Breakfast on-the-go: Banana Cinnamon Waffles


Banana Cinnamon Waffles

What You Need

2 whole-grain toaster waffles

2 tbsp peanut butter (or Nutella)

½ banana

1 tsp honey (or agave nectar)

¼ tsp cinnamon

What You Do

  1. Toast the waffles to desired crispness.
  2. Spread the peanut butter on one side of each waffle.
  3. Slice the banana into ¼ inch rounds.
  4. Place the banana and honey on one side of the waffle, and sprinkle with the cinnamon.
  5. Close like a sandwich and enjoy.

Excerpted from Kitchenability 101: The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Food by Nisa Burns, Makes one serving.

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Crowdfunding with Teespring – Make Your Custom Apparel

teeI’m sure you’ve heard about or may have even visited so many T-Shirt design sites online that allow you to create your own T-Shirt. Yea, there’s a ton of them out there, however, the one I’m about to tell you about is a little different than the rest!  not only allows you to make custom apparel such as t-shirts, but it’s more, it’s a Crowdfunding site. What is Crowdfunding? Well, let me explain how works. allows you to make custom apparel, and then sell it on your own campaign page, think of Kickstarter, it kind of works like that. You create, make a campaign page and then set a minimum goal that much be achieved in order for the shirts to be made and sent out to the buyers. If no one orders, your shirt doesn’t get made none are sold, and you’re not out of money by having 1000 shirts printed and shipped for no one.

Not only is this a great option for those wanting to make extra cash, but it’s a great way to fundraiser. Teams, Schools, different groups can create a shirt, send people to the campaign page and they only sell the ones that are ordered once their minimum is hit. There’s nothing else to it!

Check out some of the fundraising campaigns that have already happened on their site.

A couple sold this “Love makes a family shirt” to raise money to adopt:

This one included children’s and toddler’s shirts to raise money for an 11-year-old to sing in a children’s choir in Hungary:

This one raised over 85k for Boston relief: is very easy to use, I’m thinking of bringing it up at our PTO meeting this year to sell some shirts for my kids school. We had ordered t-shirts and apparel a while ago and it took forever to have them all sold after we had already paid for them, in fact I still think we have some available 2 years later, and we’re just out that money.

I played around with it a little bit earlier. You choose the design of the shirt, meaning there’s a variety of styles you can choose. From tank tops to t-shirts to hoodies, in unisex and men and women styles.

Once you’ve chosen the type of apparel you’d like, you can upload your artwork or use their design tools to create something, they also have a pretty decent variety of fonts that you can choose.

Once your shirt is created, you then decide on the price and your sales goal for your campaign. You can set your goal to sell as little as 10 or up to 1000, the choice is yours. Remember, your goal is the minimum number of shirts that have to be ‘reserved’ in order for them to be printed. Once you’ve done that, then you select your selling price, Teespring helps you out by showing you how much profit you’ll make once you reach your minimum goal. You then select how long you’d like the campaign length to last and then your ready to go!

Promote your campaign site everywhere in order to reach your goal, Teespring also has a guide which can help you find the different ways you can help promote your product.

TeeSpring is amazing, if you’re looking to create custom apparel or for fundraising, this is the place to go!

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Top financial tips for youngsters

If you’re young there’s no time like the present to start educating yourself about money matters. Having a better handle on money now could help you to avoid potential problems in future.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your financial outlook:

Make savings
If you’re not saving at the moment it’s time to make a change. Even if you’re currently paying off your credit card and juggling other bills it’s always wise to have an emergency fund to hand. No one likes to think of unexpected expenses hitting them, but if they do  teaching-kids-save-moneyoccur and you have made preparations it’ll be less of a headache. Try to put a bit aside every month and treat it as you would other non-avoidable expenses.

Improve your credit score
Deciding to apply for a credit card might be a good decision for your finances in the long term. If you handle it correctly it’s a great way to boost your credit score, which will improve your prospects of being approved by lenders for mortgages and other loans in future. Even if you don’t feel the need to use a credit card to supplement your income, using it to buy something occasionally and paying your bill on time and in full each month will show lenders you can be trusted. Be careful not to fall in to the minimum payment trap though, as this could lead you to paying out far more than you’d bargained for.

Increase your earnings
If you’re lucky enough to have a skill that is likely to be in demand by others it’s a good idea to make the most of it. For example, if you’re able to write well, why not consider contributing articles on subjects you’re comfortable with? Even if you work full time you might find dedicating a few hours each week to another task reaps financial rewards in the long term. In fact, if you think about it you’ll find there are loads of ways to boost your income.

Start a retirement plan
It might seem strange to consider to make preparations now for years in the future, but there’s no time like the present to start adding to a pension fund. Many employers offer a scheme where depending on how much you put in, they’ll increase the percentage they add. It’s well worth taking advantage of this, as it’s not every day you get something for nothing.

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A New Look For The Fall/Winter Season – Sweater Dresses!

inlogoI’ve just recently discovered my love of dresses. It only took me well over 20 years to do! I’ve never been the kind of girl who likes to wear skirts or dresses. The once a year special occasion, or only if I HAD to was when you would see me in a dress!

This summer though, all that has changed, with my love of dresses turning a new leaf for my closet. In fact, I think I’ve worn a dress almost all summer, with the rare occasion of wearing shorts or capris. So, as summer is winding down, I’m already looking to see what I can find for the fall and winter seasons.

I’ve noticed the trend for the fall and winter seem to be a love for sweater dresses and I’ve also seen this trend on Pinterest as well, very cute ones in fact. I’ve pinned a few on my own board already and can’t wait to spend my money on stuff for myself rather than the money pit of school supplies and uniforms it’s gone into lately.

I really hate to see my Maxi dresses go for the winter, but it must be done! So, for the fall and winter season, I’ve got to start looking for some cute things that will get me on my way. seemed to pop up a lot during my search. Super cute dresses!! Can I see myself in everything? No, but they’re still cute, here’s some of my favorite looks:



Super cute right?! You can also find accessories to match your outfit at Sammy Dress, the almost one stop shop to get your closet right, and at a budget, I’ve noticed their prices are pretty great, and you can dress your entire family from there as well, Sammy Dress isn’t just about dresses!

Shopping for back to school? Your man needs an update on his wardrobe, or if you’re just a fashionista who loves clothes, check out Sammy Dress I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in what you find!

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#WWEMoms Twitter Party – #WWE #SummerSlam – 8/15

Well, it’s almost here! SUMMERSLAM!!!

The PPV of the summer will include Joh Cena, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and more who will put on amazing matches for the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

SummerSlam has always been one of the better pay-per –views of the year, not only does it have great matches on the card, but it’s always a night of fun, surprises and even disappointments. What match are you looking forward to seeing?  Cena vs. Bryan, Lesnar vs. Punk? Do you have a favorite?

You can check out the entire card and find out where you can order SummerSlam on pay-per-view by visiting

To celebrate the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view the WWEMoms are holding a Twitter Party!!!465553e5-438b-4173-990a-eec1ff43c825

This Thursday August 15th at 7pm ET (4PM PT) for one hour you can join myself and the other #WWEMoms on Twitter.

Follow @WWEmoms, @LisaSamples, @skconcepts, @wrestlingaddict, @mommyjenna, @JanetGoingCrazy, @RachelFerrucci, and @SoberJulie as well as all the other #WWEMoms who enjoy the WWE product where we will be talking about SummerSlam and the activities surrounding the event in Los Angeles.

Join the party for a chance to win a Longchamp bag, a Michael Kors Wallet, a Brookstone Wine Chiller, and other great prizes!

1. Email subject line: WWEmoms
2. Spread the word and share this post!
3. Join us on TweetDeck or HootSuite (#WWEmoms) Thursday, August 15 between 7 and 8pm ET
4. Tell your Twitter followers!

(Click here to learn more about our Twitter chats. You must RSVP and attend to be eligible for a prize.)


SummerSlam Axxess is the ultimate WWE fan experience of the summer, if your in the Los Angeles area on Saturday, Aug. 17, and Sunday, Aug. 18 You can partake! The event takes place rain or shine and will be held at the Nokia Plaza at L.A. LIVE. This is an experience any WWE fan would NOT want to miss, you can meet your favorite WWE Superstars, see live matches, Superstar Q&A sessions and much more at this year’s SummerSlam Axxess. For more information on tickets, and schedules visit

I have been compensated for this post and participating in the WWEmoms campaign by The Online Mom – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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