WWE and Connor’s Cure Win Cynopsis Sports Media Awards #WWEMoms

WWE Cynopsis Award

If you already don’t know, WWE is very active within the community and proud to sponsor so many community and social good campaigns, especially when it comes to something their fans can look up to.

You may remember Connor “the Crusher” who sadly passed away, but was a huge WWE fan, and who was also a Superstar in the eyes of all of the WWE Superstars and WWE Universe. After Connor’s passing WWE started Connor’s Cure to support pediatric brain and spinal cord cancer research, which has also recently partnered with The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Connor’s Cure has raised over $1 million and assisted more than 100 families worldwide. Connor’s Cure was just awarded the Pro-Social Campaign award.

That was just one of the awards that WWE received at the fifth annual Cynopsis Sports Media Awards.

WWE Network received an award for Over-The-Top Content Service as well as the WWE App winning the award for Best Mobile App.

WWE Network is currently one of the fastest growing digital subscription services with more than 5,000 hours of video-on-demand, as well as original programming and live pay-per-views. The WWE App has been downloaded more than 27 million times in over 220 countries.

The Cynopsis Sports Media Awards recognizes the best work in the sports industry from the past year. You can read more about the awards at wwe.com, as well as learn more about Connor’s Cure and WWE’s partnership with The V Foundation.

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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WWE: For The Hero In All Of Us #WWEMoms #Hero

WWE For The Hero In All Of US

There’s something special in all of us. WWE wants to celebrate the Hero not only in their Superstars, but the Hero within YOU or someone you know.  We can all think of someone who we consider a Hero and many reasons why they are to us.  WWE wants to hear your stories, hear why that person is a hero, maybe its you, why are you a hero?  Why is your favorite WWE Superstar your hero?

WWE wants to show everyone how great their company is by showing off not only their Superstars but also their audience members and their lives and families by showing their commitment to give back.

My hero? My mother, for overcoming her past and using it as a turning point in her life, and a commitment to help others who have been abused as children. She’s my hero for her work with child abuse, as well as her work with the special needs children she deals with daily in the school system.

Who is your WWE Hero? Who in your life is your personal hero? Share with the entire WWE Universe by sharing your story with @WWE using #Hero.

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Take Back Your Drive! #TakeBackMyDrive

take back your drive

Driving. It’s something we take for granted. It’s an everyday occurrence for most of us, and something that comes almost as easily to us as breathing. However, what we don’t think of us how hard driving actually is, how stressful it can be, and how distracted we are when we’re driving. From kids in the back seats, talking to your passenger, trying to get in a quick meal, listening to music, taking phone calls, and yes, texting. There’s so many distractions in the car.

This month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and it’s the perfect time to straighten up yourself, as well as become a good driving role model for your kids who will one day be sitting in that drivers seat.

Distracted Driver

Social Media has become one of the most distracting things in our everyday lives, and using it in the car is no exception. If your posting/texting or not, think of the notifications you get while you’re driving and the urge you have to check them. Technology is great, but sometimes, it can be dangerous. Car manufacturers are coming up with ways to make it less distracting by using voice activation, but it’s still as distracting in my opinion, your mind is on the message, not the road.

Safety is important, especially on the road, would you be willing to give up your cell phone use in the car (both handheld and hands free) while driving, for at least a week? Something that’s hard to do, I know, we’re so connected today and think we need it “just in case” but what’s wrong with putting it away for a short period of time, and having you and your kids safe while you’re driving? I’m willing to do it, are you?

Take the challenge with me, when you do, you’ll notice how many people around you are distracted by their devices. Is what’s on your device really that important? Is it more important than your own life, the life of your kids, or the life of others around you? Can’t it wait until you’re out of the car? We need a change, our society needs a change, there’s far too many distractions and distracted drivers on the road. We need to value our lives, not social media!

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and The National Safety Council wants to draw everyone’s attention on how to Take Back Your Drive. Visit their website and take the Focused Driver Challenge and pledge yourself, your children, and other family members by taking the pledge to drive cell free.

I have been compensated for this post however, all opinions expressed here are my own.
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Time for WORX This Spring – Live Demo & Flash Sale!


Spring is here! That means lots of DIY projects and outside yard work to do. Why not check out the latest tools to help you tackle your tasks for your home, yard, or workshop.

This Thursday April 7th at 1pm ET you can check out WORX for the 56V Live Demo and Flash Sale! WORX will be demonstrating their powerful 56V MaxLithium yard too lineup that includes a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, leaf blower and lawn mower. Find out how you can get gas-like performance from these products as well as extended runtime with zero emissions!

Don’t miss your chance to see these great tools. By registering for the event, you’ll also get a chance to win a free 56v tool of your choice! Visit worx.com to register now and be automatically entered into the giveaway.

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Groupon Saves You Money!

Groupon Coupons

Saving money is something we all have in common. Whether you coupon, or search the net for deals, saving money is something we all strive to do when making any type of purchase.

I’m not much of a couponer per say as far as clipping and cutting, but I’m always looking for the best deal when it comes to any of my purchases. Something new that I’ve tried out recently is Groupon Coupons, especially when we’re out and about traveling.

I’m sure by now you’ve used or at least heard of Groupon for a lot of deals, but Groupon Coupons lets you find savings with coupons for various retailers so you can save even MORE!

Some of the retailers that you can find coupons for includes:
Red Lobster

Using Groupon Coupons is free and easy, you can search for coupons based on your location or by the stores you’re looking to do some shopping. You can save on movie tickets, purchases from Amazon, % off purchases and even free items with purchase. Some of the Groupon Coupons are also exclusive to Groupon so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Saving money isn’t as hard as people think, you just need to look, and a great place to start is Groupon Coupons, the savings you’ll find will surprise you! You can also follow Groupon on Facebook, as well as #GrouponCoupons hashtag or Groupon on Twitter to see some of the latest deals you can find.

Have you found some great deals with Groupon Coupons? What are some of your favorites?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
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