Running around town with the 2013 KIA Optima #KIATestDrive

Written by lyricsmama on October 19, 2013 – 7:12 AM -

KIA vehicles have started to put a little soft spot in my heart, I wasn’t too sure when I started checking them out a few years back, KIA has slowly though moved up and into one of my favorite vehicles.


I was recently able to check out the 2013 KIA Optima, and although I’ve done a KIA Optima Hybrid in the past, I wanted to check out the newest available. Sedans aren’t really my thing, but with 2 kids, a husband and traveling a lot, I like to keep my options open to find the best!

One of the cool features of this car is that the locks are push button, whats that? It means that if I have my hands full, all I have to do is push the button on the handle and my car will unlock, I don’t have to fumble around with my keys, the key just has to be close by, in my purse is perfect!

Another thing I loved on this car was dual climate control. I’m always hot, I mean always, so my hubby doesn’t have to have the cold air on him at a high fan rate, perfect for him, perfect for me, and perfect for the kids because the vents were also in the back. The push button start took a little getting used to as I wanted to pull the key out each time. It’s nice having to just leave the keys in my purse at all times and no really have to take it out every time I need to start the car, or even get in it!

You can find radio and Bluetooth controls for your phone not only on the sleek looking dash, but also on the steering wheel for easy access for the driver, the ECO button also easily accessible tames your Optima down a bit, giving you less power but more economic gas mileage for when you don’t need that hard boost.

A must have when you have kids, is having the ability to clean the car easily. On the back of the 2 front seats, you’ll find a hard plastic back, which means scuff marks from kiddos are easily wiped off vs. Having to clean a fabric back. For a family of 4 (plus a dog) we had a bit of a cramped issue with the car seats being in the back, but without them there was a ton of room both in the front and back seats. The ultimate test was seeing if hubby (who’s 6’1”) had comfort in both the front and back, and he did. Lots of head room, and leg room. The trunk also had a ton of space, very large and you could easily fit everything a family of 4 needs for a road trip back there.

Check out what my daughters though of the 2013 KIA Optima below:

I loved driving the KIA Optima, it was comfortable, stylish and functional for myself and my family. If interested in finding out more, head to your local KIA dealership or visit for more information.

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Taking A Roadtrip As A Family, Takes The Right Vehicle!

Written by lyricsmama on August 20, 2012 – 9:12 PM -

As you saw from my first post of our summer vacation, we were able to take a long with us another guest, the 2013 KIA Sorento, as you can see we had some packing issues, but once those were resolved and we were on the road, we were alllll good!

We spend the night in Georgia on our way to Florida, the 2013 KIA Sorento held up well with three adults, and 1 child and our luggage. My best friend occupied the back second row seat along with my youngest daughter, as my oldest daughter decided to tag along and ride with her grandparents. They had lots of room, and were very comfortable back there, even with my daughters booster seat.

The weather was HOTTER than HOT, but we were riding comfortably all the way to Florida and back thanks to the Sorento’s great air conditioning, that we could each set the temperature for as well, if I wanted it colder, and hubby wanted it not so cold, we could fix that with the dual climate controls.
All of the controls were right at your fingertips, from the windshield wipers, turn signals, Bluetooth, radio and cruise controls, everything within the drivers reach, so I never felt like I was trying to ‘navigate’ through the car to find things. I also loved that there were 2 preset’s that were able to be set for the driver’s seat. So, when I drove, I’d just hit the #1 and the seat, steering wheel, and side view mirrors were all set to where I set them when I was driving. If hubby was in the drivers seat, he’d simply press #2 and all settings would be for his preference. This was excellent since we’re very different in size. Another amazing thing about heading to Florida in the Sorento…. Cooled seats! That’s right, the drivers and passengers side seating had the ability to be cooled, or heated! The lumbar support was also great for the long ride.

As with most car’s these days, the 2013 KIA Sorento has a keyless entry and push button start. The satellite radio kept us alive during the ride. While the kids enjoyed Radio Disney on the way down, on the way back, us adults got to listen to some hits from the 90s and today on a variety of different XM and Sirus stations. Having the ability to contact our parents driving in the other vehicle was also made easier by the hands free connectivity with Bluetooth. An easy “Call Mom” after hitting the button instantly dialed them and connected them to us.

We used the GPS a few times while in Florida, it was very easy to use once we punched in the address we needed, and it gave directions clearly.

I loved the option of the 3rd row once we were unpacked. We were all able to go a lot of places with everyone together in one vehicle, however, it’s probably also one of my least favorite things about the car (if you remember our packing situation at first), if you need a 3rd row, and also need trunk space, I’d probably skip the Sorento, you just can’t have both.

Gas mileage was decent for a mid size SUV. We averaged about 26 MPG on the highway, which is what I expected. We didn’t do a whole lot of city driving so I couldn’t really give you a good gauge on if the 20 MPG city they claim the Sorento does is accurate or not.

The 2013 KIA Sorento is a great car! For a family of 4 it’s perfect, any larger, I’d be a little weary about it because of the trunk space or lack there of. Take a peek at the video below to check out the interior.

We had a great time on vacation, and with the KIA Sorento, if I had the chance, would I drive it again? Own it? Take one on vacation?  Probably, even with the space issues aside it drove well, kept us comfortable and got us to where we needed to be all in one space!  See what the girls thought below.

You can visit the KIA website to find specifications about the 2013 KIA Sorento or to find a local KIA dealer near you where you can test drive and check one out in person.

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Family Vacation – Day 1

Written by lyricsmama on August 9, 2012 – 9:23 AM -

5am alarm… Time to get up!! Time to load up the 2013 KIA Sorento with our luggage and we’re on the way, except there’s one problem….SPACE!!!

The KIA Sorento comes equip with 3rd row seating, however, small, but easily my two kids could fit back there, the only downfall, is that with 3 adults, 2 kids and a dog, lifting up the 3rd row, means loosing trunk space. Unfortunately with the Sorento you need to decide, do you want the extra seating, or do you want the trunk space. With the 3rd row up for seating, all I could get into the trunk area was a case of pop, 2 reusable grocery bags, and some shoes. That wasn’t going to fly!

We had decided that since the 2013 KIA Sorento does have roof racks, we’d store all of our luggage on top, but my oldest daughter fixed the situation for us by asking to ride with her Grandparents! GREAT!! The 3rd row can stay down, and now we have PLENTY of trunk space for all of our luggage. The 2nd row bench fits my youngest daughter in her booster seat, my dog in the middle and one adult (my best friend) on the end. Lots of room for everyone!

Gas along the way wasn’t too bad, the highest we’ve encountered so far was $3.49, to fill up, the 2013 KIA Sorento at that price is probably about $55. I’ve been keeping the car topped up whenever we see a cheap price though so no real fill up for me, close but not to empty. Although it’s been pretty hot and humid outside, everyone in the Sorento has been nice and cool! The back seat has their own A/C, the front seat has their own A/C and even the passenger can adjust their own setting so if hubby is too hot or too cold, he can change his side while I enjoy the cool breeze at my set 70 degrees.

We headed out on the road, for an almost 12 hour ride. Florida the destination, and being 18 hours away, we decided we should stop for the night, so we made plans to stop in Locust Grove Georgia at the Red Roof Inn. Where I’m now writing you from. The Red Roof Inn was chosen because they’re pet friendly!! They accept all pets, any size for NO EXTRA FEE!! And this is a NexGen Red Roof Inn meaning it’s been renovated and its BEAUTIFUL!

It’s 5am, everyone’s asleep, and I’m awake… maybe I’m just excited because today, we make the 7 or so hour trek down to Florida and start our Disney Vacation!!!! A 12 hr drive alone, you’d think I’d be tired out of my mind. Its been a smooth comfortable ride though, and I’m ready to head out and start my day!  Onward to Florida for some Disney Fun, Sun and maybe all the adults will get to play some Gala Bingo while we’re down there, Florida is infamous for Bingo games isn’t it?  My mom would be thrilled as it’s one of her guilty pleasures…

Wish us luck and safe travels, we’re on our way!!!

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KIA Has Won Over My Heart With Their Optima Hybrid! #KiaTestDrive

Written by lyricsmama on June 26, 2012 – 12:20 AM -

As you know from my previous posts here, and here, I recently had the chance to test drive the 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid for a week. Now, I have been reviewing different vehicles for a few years now, and I can say that the KIA Optima Hybrid is by far my favorite so far.

Hybrids normally have the reputation of being small little cars, nothing like a sedan or family vehicle, that is until KIA moved into the spotlight with their Optima Hybrid. This 4 door sedan fit my family like a glove. Normally we have a few issues, my husband being 6’1” and my oldest daughter with legs that go on forever, she a lot of the time doesn’t have the room she needs if she’s sitting behind him. Not an issue at all in this vehicle. They both have a ton of leg room, head room and space between them.

Gas mileage is phenomenal! For the majority of my time with the Optima I did a lot of city driving. My normal routines, what I fell in love with…Even with city driving, it took me almost a week for my gas gauge to go below FULL!

We decided to take the KIA Optima Hybrid on a little road trip, about a 3 hour drive to Muncie Indiana where we used to live, and where my oldest was born. I wanted to take it on a highway trip just to see how we would do on gas. About ½ hr into our trip, my gauge finally went to below a full tank. The three hour trip there and then another 3 hours back, even with using the A/C all the way, it left me at about a ½ tank, much better than what my Sebring would have done for us.

The trip was comfortable for everyone, lots of room, and with the XM Sirius radio, the kids were entertained for a while with Radio Disney, and we were entertained for a while with our favorite station The Heat.

Check out the video below to get a peak at what I had to drive around for the week with the 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid….

This car is aerodynamically designed, so it is lower to the ground than what I was used to, which meant I was able to hear every pebble that we ran over, kind of freaked me out at first but not a big deal. The car also has a push start button which I love, no more keys! I can simply leave my keys in my purse and start the car, even lock and unlock it with the push of a button on my driver side door handle, as long as the keys are with me.

The electric battery for the car is in the trunk, however, it doesn’t mean lack of trunk space. The trunk is very deep and we were able to get groceries in and out without a problem.

With the touch screen menu in the car, you can also sync your cell phone, which is perfect when driving and you have the controls right on the steering wheel as well, hands free, no fumbling around trying to make a phone call and putting your safety in danger. The car also has built in navigation, and you can even see how eco friendly your car is being! There are settings on the screen where you can view how your car is working while your driving as well.

Everything in the car is mainly digital, my only real complaint about the KIA Optima Hybrid is something small and petty and probably most people wouldn’t even notice. Your left and right blinkers, VERY hard to hear when your in the car, meaning that if you turn left and it doesn’t automatically shut off, it might be a while before you notice your blinker is on (one of my big pet peeves).

The KIA Optima Hybrid also has climate control for both the driver and passenger, so if you’re hot and your passenger is not, turn up your side of the air conditioning! Heated AND Cooling seats are also included on the driver and passenger side, as well as two A/C Adapters and a port for USB and your iPod.

The ride itself is smooth and QUIET!! If you’ve never driven a hybrid before, when the electric battery kicks in, you might think the car stopped or stalled out, that’s how quiet it is. Love it!

I could go on for days about how much I love the KIA Optima Hybrid. If you’re in the market for a new family vehicle this is definitely one to check out, find your local KIA dealer and go check them out for yourself, take a test drive, even if your not in the market right now, it can be something to keep in the back of your mind for a future purchase, I know it’s in the back of ours….

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A View Of The 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid From My Kids Eyes #KIATestDrive

Written by lyricsmama on June 22, 2012 – 9:13 AM -

Last week we had the chance to check out the 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid. I must say, this is an amazing family vehicle! Being a hybrid alone keeps this car on my radar, it took us almost a week for the gas gauge (which is digital) to come down from a full tank, and that’s with mostly city driving.

My worry with this vehicle was that would be be roomy enough for a family of 4 to travel comfortably in? It sure was! Compared to some other hybrids which seem smaller in comparison, and nothing I would really consider as a family vehicle, the KIA Optima Hybrid exceeded my expectations.

My full review will be along in a few days, but as always, my girls have to have their say when it comes to items we review, and cars are no exception. Check out some of the features my girls loved the most, and what they didn’t like about the Optima as well, then stay tuned for my full review and tour of the interior in the next few days.

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