most amazing sounds when it chimed. There’s always a mystic almost with Grandfather Clocks, childhood movies that portray that they have a ‘secret passageway’ inside, the look, the allure that they have, they’re a timeless classic that can be put in any home.

You don’t see them a lot these days in most modern homes, which is a shame, but I believe that once I have a larger home and have the room, a Grandfather Clock will be one of the first things you see when you walk through the door, even if my home is modern. I think it’s great to introduce children to Grandfather Clocks, and I know my kids haven’t been introduced to one yet. It’s just something that you remember from your childhood, something that just seems special. Finding great looking contemporary Grandfather Clocks is so easy today, and it still gives that timeless look to your home, something like a Howard Miller Cosmopolitan Grandfather Clock is something that’s my style and I could easily see in my home, the sleek lines, the contemporary design, but still the ageless definition of a Grandfather Clock with a new look, I am in love!

I’d love to give the memories I once had to my children so they can have their own special memories of a Grandfather Clock and the home that it was in. Do you have a special memory with one? Feel free to share it here and let us read about it.

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