Too busy to create your own website?

Do you want to have your own website but are too busy to take the time to learn how to create it yourself? Would you rather have a professional do it for you? There’s a great web design company that takes the guess work out of building your own website and has great and creative packages to help you get the site you’ve always dreamed of. Network Solutions Web Design Services have designed over 2,000 websites with their expert graphic designers who use the latest web design techniques. All of the designers are based in the USA and dedicated full-time professionals. They deliver on time, within your budget and charge less than most design agencies.

When you look at the great packages at Network Solutions, you’ll find that they are designed with your best interest and each package carries something that you’ll be looking for and find useful to your design. From basic packages to a complete web design package, you’ll find what you need.

Network Solutions listens and provides one-on-one consultations with a professional Web designer to discuss your requirements. They then create and transform your idea into a workable web site that’s fresh, appealing and user friendly. With your newly designed professional site you’ll get that boost for your business with attractive site visitors and marketers will want to come to.

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August 26, 2008 – 7:28 PM - | Posted in pay per post, web design | Comments Off on Too busy to create your own website?

My child the comedian…

Me and my husband are sitting here watching CNN and the democratic convention. Now, we don’t really agree on politics especially with this election. Granted, I’m not a US citizen so I cannot vote, I wish I could, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t voice my opinion.

My political belief’s are not up for debate here, it’s just a story I wish to share with my readers. I for one am not on the Obama train, I am a big Hilary fan, and there are some things they don’t agree on, and like that, there’s things I don’t agree with Obama on. And frankly, the man scares me but I won’t go into that, it has nothing to do with experience or anything it’s just a personal issue I have with him. I’m a big Hilary supporter and will stand by that.

My husband however, is a big Obama supporter and has been from the start, so we get into little arguments here and there about the two of them and my ‘hatered’ of Obama.

We were just talking and someone on CNN stated that Hilary thinks she’s the better candidate, to which I announced outloud, “That’s because she is!”. My husband than chimed in and said no she’s not. I thought I would be funny and kid around with him and say, well that’s just because you don’t like white women, to which he replied: yes, I have issues with white women and laughed. Lyric, my oldest decided she needed to chime in and turned to me after Rodney said that and said to me: “Well then why does he like you?”.

We just sat here ROLLING on the floor laughing so hard, I have got to say she made my mood much better and I haven’t laughed that hard in such a long time….

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August 26, 2008 – 4:41 PM - | Posted in daily life, politics | 2 Comments »

Flexflop Winner Announced.

We’ve got our winner for their very own pair of Flexflop’s. I’m telling you, if you didn’t win, find out where you can get your pair, these are beyond comfortable, at least I think so, and perfect to take with you everywhere you go.

The lucky winner of a pair of their very own Flexflop’s is…..

Commenter #163
mary512 said…

So many good ones. I am going on a cruise in a few weeks so I like the ‘cocktails’ flex flops. Great giveaway, thanks!

CONGRATS MARY!! I’ll be emailing you shortly to get your information.

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August 26, 2008 – 4:24 PM - | Posted in giveaway winner | Comments Off on Flexflop Winner Announced.

In all honesty…

In reality, yea my kids are like a lot of others, either honest when they shouldn’t be, or not honest when they should be. Sometimes though, its fun to let those little imperfections shine and be honest about them, no one is perfect so why lie about it! Honestbaby reminds us all about those little imperfections that our kids might have and even share with others. They remind us that there is no perfect parent!

Honestbaby was founded by a mom who was just frustrated by the pressures of being the perfect parent, so she decided to let it out publically and sell some really great tee’s for kids and babies with funny sayings on them, sayings that remind us all to laugh and accept the imperfections, because we all have them.

My favorite shirt that I have for my youngest is “Sharing is overrated”. Now who would be one to announce to another parent, my child doesn’t like to share and be proud of it? Well, now you can be (sort of) and get the little chuckles with it at the same time, while having your child look super cute in a t-shirt.

Visit for more ‘witty’ tee’s that will make you chuckle at the little imperfections your child may share. Join in on ‘Celebrating the imperfect journey of parenting’, and have an honest baby yourself.

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August 26, 2008 – 2:38 PM - | Posted in childrens clothing, childrens product reviews,, whitty t-shirts | 1 Comment »

The Pain!

For the past week or so, I’ve had pain that I’ve never felt before. At the age of 30, I didn’t think I’d have to worry about this pain anymore, but apparently I do, and I’m teething!!!!!

Yes, well maybe not exactly, but now I know why my kids were so cranky especially when their molars were coming in. I have a tooth ache like none other, and the fact is, I think it’s an impacted wisdom tooth. Right now I have to grin and bare it because of no dental insurance, well no insurance at all in fact. Motrin seems to be taking the pain away for now, but it’s kicking my butt!! I’m not one to take medication, in fact, I can’t even swallow pills. So children’s Motrin is what’s been sliding down my throat for the past 12 hrs straight. And it’s making me very very sleepy! As I sit here and try to blog, try to keep myself awake, i’m loosing the battle fast…..In the next few minutes to an hour, I can see myself peacefully asleep on my couch, with no more pain, and dreaming of the peaceful silence that I’ll have!

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August 26, 2008 – 1:41 PM - | Posted in daily life | 3 Comments »
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