Daily Freebies June 2, 2008

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Have you heard of the Trebimbi Puppets line of flatware? If not you’ve been missing out, these are just the cutest sets of flatware and dishes for the kids. Not only are they cute, they’re colorful, kid friendly and it’s not plastic unlike other utensils for kids. Trebimbi Puppets Flatware is stainless steel cutlery and has plastic handles with little faces on them. The entire set links together to hold hands like they were paper dolls; they can also stand up on their own.

Trebimbi also carries tableware sets as well. They are so colorful and cute, something the kids will again enjoy with a colorful bowl/plate, smiley cup and cute cutlery to match in so many colors. The cutlery also fastens on to the plate and also to the sides of the cup; everything stays in reach during mealtime. My girls enjoy there’s so much, we’ll have to get a few more sets just to stop the fighting at mealtime over who gets which plates and cutlery.

All of Trebimbi products are dishwasher safe so they make for easy cleaning.

Trebimbi products would be the perfect addition to family meals for your little ones, or a great gift for someone as well.

To get 10% off Trebimbi orders from Barebabies.com apply coupon code: ladm10offtre

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Whirlpool and Habitat for Humanity are on a Nationwide Search for Volunteers. They have teamed up to kick off the Annual Habitat for Humanity Community Build.

This is the third annual Whirlpool Building Blocks program home-building blitz in Dallas Texas and they are looking for men and women who would love to apply to be part of the 2008 build team and help eliminate substandard housing in the United States.

Did you know that according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition and Habitat for Humanity, substandard housing affects 95 million people in the U.S.A? The Whirlpool Building Blocks Program was started so that volunteers (nearly 300 each year) could work hand-in-hand to create homes with families involved with Habitat for Humanity, you don’t need any prior building or Habitat experience to apply.

Whirlpool has been a supporter of Habitat for Humanity and their mission to provide families with a home of their own. The Whirlpool Building Blocks program is just an extension of that commitment, they’re asking their consumers to join them in their efforts to help raise awareness of the affordable housing crisis in this country.

Whirlpool Building Blocks program hopes that from November 16-21, 2008 along with the help of volunteers, nine families in the West Dallas community of Greenleaf Village II will have homes built. In West Dallas the median household income is $25,790 and it’s estimated that one out of every three families in the community lives below the federal poverty level. Dallas is the third city to be chosen for this program since it was kicked off in Nashville in 2006 and then in Phoenix in 2007.

Why not help Whirlpool and Habitat for humanity if you’re in the area, help improve lives, create a great neighborhood where children and families can come together and make that house a home for a family.

For more information, rules and an application, please visit www.whirlpool.com/buildingblocks

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Weekend Freebies May 31 – June 1st

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Tonights The Night…

As with every other WWE Pay Per View, we’ll be watching tonight….

Matches on the card are as follows:

I’m looking forward to probably 3 out of the 7 matches. The TLC match with Edge and The Undertaker should be one of the best tonight. Edge is undefeated in TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) matches, and I’m sure will continue the streak tonight. Also looking forward to the Stretcher Match with Batista and Shawn Michaels, as well as for once in my life, looking forward to the Diva’s “I Quit” match, would love to see how the WWE Diva’s compare to the Knockouts on TNA.

Should be an entertaining and interesting night for WWE fans!

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