Baby Einstein’s 10 Years of Discovery!

Baby Einstein is celebrating ten years of discovery! Recently Mom Central had the privilege of attending the celebration last week which was hosted by the companies founder Julie Clark as well as celeb Jennifer Garner!

Now I never used the Baby Einstein videos with my girls, it just wasn’t my thing. But I know many many mother’s friends, and family who swear by the videos and who’s kids enjoy them so much I thought maybe a few of you would be interested in seeing some of the video’s that were shot at the celebration.

Video 1: Puppet Show
This video is something you can enjoy with your own children. It’s a live puppet show that’s sure to bring some giggles.

Video 2: Julie Clark Speech
This video capture Julie Clark’s speech remembering the beginning of Baby Einstein and the company’s astonishing growth over ten years.

Video 3: Jennifer Garner Speech

This video features Jennifer Garner speaking about the job she experienced as a parent enjoying Baby Einstein products.

Hope you enjoy the videos. Are you a fan of Baby Einstein? How much do you and your kids enjoy them, feel free to share.

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Great Giveaways…

Some of my bloggy friends have some great giveaways going on right now. Feel free to check them out and enter yourself. If you have a giveaway going on on your own blog, or know of a great giveaway please, feel free to comment and let us know where to enter!!!

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So annoying…

This job hunt thing is so annoying… I’m not the one looking for the job, but I have just as much invested in this as Rodney does. I scour the internet each day sending out resumes and filling out applications for him and then he goes on the interviews.

We’ve got a #1 pick, and things sound promising but the whole process is so long and overdrawn, here we are struggling with unemployment and waiting for something to come along. But Rodney will continue with their process as it’s a high paying job and something he’d like to do. Until we get a ‘You’re Hired’ from them, he continues to look for something. He’s already been offered a job, but the base pay is much less than what we’ve been living on int he past, and have still been struggling to get by like everyone else. Today he went on a second interview and had to ‘job shadow’ for a few hours, so we figured by doing that by the end of his time there he’d probably have a job offer. Or so we wished. This place had a higher base pay than the job he has already been offered for so we’ve been waiting to accept the offer just in case. Well, he didn’t get offered the job, they told him at the end of his time there this morning, that they need to compare notes, call their regional manager and then he’d get a call to either have a phone interview with their regional manager OR drive to Akron (a few hours away) to meet him for ANOTHER interview……

The process for these companies are amazing… This job above isn’t even the greatest pay either, it’s still less than what he was making yet they have a 5 billion step process to get hired. He’s not sure what to do, just go to to the first place that’s already offered him the job and go through their drug screen etc and accept the offer and if something else comes around to take it. The only thing is, if you accept the job, he starts next week and if something else better comes along, he’s got to find a way out to go to an interview.

This whole thing is stressful, gas and time wasting and just annoying…..Our #1 is the only thing we’re being patient for and if they say yes, if he’s employed somewhere else he’s gone for them because they’re a 6 figure job. It’s just the in between’s and what if’s. He doesn’t want to throw the job offer that he has out the window to wait for something better and then we end up with nothing, so it’s a WWYD sort of thing? Anyone have any advice? Should he take the low paying job just to jump ship soon if something better comes along? Or just continue to wait it out?

This just becomes more stressful as time goes on, if we had the money stacked back and could wait it wouldn’t be an issue, but we don’t…..Unemployment doesn’t pay much, but this job doesn’t pay much more, the heads just turn and ugh, the frustration just lingers in this house, our entire life is on hold for these companies……….

Figuring out with the money we get from unemployment, the first job offer would only be a $60 a month difference. That won’t even cover insurance. I think we’ve probably talked it out enough and made up our minds that he should probably turn this offer down, if he accepted it would be harder to find something else that pays better, no time for interviews or anything while making only $60 more a month doesn’t seem worth it in the long run.

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Circle of Friends Winner

The winner of the All Star Collection Lunch Bag Gift Set from Circle of Friends which includes A colorful insulated lunch bag, Leilani’s Halakahiki Lotion (8oz), Chehn’s Mandarin Orange Sudsy Sponge, and Niklas’ Mint Chocolate Buddy Bar Soap, is……….

Commenter #112
micaela6955 said…

I subscribe to your feed.

micaela6955 at msn dot com

CONGRATS micaela!!! I’ll be contacting you via email soon… Don’t forget to check out the rest of my great reviews/giveaways going on throughtout my blog now!!!

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The to-do list just keeps piling up now…

Sometimes this just gets depressing. I feel really bad, Rodney is looking so hard for a job he’s had some offers but honestly nothing that great. Right now he makes more with unemployment rather than taking a part time call center gig. He’s had an offer for employment with Konica-Minolta but we’re still thinking about it. Right now, he’s at an interview and job shadow with another company, and we’re still waiting to hear more about our #1 choice which is looking promising.

Before all of this happened we were doing great, we were starting to get the house done starting with the outside and now it’s put on hold. One of the things I was hoping to start doing before any of this happened was to repaint or replace the old and ugly exterior shutters on the house. I guess right now when we’re short on cash repainting them would be the cheapest way to go to get them to look great again, but they’re so old I really want to replace them. I guess this just goes on the list of ‘to-do’s’ once we can afford it again.

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