Workout With The Right Pair Of Shoes!

Written by lyricsmama on August 10, 2015 – 9:37 AM -

Working out and you get that cramp, that shooting pain in your foot… Why? You have a really expensive pair of shoes on that you bought specifically for working out, what the heck is wrong with your feet?

I’ve encountered this more than once. Especially when I was doing Zumba. Some days it was so bad, I could hardly walk the pain was so much. Who knew that those expensive cute workout shoes could be what’s causing foot pain, for me it was. We tend to forget that shoes affect our feet as much as they do, they could be too big or small, worn out and have lost their support, which was the cause in my case. My shoes were worn, they didn’t look worn, but the support was gone.

What I was going through was Plantar fascitis which is inflammation of the ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot, from the heel to the toes and is the common cause of heel pain. Let me tell you, it’s painful! I did stretches, flexed my feet a lot, bought some heel pads and iced it. It was a long time before it healed up.

I had to find another pair of shoes, I wanted a pair that were flexible enough, yet cushioned to keep my feet comfortable, and a pair with support. Honestly I couldn’t just get another pair of ‘cute’ shoes. Thankfully, fitness/workout shoes are so easy to come by, anyone can find what they’re looking for both style and comfort wise. Just remember it’s probably best to buy your workout shoes from stores who have shoe experts! Let’s face it, the shoes I use for Zumba, or the gym probably aren’t the same, the shoes for hiking and crossfit aren’t the same, if we’re serious about working out, we need to be wearing the proper shoes for the different types of exercise we plan to get, our feet are important, if you can’t walk on them because of pain, there goes your workout! Try to find the best shoe for your workout the outdoor sports gear reviews website has an article that’s well worth reading if you’re looking for best shoes for your next crossfit session or anything else.

Tips for buying the right workout shoe…
– Wear Socks, try shoes on with socks, normally your not barefoot when working out
.- Make sure that there is good support in the middle and around the heel with good cushioning under the ball of the foot.
– Try on shoes later in the day rather than early. You’ve been on your feet, and if they swell at all that’s the best time to make sure the shoe fits right.
– Make sure you have enough space in the front of the shoe (usually a thumb’s width) between the shoe and your longest toe.
– Does the shoe have give? You shouldn’t have to break shoes in, make sure it fits and has room to be flexible when you put them on. If they’re not comfortable right away, they’re not for you!

Be kind to your feet, don’t let them be the reason you stop exercising. Buy the right fit and kind of shoe!

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Day 2 and still working up a sweat…

Written by lyricsmama on June 19, 2009 – 11:32 AM -

I was so sore from my workout yesterday. I woke up with a sore butt, and extremely sore thighs/hamstrings. I never get that way from my usual workout videos. I love the sore feeling the next day, that’s when you know you did a great workout that actually did something. Although all I did this morning was whine and complain about how sore I was.

I wasn’t completely sure I was actually going to do a workout today with my EAS Active. I could barely walk up the stairs my legs were so sore. I couldn’t miss a day though, I’m doing the 30 day challenge and I can’t wimp out on day 2.

I started up the Wii and away I went. Doing the workout I was surprised at how my body reacted. I could no longer feel the muscle pain that I was in beforehand; my body went right along with the workouts. The sweat poured down my face, I pushed myself no matter how tired or weak my legs felt and I got my workout done.

I again exceeded the calorie burn that EAS Active gave me as a goal and burned another 176 calories during my workout. I can’t boast enough about this new ‘game’. It’s definitely kicking my butt and is a REAL workout. I’m so glad I decided to purchase it.

My workout today was filled with cardio, as well as both upper body and lower body workouts. I got to play tennis, which was fun, I was hoping to see more boxing today but I guess we’ll do that again another day. I’m not a runner, I hate running, but with the EAS Active I’m actually starting to enjoy it. I love the intervals that it gives you instead of just a straight run.

So I sit here dripping sweat, I need to go shower but I wanted to make sure I posted my Day 2 workout before I forgot.

Ok after not hurting while I was working out, I have to say, going up and down the stairs is so not fun right now, legs are still sore…LOVE IT!!!

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Day 1 of my 30 day challenge.

Written by lyricsmama on June 18, 2009 – 3:17 PM -

Well, I did it. Hubby went out yesterday and finally purchased the EA Sports Active for Wii.

This morning I got up, and was ready for a great workout. Normally at least 5 days a week I’ve been doing either a 2 mile or 5K walk at home with my Walk At Home videos. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, I hope to continue to do them, but I need variation. I tend to get super bored with the same workouts and right now, I haven’t noticed any significant weight loss so it’s time for a change.

Day 1 of my 30 day challenge was a workout and a half. I ended up burning over 170 calories within my first day at the medium workout and I am feeling my muscles that have worked like they never have before, or at least not in a long time. I’m sore, and that’s GREAT! The workout gave me a great sweat and it was fun at the same time.

I did have a few issues with the controls and them recognizing but that was quickly resolved by tweaking the way I was holding the controls a few times. I can’t wait to get to day 2 and finishing the 30 day challenge. Hopefully I’ll see some sort of results here on in. I’ll be updating each day on my blog about my workout for the day and any progress I’ve noticed as well.

If you haven’t purchased EA Sports Active yet and are considering it, I say go for it! In my opinion it’s MUCH better than the Wii Fit (which you can include the balance board in your EA Sports Active workouts as well) and gives you that actual workout most of us were looking for when we initially purchased the Wii Fit.

Get off your butt and get to a healthier you, join me in my 30 day challenge!

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