I’m Unhappy and Fat – Can I Make A Change? #WAMJourney

Sometimes I have these unrealistic thoughts and dreams, like one day I’ll be rich, I’ll be celebrity, I’ll be in a WWE ring, I’ll be a super buff body builder type chick. All dreams and thoughts I’ve had for as long as I can remember. None of which are achievable, at least at this point in my life.

This July, I turn 38. How did I get that old? Where the heck has time gone, and what the heck have I done with my body?!?!?! Weight has always been an issue for me, I’ve always been the ‘bigger girl’ of my friends, I’ve always struggled with losing weight, and wanting to make a change. I get started, I see results, and then I quit. I hate it.


Motivation is something that gets to me, or I should say lack of motivation. I don’t see results as fast as I like, and I give up. Or, I let people talk me into other things, they get in my head, and I say forget it. I want to stop all of this. I want to stop the quitting, I want to stop the yo-yo dieting, I want to just stop!

The past couple of years I’ve had eye openers with my health, that you think automatically would have changed my lifestyle, changed the way I do and see things, but it hasn’t. It changes for a day or so, then I get weak and things go downhill. Let me tell you something, being fat, isn’t fun, isn’t glamorous and isn’t something that should be praised. Being fat and being healthy don’t coincide, you can tell me till you’re blue in the face that you’re a healthy fat person, but let’s get down to reality, if you go to the doctor, they’re going to find SOMETHING wrong, something that if you don’t change will turn into something else eventually, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but as you get older, as things in your body slow down, that ‘healthy’ you thought you were as a fat girl, won’t be so healthy anymore, and then it’s too late………Or is it?

I have a good friend of mine who has been telling me for quite some time what I should be doing to help myself out. Not so much about my weight, but about my health. Eating right, exercising, being more in tune with my body. He had been bugging me about joining him in working out, yea yea, one day, one day. I have a gym membership, that I barely used, but was getting better, I didn’t need to go do something I knew I couldn’t do, with people. I was comfortable at the gym, using the treadmill and some of the machines, I was in a comfort zone.


Not seeing progress, yup, hadn’t seen any, in fact, I’ve been gaining weight thanks to my meds. I knew I needed to do something different, my eating habits suck, I could look online, be on pinterest and read my health/fitness magazines all day, but it wasn’t getting me to make a full change. My friend, did the best thing he could ever do, and although he doesn’t know it, has changed my life because of it.

For those who don’t know, I volunteer daily at my kids school. Said friend is my girls art teacher. He decided to bring the workouts to us. He booked the gym, 2 times a week, and brought in his friend Phillip Thomas who’s a trainer with CNC Lifestyle Management to bring us boot camp workouts. I missed the first week, I was busy, but I think it also was an excuse. I tend to think, I’m the fat girl, I’m the one who can’t do these workouts. I love them, the workouts, I feel empowered by doing them but everyone is going to stare, and think OMG why is she here.

I was finally convinced by one of my other teacher friends to come to class. And I did, and that was the day my brain clicked, and I decided to make a change. You know how that saying goes, that you meet people for reason, people come into your life for a reason, blah blah blah. That day, something clicked, and that workout led me to meet Phil, who I’ve since hired as my personal trainer, and although I’ve never told him yet, he’s changed my life, and my outlook on it.  Bootcamp was hard, I was (and still do) DRIPPING sweat, literally, I thought, I can’t do this, this is too hard, but I didn’t give up.  Phil isn’t a drill Sargent, he makes the workouts doable, he modifies things so you CAN do them, and he keeps you going.


I can’t begin to thank my friend Naeem enough for introducing me to Phil and his wife Betty who are both amazing people. Phil is so motivating! In fact, I felt a click when we met, that I told him something that really only my hubby knew. I told him the dream I had always had to be a bodybuilder. I told him, don’t laugh, before I did, and you know what? He didn’t. He said you know what, let’s do it! Let’s make it a goal that by August of next year (2017) I’ll have you ready to be on a stage competing locally. WHAT?!?! I’m a 38 year old FAT woman, that’s not going to happen.

He hasn’t given up on me, and I haven’t given up on me. I’ve been working out with Phil 4 days a week. 2 days at the gym for an hour each, and 2 days of bootcamp. As much as I have days that I want to give up, am too sore, don’t want to do it, I’ve kept going. A lot of that credit goes to my trainer, who doesn’t know how motivating and important he is. Without him, I think by now, especially being summer, I’d have given up on a change in my life. Summer tends to be a lot of traveling for us, in fact, I’m back in Canada with my friends and family more often then I’m home.  Normally by now, I’d have been there for a week or so.  Not this year, in fact, I’ve dedicated and committed myself to working on ME.  Sure, I’ll still travel and go see my family and friends, but it might only be for a day or two, rather than a week or two at a time.  I’ve committed to training, being home, and doing what I need to do, for me.  For once!  I haven’t even made a visit back home yet and don’t think I will until July.  Which is a first for me!

So what I want to do, is introduce CNC Lifestyle Management to you. Follow them on Facebook, Request to join the group. You can also follow CNC on Instagram, and follow Phil on Instagram and keep up with his journey as well, as he competes in his competitions, you can also follow his wife Betty on Instagram who also competes.

For myself, this is just post number 1 of my new journey. I’m still in disbelief that I’ll reach this goal, but I’m refusing to give up on it. I won’t give up! What I hope to do is soon have some vlogs, but first, get a photo up of myself, which for me, is probably one of the hardest things to do. In that post, with the photo, I’ll also include my measurements and weight. SCARY! Nothing I’ve ever done before, but it’s something I need to do if I want to see this journey through and to reach my own goal. So besides here, make sure you’re following my Instagram and Twitter for updates and to see how I’m progressing daily, you can also find me on MyFitnessPal to take a look at my Diary and achievements. I’m also creating the hashtag #WAMJourney to keep tabs on all of my posts.

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Recipe: Mango Guacamole

With summer comes barbecues, pool parties, and family get-together’s. Don’t let your guests eat boring snacks! Break out your Molcajete set and spice things up with this recipe for Mango Guacamole. Time to break out the chips and get the party started!

Mango Guacamole

Mango Guacamole


3 ripened avocados
1 ripened mango
lime juice ¼ cup
cilantro ½ cup
white onion ½ cup
salt 3 teaspoons


In your Molcajete, add half of the diced mangos and mash with the pestle into a pulp.
Then add one avocado and mash into a pulp with the mango.
In a separate bowl mix remaining ingredients, including mango, and add more lime juice if needed.
Fold mixture with pulp inside Molcajete and serve with tortilla chips.

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Palm Oil – Good, Bad or Both? #GoodBadPalmOil


So what is it? Is Palm Oil good or bad?

I’ve begun to pay more attention to my diet, and the foods I put into my body. Everything has it’s pros and cons, one week something is good for you, the next it’s bad. My advice, do your research and use it to figure out what’s best for you, and your body, not 100% of what all of these ‘researchers’ tend to say.

What about these things being bad for the earth? Bad for the environment? One of the things being talked about lately is palm oil, and how bad it is for the environment. It’s not something we all typically pay attention to, but if you’re like me and looking at labels more, it’s something that may be on your mind.

Yes, palm oil is in a lot of food and products that you buy like in cereal, noodles, shampoo, lipstick and more, and yes, there is palm oil that is bad for the environment and destroying it, but like everything else, there’s the good and the bad. The good protects the environment and helps farmers with little land make income.

But, how do you know good palm oil vs. bad palm oil? Considering good palm oil is only about 21% of the palm oil that is consumed globally. It’s all about researching where your ingredients come from.

This is where the campaign from the Roundtable on sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) called “What’s Your Food Made Of?” comes into play. By checking out this campaign you can learn about the good and bad of palm oil by watching videos, or following the hashtag #GoodBadPalmOil.

By the year 2020, RSPO wants to be sure that all palm oil is good palm oil and being sustainably sourced. Interested in helping the movement? Share this post, or anything about the #GoodBadPalmOil campaign on Twitter or Facebook.

Learn more about the campaign here. You can also follow the movement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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WWE and Susan G. Komen – Win the Ultimate Fan Experience #WWEMoms


WWE and Susan G. Komen - Win the Ultimate Fan Experience #WWEMoms

WWE not only is a family-friendly sports entertainment product, but they are also very community focused and committed to focusing on social issues worldwide. Not only do they share partnerships with programs that include military support, diversity, education and more, but they have also partnered with the Susan G. Komen foundation since 2012 in their fight against breast cancer.

Many of the WWE Superstars and fans have known someone who has fought a battle with breast cancer, and WWE wants to honor those survivors through the Share Your Story Survivor Essay Contest.

Survivors are encouraged to enter this contest to win an ultimate WWE fan experience at SummerSlam 2016. Not only will they be treated to an amazing experience, but they will also be featured on WWE and Susan G. Komen public service announcements that could air online, on TV and in WWE venues as well as the WWE Network.

The Share Your Story Survivor Essay Contest has been running since May 5th, 2016 and continues through May 27, 2016. Breast cancer survivors and their loved ones can enter by visiting the following website.

Winners will be announced in June of 2016. The entries submitted will then be evaluated based on how compelling the story of strength in the battle of breast cancer, or what the nominee has done to take action in the fight against breast cancer. Entries must also adhere to all contest rules.

Have any questions about the contest? Email WWEContest@komen.org.

WWE encourages its fans to get involved,

help Susan G. Komen end breast cancer by making a donation.

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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So you want to start a new life with your family in another land? How exciting that must be for everyone! Of course, there is the pain of separation from some of your friends and family and how things are used to be, but I’m pretty sure your decision is for the greater good of everyone.

And hey, the beauty in migrating is that you get to experience the joy of a new environment, a different lifestyle, and new friends you will meet along the way.

Moving your family
Before everything else, you need to make sure that everyone in the family has come to terms with the decision. Sit down with your children and discuss your decision to move abroad. Teens or older children in general tend to be more reluctant to leave their friends behind and will naturally have a lot of questions that you need to satisfy.

Younger children should be involved and consulted throughout the moving process.

Include where you will live and what type of school they will go to as well as the great locations that are near your new community. If you’re yet to finalize a location to move your family, then consider the house and land packages in Epping North. The location has thriving and established suburb that suits a wide range of budget and lifestyle.
By involving your children first hand in such decisions, you can make them feel like they’re an integral part of the process and allow them to have some ownership of the new and radical direction that their lives are about to take.

Prepare for necessary adjustments
After you have sat down with everyone with the news and began basic planning, you should take steps to begin the process of familiarizing your family with the culture and the language of the country wherein you intend on moving.
This will help give everyone – your children in particular to have a little more confidence and control in their place within the new country and also help them to adapt faster after arriving.

The people you will leave behind
In some cases, it’s not practical, or possible, to move your entire family abroad and you may decide to leave older children as well as other family members behind. If this is the case, take time to carefully explain your decision to move overseas to every member of the family and any adult children who chose to stay behind. Involve them as much as possible in the moving process. This will make them feel like you still value their input and presence.

Before you leave, you should agree with the methods by which you will continue to communicate with those family members who chose to stay behind. This will give them some security that you won’t be permanently disappearing from the lives and that you will still be available whenever they need you.

Well, that’s most of it. It will also help to talk with a family counselor if you’re having problems with communicating with your family regarding the decision to move. Best of luck!

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