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Diet Pills…

Learning to eat healthy, exercise and live a better and healthier life is a lot harder than I thought. Sometimes you want to give up, find a quick fix. It’s hard being overweight and not losing the pounds as fast as you want. I think most of us who need to lose significant weight often get down in the dumps and want to give up as soon as possible when it comes to weight loss. We don’t actually ‘see’ the progress sometimes. Sure the number on the scale may change, your clothes may feel bigger, but when we look in the mirror we see no change and it’s a struggle to keep going, day after day, telling yourself you’ll see the change soon enough, you just need to keep going….

Weight loss takes a toll on all of us, even if you need to lose that last 5lbs, or your just starting out and need to lose 100, the struggle hits everyone in a different way. Adding things to your diet like new and different veggies, whole grains and vitamins help. We know there’s no miracle pill out there or even a miracle fix to ease our weight loss along, we have to work hard and stay at it to get to the place we want to be.

We can get caught up in all of the latest fads in diets and even some of those pills that claim to work in matter of days, I know I have. Thing is, there are some of the Best Diet Pills out there that do actually work. They may not make you a size 2 in a matter of 6 weeks, but they’re full of the right combination of vitamins and herbs to help your weight loss along. You need to do your research, talk to others and find the right ones for you.

When in doubt, your best bet is to talk to your doctor, continue with the diet and exercise, and know, we all struggle just keep going, that’s what I’m trying to remember. One day you’ll rech that goal weight, but you need to strive for it and keep a reminder every day about your goals and why you want to get there.

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August 1, 2008 – 11:47 AM - | Posted in diet pills, weight loss | Comments Off on Diet Pills…

Boogily Bunnies & Stitch Kitten Winners

Thanks to all who entered, we had a great turnout for these great and unique products. Be on the lookout next week for another review and another great giveaway for some Boogily Heads. I know you or your kids will enjoy those just as much as the Boogily Bunnies and Stitch Kittens.

Now on to the winners… We’re giving away 6 in total, each winner will be sent a random Boogily Bunnie or Stitch Kitten from the Sponsor Rocket USA.

Our winners are…………………………….

Commenter #60:
misty said…

I am also a subscriber.

Commenter #12:
heather said…
I love the stitch kitten Nubbs!! So cute. Aaliyah would just love it.

Commenter #52:
bree said…
These are so not-cool! I love Oinks!

Commenter #51:
sage cambria said…
Cute little ugly boogily heads!

Our fave is Pinko!

Commenter #166:
donna444444 said…
I like the marshmellow.

Commenter #49:

channah said…
Also, I’ve subscribed to your feed!

Congrats to all 6 winners, I’ll be in contact via email soon so that we can get your information to the sponsor….

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August 1, 2008 – 10:50 AM - | Posted in Boogily Bunnie, giveaway winners, Stitch Kitten | 2 Comments »

A Toy Garden Sun Hat Winner

Thanks to all who entered, and to those who came from the Bloggy Carnival I hope you all enjoyed the fun prizes that were to be had….

The winner of the 45 SPF Navy Blue Sun Hat from A Toy Garden is….

Commenter #37:
said: My daughter would love the Childs Wood Kitchen.

CONGRATS! I’ll be in contact with you soon via email about your prize…

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August 1, 2008 – 10:43 AM - | Posted in a toy garden, giveaway winner | Comments Off on A Toy Garden Sun Hat Winner

I Spy….

Remember playing that game as a kid? “I Spy with my little eye, something that is…..” What great memories and great times with that game, now you can have the same fun with your own kids but in a different way thanks to Briarpatch.

I Spy 15th Anniversary Edition Game from Briarpatch is great fun for the entire family. For ages 5 and up, I Spy can start with just matching pairs all the way up to solving riddles. There’s 8 different ways to play the I Spy game, and each way is great fun. My girls who are 2 and 4 enjoyed this game immensely even though they are on the younger side. It’s now one of the things we’ve been doing just after dinner before bedtime, a short game of I Spy seems to satisfy them enough, but also have them fight to play more rather than go to bed.

It’s hard to find a game where we can all as a family play together and have fun at the same time, but I Spy seems to be a game fitting right in with our family. Not only is the I Spy Memory game fun, but it also helps your children develop visual, spatial, fine motor, and critical thinking skills. It also helps with social skills of taking turns, respecting others, and sharing. The games include word games as well as cooperative games. Contained in your I Spy memory game box you’ll find 60 Memory cards, 15 Riddle cards and the game instructions.

I spay is also the Winner of 10 Best Toy awards, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, Teachers Choice Award, and the Parent’s Choice Award. What a great birthday or Christmas gift for any deserving child.

Visit www.briarpatch.com today to find out about the I Spy game and many more games for the family on their website.

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August 1, 2008 – 12:01 AM - | Posted in Briarpatch, I Spy Memory Game, parent reviewers | Comments Off on I Spy….
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