Shopping with Walmart and P&G Products All On My Phone!

Written by lyricsmama on August 15, 2014 – 11:19 PM -

I admit, I’m a shopper. I love it! I’ll find any excuse to do it, but I do have those times where I really would rather do anything BUT shopping, and you know when that is, when we return from vacation. I HATE SHOPPING coming back from vacation, just don’t wanna do it, but I know I have to, I’ll put it off until we’re down to the last square of toilet paper, and the last piece of bread.

However, has come to my rescue and made shopping for my favorite P&G products just a little easier, for those days I just don’t want to get out and shop. In fact, Walmart has made it so much easier that they now have a Walmart Smart Phone App as well, so even if I’m oh, say just coming back from vacation, I can use the app before I even get home!


So, coming home from vacation, I decided to try it out. Hubby was driving, and I was in the passenger seat with my phone and Walmart App open, time to shop for some things I know we needed when we got back.

With the everyday low prices that Walmart offers, I was able to find my favorite P&G products on the app and able to order them. A few of the items I ordered were Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper Mega Rolls, Bounty Paper Towels Giant Rolls and Swiffer Dry Sweeping Sweeper Cloths Refills.

Once I got all of the items I needed, it was time to check out. I then had the option of having the items shipped to my local Walmart for FREE with the Site to Store option, or I could choose to have them shipped directly to my home (Spend $50 or more and shipping to home is FREE).

There are also a variety of payment options available such as using a Walmart Gift Card, paying with cash, or using your credit card.

The Walmart App made it super easy and convenient to shop. I opted to pick up my items at my local Walmart, and even though I wasn’t in the mood, it was an easy pick up, no lines and no people to deal with except the cashier, and since it was already paid for, it was picked up and I was off!


One other thing about the Walmart App, is that if you are shopping in the store, you can use it to scan items while you shop, and it will keep track and keep you on budget (if you have one).

Want to try out the Walmart App yourself? Enter to win a $25 Walmart Gift Card below in the giveaway widget. Be sure to complete the mandatory entry for all of your entries to be valid.

The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.
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5-Hour ENERGY Yummification Recipe, Contest and Giveaway!

Written by lyricsmama on August 15, 2014 – 11:40 AM -


Hubby works a lot of hours, a lot of early hours, a lot of late hours. He’s not much of a coffee or tea fan, only in a pinch. What he does us a lot of is the 5-Hour ENERGY shots, easy to drink, easy to find on the go if he needs them, and gives him that burst of energy he needs to get on with his work filled day.

5-Hour ENERGY shots keep him perked up and energized while he gains the benefits of B-vitamins, amino acids, and essential nutrients. 5-Hour ENERGY isn’t just an energy drink, it’s also a dietary supplement that helps people feel alert and energized for hours with zero sugar, zero carbs, zero herbal stimulants and boasts only 4 calories per shot!

The makers of 5-Hour ENERGY have a bunch of different flavors to choose from, so you don’t get sick and tired of the same thing, but what if you want to mix it up a little? Out at a party, need that quick shot of energy? Yummify your 5-Hour ENERGY!

How do you do this? It’s easy, just create a drink recipe and incorporate one of your favorite 5-Hour ENERGY flavors, once you do that, you can also enter it into the 5-Hour ENERGY “Yummification” video contest and have a chance at winning a share of $100,000!!!!

Here’s my creation, and unfortunately it’s too many ingredients for me to enter, but it’s so good!  I also made 2 without the 5-Hour ENERGY drinks for the kiddos, and they loved it!

Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade!


1 Cup watermelon, cubed
1 Cup frozen raspberries
1 Cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 Cup coconut water
1 5-Hour Energy Raspberry Lemonade shot
Sparkling Water
Crushed ice for serving

In a blender puree the watermelon, raspberries and lemon juice until smooth.

Pour over ice in a glass, and then top with your 5-Hour ENERGY shot and a little sparkling water for a bit of fizz, then mix.

Super easy, super yummy, and hubby approved!!

What “Yummification” drink can you come up with? Think of something, take a video and enter the 5-Hour ENERGY “Yummification” contest!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Mix (1) 5-hour ENERGY® shot with 1 or 2 (MAX) of the following approved beverages:
Decaffeinated soda or cola
Fruit juice
Vegetable Juice
Decaffeinated tea (hot or iced)
Any form of water

2. Give your “Yummification” a name

3. To enter the contest, visit and follow the instructions to complete the entry form; “Like” 5-hour ENERGY® on Facebook, then create and submit a video that is no longer than 60 seconds showing an original combination being made, tasted, and named (creativity counts!).

Remember, 5-hour ENERGY® is not an energy drink or intended to be mixed with alcohol. It is not intended for children, women who are pregnant or nursing, or people with medical conditions. It does not increase physical performance, dexterity, or endurance and does not treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Do not drink more than two per day, do not drink more than one at a time.

Information about the “Yummification” Contest:
The makers of 5-hour ENERGY® announced the launch of the “Yummification” video contest, where entrants can win a share of $100,000 for creating a video of their favorite way to mix a 5-hour ENERGY® shot with an everyday beverage. The contest will be judged on the creativity of the video and the taste of the creation:

Drink creations must follow the approved/non-approved ingredients guidelines (i.e. no caffeinated beverages or alcohol)

– One grand prize winner will receive $50,000, and the following prizes will also be awarded:

Second Prize (1): Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000)
Third Prize (1): Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000)
Fourth Prizes (10): One Thousand Dollars ($1,000)

Hurry! Entries must be received by August 19, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EDT to be eligible. No purchase necessary. US residents only. 18 years and up. To enter, visit and follow the instructions to complete the entry form or “Like” the 5-hour ENERGY® page on Facebook and follow the instructions to click the contest tab

For official rules, visit and don’t forget to check out 5-hour ENERGY® Twitter!

How would you like a chance to win a gift pack for yourself from 5-Hour ENERGY? Just enter via the giveaway widget below and be sure to complete the mandatory entry for all entries to be valid.

Product, gift card, information, and giveaway have all been provided by the makers of 5-hour ENERGY. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.
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The Big Book Of Symptoms – A-Z Guide To Your Child’s Health *Giveaway*

Written by lyricsmama on July 22, 2014 – 12:21 PM -


As a parent, when you have little ones you always have some sort of worry when they get sick or hurt, especially when a ‘first time’ happens. A lot of us run to the computer and Google or run to the phone and call some one we know, or the doctor on call. Most of the time it’s nothing, and we freak ourselves out, especially when it’s late at night and we have no one to turn to, Google can be your friend and enemy at the same time when trying to look up symptoms.

The Big Book of Symptoms is available to help parents in those times of need, you can quickly grab the book out of your bookshelf and instead of seeing the worst of the worst from Google, you get a clear image of symptoms and what might be going on, as well as what action you can take.

The Big Book of Symptoms can help you with minor everyday concerns to more serious conditions, it’s designed to help you, not scare you. From determining bug bites, bee stings, fever, rashes just about everything you can run into with a child.

There’s also a lot of aides in the book to help you calm a colicky baby, help your toddler with sleeping, helping your teens cope with things as well as a first aid guide for emergencies. This book isn’t just for parents of small children!

Edited by two esteemed members of AAP, Steven P. Shelov, MD, FAAP, and Shelly V. Flais, MD, FAAP, The Big Book of Symptoms is an A-Z directory and ultimate guide to over 100 of the most common childhood symptoms from infancy to adolescence.

You can purchase your own copy from or at Barnes & Noble.

One lucky reader from A Wrestling Addicted Mommy will win a copy of The Big Book Of Symptoms for their household. Entering is simple, just use the giveaway widget below, and be sure to complete the mandatory entry for all entries to be valid.

This is a great resource for parents, even with my kids at 8 and 10 I love having this book in our home, it helps out this paranoid mama a lot!

I have been compensated for this post however, all opinions are of my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.
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ScoreBig Is Your Source For Those Hard To Find Tickets!

Written by lyricsmama on June 19, 2014 – 9:27 AM -


If your a parent you know how it is when there’s that newest boy band coming to town for a concert, those tickets are a MUST HAVE for your kids. My house is no exception, however, I really refuse to pay concert ticket prices for an 8 and 10 year old to go see the latest boy band. As much as my youngest daughter wanted to see her favorite group One Direction, even if I wanted to get her tickets, at this point, both shows in Detroit were sold out, and she wasn’t going, which made her very sad.

However, there was a saving grace in our life where I could …. ScoreBig!

ScoreBig allows you to search for the latest concert, sporting event and more in your local area and you can name your own price for your tickets. That One Direction concert, if I don’t want to pay more than $50 a ticket, I don’t have to, I get to name my own price and make an offer if there are tickets available.

ScoreBig is easy to use, you simply search for your area and see what’s available right now. If it’s a baseball game your looking for, you can search through the sports tickets available, and if you’re like me and it’s a One Direction ticket your on the hunt for, simply check out the music tickets available.


I was amazed that I actually could find One Direction tickets available, and there were a few options of tickets that I could choose from. You can purchase tickets based on the seating area, and/or price point you’d like. I found tickets for $53 available, being that my daughter is 8 there’s not a whole lot of expectations on seating for her, she’s just happy to go, so at this price point, this was in upper level seating which was fine with me. I hit the quantity of tickets that I wanted to purchase, and was lucky that 2 were available, I then ‘offered’ my price of $50 per ticket. ScoreBig will then tell you the chances of getting your tickets for that price. Next, you’ll put in your credit card information (which is not charged if your offer isn’t accepted).

Before I found this most recent offer, I had tried a few times before for higher priced tickets, still offering $50 a piece, and did get rejected, my credit card was NEVER charged, however, this time I got lucky and my offer of $50 ($100 total) was accepted!!! I was now going to be the best mom ever and take my daughter to her very first concert to see her favorite guys ever!

I found out my offer was accepted in a timely manner, (really it was almost instant) and I got a surprise of a discount where my tickets came out to be even less than what I had offered, which was a welcome surprise.

Once my credit card was charged, I got an email confirmation about my ticket purchase and a few days later, my tickets were in hand, Fedex delivered them right to my home.


What I also love about ScoreBig is that there were NO additional fees on my tickets! I wanted to spend $100, that’s all I spent, in fact, I even spent less!

I’ll be using ScoreBig for a few more concerts this summer I’m sure, I love how it works, and how I can pick what I want to pay for the concert without fees and hassles.

See what tickets you can score by visiting or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I was provided with a code to use on ScoreBig in return for my honest review, all opinions are of my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.
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TunnelBear Allows You To Roam The Internet Abroad

Written by lyricsmama on June 9, 2014 – 5:54 PM -


Besides blogging, besides wrestling, I love to travel! In fact we’re probably traveling most of the summer to various places, locally and internationally. Ok, well maybe not so internationally. Do you consider Canada international? Thing is, that’s where I’m originally from, so you’ll catch us up there quite a bit, however, one issue heading up there, is always our online communications. Unless we’re at my parents, or connect to a free public Wi-Fi, we’re pretty much SOL and on our own.

A lot of times, traveling to Canada, or just around the USA we often use a VPN (Virtual Public Network) whenever we’re using shared or public Wi-Fi. Just a little way to protect ourselves even more if we’re doing ‘personal’ things online. Another reason we use a VPN is that it allows us to use things like Hulu, Netflix, the WWE Network, Spotify and Pandora when we’re in Canada, because they’re either not available there, or like Netflix is totally different. So when we want to connect to our American Networks normally we use a VPN.

I was recently introduced to a different VPN from what I normally use, TunnelBear. I love the way it looks and works, very minimal, and streamlined.

TunnelBear like our other VPN allows us to connect to a USA network like we are there, rather than being in Canada. Inf act TunnelBear will allow you to connect to nine different countries! So no matter where you are, you can virtually be anywhere, when I’m home in the USA I can connect to Canada and use the Canadian Netflix if there’s something on there I’d like to watch but we haven’t got yet.


You have the options of “Tunneling” via Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

So maybe you don’t travel a whole lot like we do, but maybe, just maybe that one time you do travel out of the country, you want to catch up on your favorite shows, or listen to your favorite station on Pandora or Google Music and you’re denied because that country doesn’t have access. Well, now by using TunnelBear you can bypass, and stream your favorite show or music just like you were at home.

TunnelBear is a permanent fixture with us, and I’ll be installing it on a few friends devices as well. So how do YOU get TunnelBear added to your device? It’s simple, head over to their website, and find the version you need to install. Desktop Windows/Mac, Android and iOS are available. The account is FREE to set up, you simply verify your email, and choose your country you wand the VPN to connect to from the settings and you good to go!

The free version of TunnelBear allows you to use 500mb of Data every month. However, if you tweet once a month and ask them for extra data, they’ll reward you with an extra Gig!

There are also two paid subscriptions that are available as well, the $4.99 a month Giant Plan which you purchase for your desktop and will give you unlimited data on that and two mobile devices, and the $49.99 a year Grizzly plan which is the same plan as the Giant, but saves you 17% by paying it all up front.

TunnelBear is on both my mobile and laptop devices, and I’ve loved using it so far, i highly recommend checking it out, even if you’re not traveling out of the country, you’ll be able to access other countries and keep yourself a little safer online while traveling throughout your own.

This post is sponsored by Sverve/TunnelBear, all opinions are of my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.
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