Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery Blu-ray Giveaway


Scooby-Doo Where Are You?

Everyone’s favorite crime fighting kids are back with their biggest mystery ever in Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery! To help them solve the case the Scooby gang teams up with Rock and Roll legends KISS for an all new Mystery Inc. adventure!

We join the Gang at Kiss World – the all-things-Kiss theme park, as they investigate a series of strange hauntings. With help from Kiss, they discover that the Crimson Witch has returned to summon The Destroyer from the alternate dimension of Kissteria! The evil duos ghastly plan, to destroy the earth! Can the Gang’s cunning and Kiss’s power of rock save the day?! Tune in to this Rock and Roll Mystery for some thunderous, heavy FUN!

How would you like a chance to win a Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD with UltraViolet copy of Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery? It’s easy, just use the giveaway widget below, and make sure the mandatory entry is completed, July 29th I’ll announce the lucky winner!

Also, check out some of these fun, FREE printables for the kiddos….


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Live Well & Prospurr with Morris the Cat


Morris the Cat is known throughout the world as the star of over fifty 9Lives cat food commercials from the 1970s up through today. He gained even greater notoriety when he became an advo-cat for kitty adoptions with his “Million Cat Rescue” initiative, and just this year, he took a trip to South by Southwest as a feline technology correspondent.

It seems America’s favorite ‘charmingly choosy’ feline is always on the go, but I recently had the chance to catch up with him to talk show biz, naps, and how he’s giving back through his new effort called ‘Live Well & Prospurr.’

You’ve been a TV star since the 1970s and yet you look as vivacious as ever. How do you keep your youthful glow?

People ask me all the time if I’ve had work done. But in fact, my whiskers stay perky thanks to a disciplined regimen of napping, sleeping, napping some more, eating (9Lives, of course), and just generally hanging out. I want to emphasize this last one because even though it’s categorically important for our health and happiness, it’s also the easiest to forget as we go about our busy lives. That’s why I developed my Official Guide to Relaxing, Chillin’, Unwinding & More. (I had to take some time away from hanging out to write it, but I hope you’ll agree it was well worth it.)

Are humans allowed to know what’s in this guide or is it for felines only?

Oh no, the guide was written for all species, both two- and four-legged. And let’s face it, cats are pretty good at hanging out already. I know relaxing can be daunting—what with work, kids, errands, and chores—but that’s why I created the 5 levels of hanging out. Even the most stressed out person can master Level 1: Kicking Back. Then, as people get more comfortable with the idea of just relaxing, they can move on to the higher levels and ultimately achieve what I like to call Prospurr.

How does someone know when they’ve achieved Prospurr?

Excellent question Gina. Prospurr is the Holy Grail of hanging out. It’s not so much an action as a state of mind, but purr-haps I could describe it best like this: It’s like the moment you flop onto the couch after a hard day, mixed with the tingling sensation of getting scratched behind the ears, rolled into the drool-inducing taste of a bowl of 9Lives. You humans out there probably haven’t tried 9Lives, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. For more tips on hanging out, go to this website that I built with my own four paws:


I know working in show biz can mean very long hours. How do you keep to your hangout regimen while you’re on set?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Just like Brad Pitt or Liam Hemsworth, I have a stand-in who sets up all my shots for me. That way I can rest in my trailer—ahem, carrying case—until the cameras start rolling. My stand-in is polyester and has a tag that says “Made in the USA,” but he does the trick. All I have to do is show up and look handsome… which is easy since I’ve spent the whole day getting my beauty rest.

Certainly the entertainment industry, and the world in general, has changed a lot since the 1970s. How do you keep up with the times?

I chase the times like a red-laser dot, and I’m always on the lookout for cool new tech gadgets that help cats and humans live well. One of my new favorites is the Apple Watch—it lets me track how much time I spend ‘napping’ versus the time I spend ‘sleeping.’ AND, today it told me that I took 19 steps going from my bed to my food dish—nothing like working up a sweat before a big meal.

What is the best advice you could give to someone who wants to live a better life?

Watch cat videos! A recent study conducted by some really smart people at Indiana University found that after watching a clip of Lil Bub, Nora the Piano Cat or of course, yours truly, participants felt increased levels of joy and energy. Science doesn’t lie, people! Bonus points if you watch said cat videos curled up in bed or on a fluffy couch.

If a cat watches cat videos, does it have the same effect?

Yes—in fact, the effect is multiplied. It’s like topping 9Lives Super Supper with even more 9Lives Super Supper. Some days I’ll watch cat videos the entire four hours I’m awake.

It seems like you’ve got a pretty nice life, Morris.

I’m very lucky, but to me, being a celebricat isn’t about paw-ty hopping or head-booping Hollywood royalty. It’s about enjoying the simple pleasures that let me live well—and helping others to do the same. You may not know this but I was actually a rescue cat in Chicago before I was ‘discovered.’ This year, with your support, I’m donating a million meals to the ASPCA. Every time you tweet using #MorrisFeeds I’ll donate a bowl of 9Lives to a kitty in need. And I haven’t forgotten about my human fans: Go to for a chance to win $300 towards a relaxing getaway… You deserve it!


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My Education … #SwitchersRemorse


As the years pass us by, we reflect a lot on past experiences. Some fun, some sad, and some we regret or would like to change. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who can say that they don’t have remorse for something in their past, or wish they could change something. I know a lot of people say live with no regrets, but we’re all human, and we all have at least 1 thing.

My thing would be with my education. I went to three different colleges to end up not finishing any of the courses I started. First year was for Entertainment Administration, Second I moved to Recording Arts Management, and third I moved to Radio Broadcasting, none of which I finished!

When I started Entertainment Administration, I figured it was just a fancy name for being a secretary in the entertainment industry. Not something I wanted to do, I wanted to make an impact in the music industry and that wasn’t going to cut it. So I moved to a different school to do Recording Arts Management, which was more my cup of tea, I wanted to be an artist manager or road manager. Loved the program, loved the school, loved the people but hormones got the best of me, and I decided to move in with a guy who lived in Atlanta Georgia, figuring I could make it out there. Which, didn’t happen!

I moved back home and thought being a radio DJ would be fun, so I decided to go back to school and get my degree in Radio Broadcasting at the local college. Well, when I moved to Atlanta, I also met my now husband online, and when I moved back home, after we met, that was it. I was still in school, so was he, but we decided to get married, and I decided to drop out and move to Indiana from Canada and see if I could just continue my radio broadcasting degree at his University, since it was offered. What I didn’t know was what a pain in the butt it was to transfer credits and be able to apply to an American University.

If I could I would reverse course for that part of my life, I wouldn’t dare change getting married to my husband, but, I would change the way I bounced around so much, and would have actually stayed in school to finish at least ONE of those programs to get my Bachelor’s, because now, as an adult, the thought of going back to school is coming into my head. I want to go back for a Bachelor’s in Education, however, 4 years of school right now? I don’t think I could handle it.

Do you have any regrets or remorse about any of your past decisions? Anything you wish you could change or maybe you did take a stand and change? I’d love to hear your stories.

I have been compensated for this post by Verizon’s #SwitchersRemorse campaign. Verizon Wireless makes it easy for customers to come back. For more information, head to your local Verizon Wireless store.
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The line-up caps off with cast members from Harry Potter, Scream, the next ‘Aquaman’ and more

TORONTO, ON (July 15, 2015) – FAN EXPO™ Canada announces a new group of celebrity guests that brings the 4-day extravaganza to a whole new level of fandom. The mecca of pop-culture will return to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Labour Day Weekend with loads of celebrity sightings including Hogwarts alumni Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright and James and Oliver Phelps; Scream queen Neve Campbell, co-star Skeet Ulrich and the voice of ‘Ghostface’ Roger L. Jackson; Jason Momoa who is set to star as ‘Aquaman’ in the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and badass action star Danny Trejo among other big name guests. FAN EXPO™ Canada expects 140,000 fans to come through the doors to experience the best in comics, sci-fi, horror, anime and gaming from September 3-6, 2015.

“Bringing in celebrity guests to participate in panels, cast reunions and autograph signings is a really exciting part of our show and we expect our fans will be very happy with this year’s line-up,” said FAN EXPO™ HQ Show Director Andrew Moyes. “In the coming weeks fans can expect an announcement outlining the dynamic programming we are scheduling that will fulfill all of their fanboy and fangirl needs.”

The all-ages event will be packed with autographs, photo sessions and Q&A panels with celebrity guests, sketch duels, cosplay, workshops such as special effects/make-up, and retail and exhibitor areas bursting with rare comics and collectibles as well as the latest nerd-wear and tech-gear.

JASON MOMOA (‘Aquaman’ in upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
DANNY TREJO (Machete Kills)
GRAHAM MCTAVISH (The Hobbit films)
ORLANDO JONES (Sleepy Hollow)
BILLIE PIPER (Penny Dreadful)
KATE MULGREW* (Orange is the New Black)
MING-NA WEN (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
NICK CASTLE (Halloween)
YAYA HAN, MEG TURNEY, KARLI WOODS (Celebrity Cosplayers)
*indicates when a celebrity guest is mentioned twice based on movie/show they appear in

MIKE TYSON (Heavyweight Champion of the World)
BILLY DEE WILLIAMS (Star Wars Episode V & VI)
GEORGE A. ROMERO (Night of the Living Dead)
MALCOLM MCDOWELL (A Clockwork Orange)
JERI RYAN (Star Trek Voyager)
TOM KENNY (Spongebob Squarepants)
JEREMY SHADA (Adventure Time)
HAYLEY ATWELL (Captain America: The First Avenger)

For a complete list of guests, info and tickets, visit:

FAN EXPO CANADA™ boasts the largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event in Canada, the third largest in North America. It is packed with exciting family-friendly activities and celebrity guests including Mike Tyson (Heavyweight Champion of the World), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars Episode V & VI) and more! The all-ages pop culture convention expects to host over 140,000 fans at 750,000 sq ft of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the four-day event September 3-6, 2015.

FAN EXPO HQ is the largest entertainment convention group in the country and one of the largest in the world. Collectively it hosts over 250,000 fans annually at FAN EXPO CANADA™, FAN EXPO VANCOUVER™, FAN EXPO REGINA™, FAN EXPO DALLAS™, Toronto ComiCon, and Dallas Comic Con.

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WWE’s Tuesday Night Takeover with Tough Enough and Total Divas

This week was a Tuesday Night Takeover by WWE. First we had Tough Enough on USA Network at 8pm, at 9pm we had Tough Talk on WWE Network, and at 9pm we also had the return of Total Divas! It was a packed night for wrestling fans!


Let’s talk Tough Enough. This week, they focused on characters and Seth Rollins was a special guest to talk to the competitors about what it takes to have personality.

Each competitor was to pull a card from a hat Billy Gunn had filled with different concepts, so no one knew exactly what they were getting beforehand. Once they picked they had limited time to select wardrobe and any props they would choose to use for their gimmick. Once their time was up, it was time to come out to the ring in their new character….

Here’s what they came up with:
~ Josh – The British Brawler
~ Sara Lee – The Queen of Mean
~ Tanner – The Stud Muffin
~ Gabi – The Farmer’s Daughter
~ Mada – King of the Ring
~ Daria – The Fallen Angel
~ Patrick – The Evil Intellect
~ Giorgia – The Bitch Boss
~ ZZ – The American Hero
~ Amanda – The Barbie Doll

The winner of this weeks competition was Patrick, which I totally agreed with, considering he’s my favorite to win WWE Tough Enough.

We also finally got rid of Dianna this week. She’s been more focused on going home and planning her wedding then being the next WWE Diva from the beginning, so she called her fiance and said she wanted to come home, she packed up and left without a word to anyone.

As per reality tv rules, there has to be a fight in the house. WWE Tough Enough included, and it wasn’t in the ring. Patrick and Tanner had an argument that got physical between each other until Josh broke it up. Judge Daniel Bryan said it was the worst fight he’s ever seen!

Elimination came down to Daria, Sara Lee and ZZ. Sara Lee has always been one of my favorites from the girls, however, she just couldn’t pull off her Queen of Mean character, even when they got a 2nd chance, I was sure this was her time to head home.  Even with her plead to the judges and WWE Universe to keep her, she just didn’t show heart. Once the votes were in, Daria was the one to leave, which was surprising to most.

We’re now down to 10…..

unnamed (5)
Season 4 of Total Divas premiered on E! Following Tough Enough.  Reminding viewers where we left off last season with The Bella Twins not wanting to re-sign their contract with WWE.

The Bella Twins are back this season as is Paige, Nattie, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie and Naomi is back (Thank You!!!!) All the Divas met for brunch and discussed about a possible leave for the Bella’s which Paige reminds them all, if they leave there’s open spots. Once the Bellas show up there’s a little competitive nature that comes out once Nattie and Alicia start talking about what could be once The Bellas leave WWE. Nikki gets very upset at the fact that the rest of the Divas are sending her off already and talking about taking her spot.

We see a clip of a Divas match, and of Brie grooming her husband Daniel Bryan’s beard backstage, he jokes as to who will do his hair if she leaves, she said No One!

Nattie has a new idea for her gimmick, in which she goes to talk to Mark Carrano about, and the fact that Nikki may be leaving and where her career can go if she does. Nattie’s new idea is a cat-lady dominatrix gimmick, Carrano isn’t too sure how that will work with a “PG Environment”.

Nattie also talks to him about how she found out that Eva Marie is now training one on one and rumored that she’ll be taking the Bella’s place. Carrano tells her Eva is in high demand for acting and other various things.

Eva Marie is training with Brian Kendrick in California one on one.

The girls get catty again, once Nattie decided to tell them all that Eva was lying to them about going to the WWE Performance Center for training, and that she’s really getting 1-on-1 training in California. As they should be, the Diva’s are all mad because they all think that Eva needs to pay her dues! They all did, they all worked hard to get where they are, Eva should be no different!

Nikki and Brie then head backstage to talk to Mark Carrano and how they’re not happy about the special treatment that Eva is getting. The girls think she can’t wrestle, nor is her heart in the business (which I agree totally!). Nikki contemplates staying now as she doesn’t want to see Eva destroy the Divas division.

Nattie is still convinced that this Cat Lady Dominatrix character is the way to go, so she heads to a sex shop with Jon and Trinity (Naomi) to find some props. She even finds a cat toy there for her cats (which was a Butt Plug and Nattie had no clue lol). Nattie also hires a professional dominatrix to come to her house to teach her. Once she tries to get TJ into it, it’s over as he storms out of the house and takes off.

Paige complains some more about Eva and the treatment she’s getting, how she doesn’t love wrestling (I agree), Naomi tries to stick up for Eva for everyone to give her a chance.

Training with Brian Kendrick, Eva complains about the physical toll training is doing to her, her husband asks her what’s wrong, she complains some more about it being such hard work, whine whine, cry cry, blah blah blah……

Lillian Garcia makes an appearance on the show (I’d love to see more of her) and talks to the girls about Eva. Brie explains that like Paige, she doesn’t think Eva cares about wrestling, and just wants the fame (I Agree).

Eva shows up at a show backstage and wants to talk to everyone. She confronts the girls about talking behind her back. The girls / Brie point out that they’ve worked hard to get where they are, they’ve paid their dues, they didn’t get one on one training. Paige says one on one training is lazy and Eva needs to pay her dues like they all did! (AGREE!!!!!!)

Brie even told Eva (what the majority of us fans have been saying for a while now) that she sucks at wrestling!

Ahh the drama of the WWE Divas!

Make sure you don’t miss anything!  Tune into Tough Enough on USA Network Tuesdays at 8pm ET, log into WWE Network at 9pm on your mobile device to see Tough Talk, and tune into E! Network at 9pm to watch Total Divas!

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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