The Only Hearts Club

The Only Hearts Club is one of the hottest new things in the toy industry. We were lucky enough to win our very own Only Hearts Club doll from Kids Health Notes by entering one of their great giveaways.

Only Hearts Club dolls are real-looking dolls that have a great message behind them. The dolls not only have the look of a positive message but they are real looking and dress like your girls would dress. The Only Heart Club dolls were inspired by a series of books called the Only Hearts Club which strives to give girls a positive message and image outlook on life and themselves. They teach young girls to “listen to your heart and try to do the right thing.”

The Only Hearts Club has a diverse and multicultural group of young girls who include Taylor Angelique, Karina Grace, Olivia Hope, Briana Joy, Lily Rose and Anna Sophia. These girls live in the same community and formed The Only Hearts Club which is a club with true friendship and a pledge to listen to their hearts, be nice to others and to do the right thing.

We were pleased with Briana Joy came to our home with her loveable pet dog. The girls took to her right away. These dolls are unlike any other on the market today, not only because of the positive message they try to instill in our girls, but the dools are soft, they are fully poseable as well. With my girls being bi-racial its also important to me that they can get dolls that are multicultural and they have dolls that look like them as well, Only Heart Club has a diversity to their dolls that actually look the part, not just the same doll with a different color hair and darker pigment to their skin. The Only Hearts Club dolls clothing is also stylish and hip, but look like something a young girl would be intended to wear and also is age appropriate. These dolls will be a new welcome doll into our home for future gifts and surprises. The fact that the dolls are fun to play with, and provide a coolness to ‘do the right thing’ and ‘be positive’ they’re a great new toy to add to that toybox.

Visit to learn more and to view their other dolls.

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Daily Freebies June 9, 2008

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Great new FLOR

We live in an older home with some great wooden floors, however the search for a nice area rug has taken us so long. I’m pretty picky and a lot of the styles and selection for area rugs just don’t match my own style and what I’m looking for to put in my living room.

A few weeks ago I ran into a website called FLOR with some great designs for rugs and area rugs. Foreign to the modular carpet tile concept I was pretty intrigued, this looked like a simple and easy way to get a great look and make your own design with some easy to install tiles.

I was lucky enough to get to review one of the products. The Classic Quilt Cream Color area rug is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Once the product got here, installing it was easy. I think the hardest part of the whole process was moving our furniture out of the way to get the tiles on the floor and laid out how we liked it. Being able to make the carpet our own design with the tiles is probably one of the features I love best. You figure out how you want it to look instead of a company doing it for you. Another great reason to love FLOR….Stain Resistant!!! We’ve already had a mishap or two with the girls spilling something, and its as easy as removing the tile, blotting the spot and rinsing it off, that easy.

The misconception with FLOR tiles seems to be (and I had this at first too) the stickers you use to keep the tiles in place. These ‘stickers’ are called FLORDots. What I thought at first was that you stick them to the floor and stick the corners of the tile to them. This is not true. The FLORDots are stuck to the tiles only, not the floor. The FLORDots hold the tiles into place while the tiles hug the floor. The entire area rug has not moved once, I didn’t have to buy one of those non skid pads to put underneath to keep the tiles in place, it stays put until I wish to move it. There’s no nails, no glue no nothing when using FLOR tiles, just the FLORDots and the hugging the tiles are all you need.

FLOR tiles can be re-arranged to give your room a different look when your tired of the same old thing and more FLORDots can be purchased on their site.

I love my FLOR, we’re already looking at putting in an order for other rooms in our home, and looking at purchasing enough tiles for wall to wall when the basement is fully finished and ready for carpeting.

Visit for more details, designs and ideas.

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The Laundry Alternative

With summer approaching, the thought about countless summer trips is on my mind. One thing I always have to think about as any mother does is clothing. How in the world am I going to wash the girls clothes (and ours) while on vacation or camping? Sure I could wash them by hand, but that takes forever and rarely gets some of those ‘kids stains’ out of clothing. I could go to a laundry mat, but who really carries around quarters all the time? It just really is a concern for me especially with a 2 year old and a 4 year old who constantly get their clothing dirty.

I was introduced to The Laundry Alternative website and their portable washing machine. I thought what a great concept and idea. Their portable washing machine is called The Wonderwash, this machine can wash a 5lb load in just a matter of minutes. However you need to realize that this is a non-electric unit and it is hand cranked, so if you’re looking for something where you just press a button, this isn’t it, there is some work involved. The wash even being hand cranked is very easy and quick and does a much better job than simply hand washing.

Once I got my new Wonderwash, I opened it up and it was very simple to put together, even the girls got to help. I used my Wonderwash on a few of the girls clothing, you know they get that one outfit or piece of clothing dirty and its something that needs to be dealt with right away but you don’t have a whole load of was ready to go? This was the perfect solution. Within a matter of minutes by following the directions for the right amount of water and detergent, some cranking of the hand crank, the clothes were done and I hung them to dry. Nice and clean, stains gone and they smelled great! One thing to note is that The Wonderwash does not have a ‘spin cycle’ so there is the alternative of hang drying or they also have a Spin Dryer available as well (future review).

The Wonderwash
is also environmentally friendly. It uses 90% less water and detergent than any conventional washing machine, and it requires no electricity. This is the perfect item for those going on some camping trips, for us mom’s who may have just a few items that need to be frequently washed, or those within an apartment building or dorm room who cannot have a traditional washer.

Check out for more details and products.

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Little Fit Hat Winner!!

Thanks to everyone who entered.

The winner of a Little Fit Hat of their choice is:

Commenter #114:

Carissaad said…ABCD: Pink Bling…it’s too cute!

Thanks everyone, Carissaad I’ll be in touch via email with you.

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