DEALS! DEALS! DEALS! Today’s Great Lightning Deals from Amazon! #LightningDeals

Written by lyricsmama on June 23, 2017 – 11:56 AM -

I’ll be honest, I can’t pass up a good deal. No matter if I need the item or not, if the deal is good, I’ve gotta have it. Some say that might be a problem, (specifically my husband lol) but NAH!! A deal is a deal!

Here’s a special deal for TODAY ONLY on Amazon!

#1 Best Seller Motorized Tie Rack On Sale TODAY ONLY!!!

Reg. $39.99 Now $29.91 W/Coupon Code PZ16DEAL


I wanted to share some upcoming Lightning Deals that are too good to pass up that will be on Amazon today, check them out below!

June 23, 2017 6:30pm ET (3:30pm PT) 

ClosetMate Beautiful 4 Pack Acrylic Shelf Dividers
LIST: $89.99 PRICE: $54.99 SALE: $44.99

ClosetMate Beautiful 2 Pack Acrylic Shelf Dividers
PRICE: $24.99


June 23, 2017 6:45pm ET (4:45pm PT)

Laundrymate Extra Large Capacity Laundry Bag
PRICE: $17.99






I’ll try to list some great deals as I find them each day! Hope you can use them!

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Finding Space For All Those Clothes! Ack!

Written by lyricsmama on October 16, 2012 – 6:59 AM -

Winter is on the way, that means we’re indoors more, we wear more clothing, and it means I need more space in my home!

I’ve just started unpacking all of our fall/winter clothing, and I’m realizing not only have my children grown a ton since last year, but that I’m quickly running out of space to put all these clothes! We don’t have a huge house, in fact it’s pretty small. Too small for a growing family, but we make due. In fact, the girls share a room together, they each have a chest of drawers under their bed, a small one in the closet, and then one that they share, and we’re STILL running out of room.

Hubby and I are in need of a new chest of drawers, badly! The two that we have are just too small, and one of them have even broken over time, yet we’re still pushing on using it.

Drawers are just one of those things you put off on buying for way too long. I always find something more important to purchase, not realizing that in fact, this IS an important purchase, because without it, we really have no where to put our clothes. Our closets are bursting full, and I’m really sick of seeing that pile of clean folded clothes always on the ironing board!

So it’s time to start looking around. Finding something I like, that’s more our style rather than the hand me downs and second hand drawers that we currently have. Time to get this family and our clothing ORGANIZED and put away PROPERLY!

Now, just to find out where to start and not get overwhelmed in the process. It’s just drawers right?!

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Halloween & Saving

Written by lyricsmama on October 11, 2012 – 12:32 PM -

October, it means a lot of different things. The fall season, breast cancer awareness month, Canadian Thanksgiving and of course…HALLOWEEN!!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We decorate, go get our pumpkin to carve, and of course dress up! However, when you have an entire family to dress up (including the dog) costumes can get expensive. And sure, I’m sure I could make homemade ones, but really, I’m not that crafty.

So, to purchase everyone a new costume every year, that money can rack up, and quickly. So I’m always the smart shopper as usual, and trying to find the best bang for my buck. We do visit the pop up Halloween shops, but the majority of my shopping for costumes is done online, or at least the planning for it.

The girls this year have each decided to be a Monster High doll for Halloween, my oldest will be Clawdean and my youngest Frankie Stien, but these costumes are not one of the cheaper ones, so I was sure to look for some Halloween Coupons online before we decided exactly where all their costumes would be purchased.

I’ve decided to be Flo from Progressive Insurance this year, and my hubby, we’ll he’s going with a tradition he started for himself, to go as a wrestler. Last year he was Hulk Hogan, and this year he’s going to be Rowdy Roddy Piper. Adult costumes can be a lot more to purchase than kids, we’re talking sometimes to the upwards of $70.00 or more. So before you run out and purchase, shop around! Look around, and I’m sure you could find some Halloween Express Coupons to help you out with your purchases.

What are you and your family deciding to dress up as this year? Have you found your costumes already? Do you dress up your pets too? This year we’re dressing our dog up as a Killer Whale (lol) he’s not too fond of the costume, but he keeps it on even though he gives us a look like we’re putting him through torture.

Be a smart shopper with me, get those Halloween costumes at a discounted price and have a fun, and safe Halloween this year! Use your savings to buy some of that ‘good candy’ for the kids!

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Shopping and Saving: Being A Smart Shopper

Written by lyricsmama on October 4, 2012 – 10:03 AM -

With the economy as it is right now, a lot of us do not get to shop the way we would like. In fact, a lot of times we have to push our shopping excursions to the side. Things are too expensive; we do not have the cash to fund our shopping trips for things that we might not necessarily need at that point in time.

Needs verses wants comes into play when we are all on tough times, but there are ways to get the needs when you do want them but think you cannot have them. It’s called being a SMART shopper! Taking the time to search, compare, and price items, will save you money in the long run and you’ll be happy once you have done it.

There is nothing wrongs with using current Discount Codes 2012, promo codes, or even coupons. A lot of people may be put off by them, but if it’s saving you money, why? Most people these days try to get the most bang for their buck, and that’s finding the best possible price you can for those items you both want and need.

Take for instance the possibility of purchasing a new watch. It might not be something you need right now, but it’s something you’d like to have, or something that may complete that perfect outfit you already have stored away in your closet. Just do a search for something like Jura watches Discount Codes online and you’ll be sure to get the best possible price you can, just by taking two seconds out of your purchasing time to easily find yourself a discount.

Taking the few minutes to search for a code, cut out coupons is well worth it in the end. I know it can be time consuming and sometimes it seems not worth it, but the savings in the end, justifies the time you take to do it, believe me, I’m a smart shopper and I hope the majority of my readers are too! The first time you find out you got an item for less than what someone else paid for, you will see, shopping smart pays off!

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