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Written by lyricsmama on July 26, 2017 – 8:34 AM -

Sometimes as women, all we need is a change to switch our moods into a better one. Sometimes it’s a big change, but more often times than not, it’s just the little things that can help, like changing our style up, from a fresh cut or color to our hair, it can make a world of difference, but sometimes that process is just something we have to wait too long for, so why not switch it up with a wig?

Wigs are no longer taboo. They’re stylish, and great quality and more times than not, no one would know the difference, they give you a fun way to change up your looks as many times as you like while still looking natural.

Divatress can give you a change in an instant with so many styles and colors to choose from your options are endless! There’s bold to classic looks and looks for just about anyone. Not only do they look great, but to the touch, they feel natural.

Want to not only switch up the style but the color too? Divatress has you covered from standard colors such as blonde, black and brown, to more non-traditional colors like red, purple, pink, blue and more. It gives you the ability to be fun, without the commitment.

What I love about wigs, is that it allows you to be fun, creative and change your looks without doing anything permanent, so if you don’t like it, you can switch it right back up. Want a change? Switch it up again, the possibilities are endless with wigs, and trust me, they look good! Divatress offers high quality wigs that are also affordable, so it’s something you can put into your budget as another fashion accessory without breaking the bank!

Have you ever tried wearing a wig? What was your experience? If not, would you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.
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Flowerz In Their Hair…

Written by lyricsmama on March 2, 2009 – 1:31 PM -

My girls both have a ton of hair, so finding hair accessories for them is a lot of fun. We love them! It’s not like they don’t have enough already, but finding new and unique accessories is always something we do, I can’t count on my hands and feet how many things they currently own there’s just so much. They’ve accumulated quite a bit since they were babies and the collection continues to grow and now, I think it will grow even more thanks to Flowerz In Her Hair.

Flowerz In Her Hair
has some of the cutest hair accessories for not only babies, but older kids as well. Almost any age group can wear their great bows, clips and headbands, heck even I wore the great crocheted headband one day. When we received our package in the mail the girls were ecstatic to see the headbands, bows and flowers that they were about to ‘experiment’ with, in their hair.

Since my girls have super thick hair, often times clips don’t work too well in their hair, they don’t hold enough down, or hold any hair back it just seems to flop over the clip and it looks like it was never there. The exception was one of the very cute little flowers that we got that seems to be Aria’s favorite. Not only can she wear it as a cute clip her hair, but with the super cute (and our favorite) crocheted headband, she can wear it on that as well. Flowerz In Her Hair has a unique ribbon on their headbands that can be used as a clip adapter. So any cute clips can be easily put on the crochet headband without snagging the material, this was a plus for us since so many times we’ve tried to add clips to our crocheted headbands and it’s resulted in a nice snag to which we had to throw the headbands away.

Lyric was super excited about the pink bow we received, and I was happy to see that it was something she could actually wear in her hair without it being hidden, again it was easily adapted to the crocheted headband and she was looking super cute! I don’t think the girls have gone one day since we received these items without something from Flowerz In Her Hair in their hair.

With the ability to buy hair accessories for newborns and beyond, Flowerz In Her Hair is definitely one of my top picks now for hair accessories. Go and check them out if you get a chance

Thanks to: Extraordinary Mothers

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My Couture Kids!

Written by lyricsmama on November 6, 2008 – 1:41 PM -

With my girly girls, I have to make sure that I keep their hair in check. Be very afraid if their hair isn’t done, or their hair accessories don’t match their outfits, these girls will not be pleased. So you can only imagine the amount of accessories and different things I have for their hair.

I just discovered a great new place to find even more fun and stylish hair accessories. Your Couture Kid! This mommy owned business offers not only hair accessories but other custom, stylish and fun products for your kids all made by the hands of another mom.

Their hair accessories have caught my attention, they’re so unique and different than some of the other things we have for the girls. With the use of different flowers, ribbons and other creative concoctions these hair accessories definitely make sure that your kid is a Couture Kid!

With my girls hair being so thick and curly often times a lot of pony tail holders are or become too thin or just too small with not enough stretch and inevitably they end up breaking. My love for the Your Couture Kid pony tail holders comes into effect here, the bands are thick and stretchy it doesn’t look to me like they’ll be breaking or thinning anytime soon. The flower that was on our pony tail holder is just gorgeous and vibrant with some great fall colors for the season.

I couldn’t be happier with the uniqueness and style that Your Couture Kid has for their hair accessories and even the other products on their site. I’ll be sure to be ordering more this upcoming holiday season, the hair accessories will be helpful in filling up the girls stockings!

You can visit Your Couture Kid at

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