Playing Games with Your Children

Written by lyricsmama on April 15, 2018 – 6:48 PM -

Kids learn so much from play, and it’s an essential part of their development. When you’re an adult with all the responsibilities and time pressures that entails, it can be hard to join in with the fantasies your kids create and let out your own inner child. Many parents find it difficult to engage with the games their kids play and want them to join in with, and will breathe a sigh of relief if there are friends or siblings who can relieve them of the burden of pretending to be a space pirate or a wicked queen!

Rethinking playtime

You might think that there’s nothing you can do to change the way you feel about play, but there are some very good reasons for making the effort:

  • Spending time with your children is a precious gift that will disappear all too quickly. Kids grow up so fast, and opportunities to share their childhood come and go in the blink of an eye. Taking every chance you can to just be with them is something you’ll be glad of in the future.
  • Kids love to be with you and want to involve you with their play, and by giving yourself up to your designated role in their game, you are demonstrating to them how important and loved they are. This is essential for their emotional wellbeing, so rather than seeing yourself as wasting time by playing with your kids, appreciate what an important job you are doing for them.
  • If you get involved with the game, it can be more fun than you might imagine, and you can find you end up enjoying yourself. Don’t be half-hearted with your roles; over-act your socks off and be as silly as possible, and your kids will love it.
  • See just how far you can go with your character, forget you’re a grown-up and let your inner child out to play. Letting yourself go will do you good, releasing stress and diverting your mind from everyday worries.

What to play

Whatever their imagination comes up with! Go with the flow, let them create their worlds and scenarios, and don’t try and take over with your logic and what you may think of as better ideas. You can go off script as it were, and go your own way now again with the story and characters, and see how your child adapts and copes with you not doing what they expected. Older kids may not be into playing dinosaurs or princesses anymore, but you can still share some more mature forms of play with them such as paintballing, or an Escape Room STL adventure game experience. Kids love making up fantasy worlds where they can pretend to be characters from books or TV shows fighting battles, having adventures, overcoming difficulties to achieve a goal or win a prize. This is all part of their education and development, and joining in will be good for them could be a lot of fun for you, too, if you let down your adult reserve and embrace the joy of pretending you’re a child again.

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Feeding Our Babies: Breasfed or Formula, It’s OK! Enfamil gift card giveaway!

Written by lyricsmama on September 17, 2016 – 11:51 PM -

When it comes to feeding our kids, we all do what we can, we make sure they have nurishment and that they are in fact fed. We’d give up almost anything not to see our babies go hungry. Sometimes, as new moms, that means not being able to breastfeed. I for one, was not able to.

When my first daughter was born, I wasn’t sure I wanted to breastfeed, but when she came, I instantly changed my mind. However, my body wouldn’t co-operate. She was eating, or what it looked like was eating, but she kept losing weight. We tried pumping, but that didn’t work, I just wasn’t producing enough milk, no matter what I tried. So, onto the formula we went!Feeding Our Babies: Breasfed or Formula, It's OK! Enfamil gift card giveaway! Ends 9/25/16

When my second daughter was born, we tried again, but with the same issues, I just couldn’t produce enough milk for them no matter what. So another formula fed baby.

I can tell you, the first one, it was hard, I felt like a bad mom, I felt like I couldn’t provide for my daughter, but I got over that, she was being fed, and that’s all that mattered! My second one, I was disappointed but again, she was being fed and nourished and cared for, I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Enfamil Formula was helping me do what I was doing.

It’s often hard to hear stories of new moms who are anguished over the fact that they can’t breastfeed, and then to see other moms who get bashed for not breastfeeding. Fact is, we’re all doing our best, we all need to feed our child. We do what we have to do to make sure our children are growing.

As moms, we do have a duty to research what we’re giving our child. There are so many resources online now to find information about things, and yes, that includes formula. You can do some research about Safe Infant Formula online and find what you should be looking for.

There’s also the fact that formula can get expensive. Look around online, there’s always sales as well as coupons that you can find. There’s coupons for just about every type of Enfamil formula.

Another question with feeding our babies formula, is how much is enough, how much is too much. Find a portion guide for baby’s first year to help you out.

To all mom’s out there, know, that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, no matter what the choice, as long as you’re making one, you’re doing the right thing for your child, and that’s feeding them to make sure they grow!

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Solving Parenting Challenges: Age-by-age tips for Managing Meltdowns

Written by lyricsmama on February 28, 2013 – 12:12 PM -


No parent wants to face down a child’s tantrum, particularly in public. However, it’s one of the challenges we all face.  Like a tornado, once it starts, there’s not a lot you can do about a tantrum until it passes.  The big difference is that you can’t run and hide from your child’s meltdown…no matter how tempting it may be.

Claire Haas, a mom of two who also serves Vice President of Education at Kiddie Academy ( offers the following tips on how to manage and prevent tantrums at any age:

All Ages:
Most importantly, stay calm.  Sometimes, despite your best efforts to sidestep them, tantrums will erupt. Although it may be difficult, staying calm is critical.  If you lose your cool, you’ll likely add fuel to the fire.

Know when it’s time to go.  You can’t exit every situation when your child starts to whine, particularly because you don’t want to teach your child that cause and effect response.  However, if your child is screaming in public and won’t stop, it may be time to leave, even if it’s just to the parking lot for a 10 minute cool down.   If you’re feeling flustered and your child is causing a major distraction, leaving may be the best option for everyone involved.

Reinforce Good Behavior.  Praise your child when she does well during a trip you know she won’t enjoy, such as a grocery trip.  For example “you did a great job at the supermarket” or “you’re a good helper, thank you.”

Ages 1 – 3:
At this age, the responsibility for managing a tantrum is really on the parent.  Children 1-3 have tantrums because they simply aren’t equipped to handle their current situation. You know your child best, including when he’s cranky, bored or hungry.   Don’t set yourself up for failure by planning an outing during one of your child’s “danger zones.”

Ages 4 – 6
After the storm subsides, talk it out. At this age, children are old enough to look back on a behavior and identify that it was not acceptable.  Explain “what you did was inappropriate” or “this was wrong because…”

Ages 7+
Share your plans. Whether you’re walking to the playground or driving to the supermarket, tell your child in advance and share your expectations of her behavior before you reach your destination.  For example, “we have 30 minutes to play” or “I need to pick up food in order to make dinner.”  Avoid using bribes in exchange for compliance.    Explain that good behavior is what’s expected, and it’s non-negotiable.

For more tips for handling parenting challenges, visit the Kiddie Academy Family Essentials blog at

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Keeping Kids Safe In Cyberworld

Written by lyricsmama on May 16, 2012 – 7:46 PM -

Kids today have access to things we just didn’t have as kids, and they’re growing up a lot faster. Most kids have cell phones, tablets, laptops you name it, and various ways to get online without their parents hanging over their shoulder every two seconds to see what they’re doing. Often times parents worry and wonder what’s going on when they’re not around.

We heavily monitor what our kids do online and on their tables, they don’t yet have cell phones but I know we’ll be monitoring when the time comes.

There are many programs out there for both computers and even smartphones that will give you the option of having their device have the ability of the ability of parental monitoring. It’s a smart thing to do, especially with kids. There’s so many things that you may not think your kids are doing, or things you may not think are happening to them (like being bullied) that you can help with and find out and check out with monitors.

Don’t think of it as spying, think of it as keeping your kids and your family safe. It may even help with your family communications as well with kids issues, and online safety.

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