Shop with WalMart on Ohio’s Tax Free Weekend coming up August 7-9!

Can you believe that summer is halfway over?!?! It’s time for parents across the country to start getting ready for the upcoming school year, and what better way to stock up on back-to-school supplies than at Walmart during Ohio’s Tax Free Weekend coming up August 7-9th?

Ohio Tax Free Weekend

Parents will be able to score the best deals on the highest quality school supplies and instructional materials for under $20 as well as clothing under $75 and calculators under $200.

These products also include Crayola back to school products like Crayons, Twistables Colored Pencils, Ultra-Clean Washable Markers and Visi-Max Dry-Erase Markers all available at Walmart Stores. There’s no better time for parents to stcock up and send their kids back to school with the highest quality supplies.

Here’s why you should reach for Crayola while shopping this Tax Free Weekend:
– Value: Crayola Crayons last 35% longer- meaning that parents get more value per crayon. Each one can cover more than 6 pages!

– Safety: Crayola follows the most stringent safety requirements around the world. They test with world-class, cutting edge equipment and always look for new best practices to test products.

– Fun for students: Crayola provides 152 unique crayon colors—the best range available from any crayon manufacturer, allowing students to create anything they can dream up!

– #1 brand preferred by teachers: Crayola products are consistently included on teachers’ back to school lists. Get ahead of the game and send your kids back with the best.

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How To Pick The Car Seat Cover To Match Your Car and Lifestyle

Choosing the best car seat covers to suit your lifestyle can seem like a real headache. The two main options to consider are fabric and leather which both offer something completely different. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you make the best decision.


7426117998_8cd860e742_zThis material is extremely versatile, available in a wide array of colors and designs. It’s also durable and isn’t very good at conducting heat. This is a big advantage as the fabric seats remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are tons of options to suit your needs. Adventurous types can choose neoprene which has great waterproofing attributes — perfect if you’re getting in and out of the car soaking wet or for anyone with any four-legged friends. For those long distance drivers, you may want to consider, Velvet. This ultra-soft material provides comfort and padding with a luxurious feel.

Typically, fabric seat covers are significantly cheaper than leather, but there are disadvantages. Fabric isn’t as hard wearing as leather and can deteriorate more quickly over time, especially with increased exposure to the sun. They can also stain more easily (stains could leak through to your original seats) and become faded with heavy use.


The luxurious finish of leather is the alternative to fabric (albeit with a higher price tag) which can add a great look to many vehicles. Many people choose black or tan for a sophisticated and stylish look. However, red seats can be the perfect finish to that sporty car.  This material is even more durable than fabric and will last a lifetime. It can be the perfect choice for the family run around, as sticky spills can easily be wiped off. 513017069_c8fb9c0e54

However, if you live in a country with long, hot summer days this may be the wrong choice. Leather can get very hot in warm temperatures and be uncomfortable to sit on. In the winter, they can also become very cold and you may need a blanket. Of course, If you have seat warmers this won’t be a problem. Generally, if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures, fabric seat covers may be the only suitable choice.

Leather is also an animal product which means vegetarians and vegans will want to steer clear. If you have someone of this preference traveling in your car often, such as a family member you may want to consider another option, or if your heart it set on leather go for a faux version (stores like Tesco stock faux leather car seat covers).

Lastly, for those of you with pets, leather can be a real problem. If you travel with your dog, their claws can often rip or scratch the leather and even damage the seats underneath.

Using car seat covers is a great way to protect your cars interior from unruly pets and children and ensures you’ll get the best possible resale value when you decide to change your car. So happy shopping, and why not leave us a comment and let us know your favorite car seat cover and why it suit’s your lifestyle?

Image by Paul Altobelli and Andy L used under the Creative Commons License.
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Exclusive Pre-Sale Code for the Ultimate SummerSlam Fan Experience #WWEMoms


If your lucky enough to be going to WWE SummerSlam on August 23rd, or maybe your just in the Brooklyn, NY area. I have an EXCLUSIVE pre-sale opportunity for you for the ULTIMATE SUMMERSLAM FAN EXPERIENCE!

WWE and Barclays Center announced the addition of SEVERAL fan events to take place at Barclays Center as part of the Ultimate SummerSlam Experience in Brooklyn. Tickets will be available this Saturday, August 1 at noon EST through Ticketmaster.

On Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22, WWE will host “WWE Superstar Meet and Greets” at 40/40 CLUB & Restaurant presented by American Express at Barclays Center. These exclusive sessions will give WWE fans an opportunity to get autographs and photos with their choice of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, WWE Divas Charlotte, Paige and Becky LynchTM, WWE Legend Sting and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

On Saturday, August 22, a special “SummerSlam Panel” will take place at Barclays Center, giving fans a chance to ask questions directly to WWE Superstars. The topic of the panel will be NXT, where WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, NXT Champion Finn Bàlor, NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, WWE Superstar Kevin Owens, WWE commentator Corey Graves and host Byron Saxton will discuss the evolution of one of the hottest entertainment brands in the world seen every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on WWE Network.

The “SummerSlam Panel” will feature a 90 minute discussion and Q&A with fans in attendance. General admission and a limited number of VIP tickets will be available. The VIP ticket includes priority floor seating, a professional photo with select panel Superstars and an exclusive, autographed limited edition poster.

Tickets for “WWE Superstar Meet and Greets” and the “SummerSlam Panel” will be available this Saturday, August 1, at noon EST and can be purchased online at Tickets can also be purchased at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center on Monday, August 3 at noon. For more information on SummerSlam Week activities, please visit

I have an EXCLUSIVE pre-sale code for you to use, just head to and use code WWEMOM to get your tickets now! Color me jealous because I totally wish I could be there as well…

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles: Woe of Jade Doe – Giveaway!!!


When times get tough, just keep skating…

Ever since Dorothy joined the Slugs & Hisses Derby team, her life has been one adventure after another. Dorothy’s onetime enemy Alex is now a friend, while her friend Jade keeps missing practices. Then the skating rink shuts down, and Dorothy’s life becomes as jumbled as a derby jam. And that’s not to mention the bizarre things happening to anyone who enters the rink (maybe it’s haunted?)…

Can Dorothy restore order to the new life she’s finally settling into, or will her world become a crazy mess she can’t skate away from?

You can find Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles Woe of Jade Doe via the following:

Goodreads or you can purchase the book on Amazon.comBarnes & NobleBooks A MillioniBooks!ndigo and Indiebound

About the Author and Illustrator:

Meghan Dougherty is a full-time PR consultant. In 2007 she joined the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls roller derby league. She lives in Colorado.

Alece Birnbach owned her own advertising agency before creating designs that appear on more than 100 products. She lives in Colorado.

Social Networking Links:





Excerpt from Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles: Woe of Jade Doe

“You okay, Dorth?” Max asked, squeezing Dorothy’s hand.

Dorothy stared into Max’s chocolate-­brown eyes. Words weren’t coming. From the tip-­top of her curly red hair down to her hand-­me-­down roller skates, Dorothy was buzzing with delight. She wasn’t even twelve yet, and she had just been kissed! She had thought the night couldn’t get any better after coaching her team, the Slugs ’n’ Hisses, to a win at the Halloween championship bout. But here she was, hand in hand with the boy of her dreams.

Floating on a cloud of bliss, Dorothy was barely aware of the roller rink under her feet or her nearby team chanting, “I’m a roller derby girl. Derby, derby, roller, yeah!”

And there was another sound too, like a squeal—­but not a happy squeal. More like a metallic screech, actually. And it was growing louder. Dorothy’s gaze shot upward and her bliss vanished, replaced instead with heart-­pounding terror.

Suddenly, everything and everyone in the dimly lit, outdated Galactic Skate was moving in slow motion. The dusty ceiling fans ticked as slowly as the second hand on a clock. The people in the stands lumbered toward the door like molasses on the faded, star-­patterned carpet.

“Get off the floor!” Dorothy screamed. “Now!”

Her team stopped chanting and turned to look at her with puzzled faces.

“Frappit,” Dorothy said, dropping Max’s hand. She rocketed toward her team, her arms waving frantically above her head. “Move it!” A second later, time was in hyperdrive.

“You heard your coach!” Grandma Sally yelled. Her tight, fishnet stockings made Grandma’s thighs look like a pair of misshapen waffles. Unaware that her sexy nun costume was riding up dangerously high, she hooked Jade by the arm and pulled her toward the bleachers.

“Ouch, Grandma! Easy,” Jade complained, hopping on one foot. “My ankle, remember?”

The next few seconds were a blur of confusion with the clack and swoosh of skate wheels, the cries of “Run!” from the few remaining fans standing in the bleachers, and above it all, a metallic banshee shriek growing louder each second.

In the chaos, Dorothy realized she had lost track of Sam. Cold fingers of panic wrapped around Dorothy’s throat and squeezed. Her nine-­year-­old sister had been there just a minute ago, chanting and celebrating with her team. Where was she now? In the frenzy, Dorothy slowed way down, carefully scanning the people running past the rundown refreshment area and blackened popcorn machine and the restrooms with the groovy guy-­and-­gal signage. No Sam.

Then it happened. With a bang like a gun going off, the chain that held the giant disco ball to the ceiling snapped. Dorothy turned and watched helplessly as the ball fell. Time slowed again. It was like a horror movie version of the Times Square countdown on New Year’s Eve—­a glittering ball of death was plummeting toward the floor, and there wasn’t a single thing Dorothy or anyone could do to stop it.

“Sam!” she cried desperately, but all she heard in return were the screams of her terrified teammates and shattering glass.


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Giveaway! Movie Magic In Your Medicine Cabinet to Erase Worry Lines

WorryLess: The 1st and Only Cosmetic That Looks Like Real Skin.


Time to toss all those plumping products that promised to work. Say bye-bye to Botox. Make room for the only at home anti-frown line product you’ll need from now on – WorryLess. Worryless is indeed the stuff of movie magic. Developed by Hollywood makeup and special effects artists, it uses medical grade silicone to simulate skin—filling and concealing frown lines between your eyebrows instantly! WorryLess is the first and only topical dermal filler created to virtually erase glabella lines (the deep vertical lines between your eyebrows). If it works for A-list actors on high definition film, it will work for you!

Upon application, the silicone transforms from a liquid to a flexible rubber-like consistency, which simulates skin. It seamlessly fills in the deep crevices and because it is translucent, allows your skin to shine through. The result? Perfectly, smooth realistic looking skin.

WorryLess is:
· Waterproof (lasts approx. 36 hours)
· Non-irritating
· Non-invasive
· Clinically and dermatologist tested
· Allergy tested
· Pain-free
· Instant Results

How to Apply in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Apply. Apply a small amount to the skin using the pointed precision application tool. With a spatula tool or a finger, blend the edges into the skin.

Step 2: Texture. Place Skin Texture Pad over the area. Press around the edges. Hold in place for about a minute.


Most people have scars of one form or another. Be they acne scars, skin cancer, surgical, piercings,
or due to injuries. The good news is that now there is Dermaflage, the first at home cosmetic that functions as a second skin to fully cover scars on the face and body.

The recessed nature of these imperfections cannot be effectively hidden using makeup, leaving expensive and often ineffective medical procedures as the only viable option. Far superior to traditional cosmetics and concealers, Dermaflage fills and conceals the recessed area. Used improperly, makeup can look cakey and does not effectively fill the sunken areas of the skin. Dermaflage is translucent to let your natural pigment come through, flexible so that it moves the skin, water proof and lasts all day.

· Invented by a Special Effects makeup pro – used by TV/movie stars
· 3D silicone scar filler that fills and conceals instantly
· Non-irritating, non-allergenic 3-step application
· Non-invasive – no injections, no pain
· Dermatologist & clinically tested
· Matches your skin tone
· Can be applied to scars on the face and body
· Lasts up to 36 hours- even while swimming or showering

Both products can be found at

Interested in trying them out? Enter to win BOTH products below! Just be sure to finish the mandatory entry for any/all of your entries to be valid. Giveaway is open to those with a US Mailing address and ends 7/30/15.

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