Enhance Them…

It always amazes me with technology these days what you can do with all those photos you’ve taken. How much you can ‘fix’ or ‘add’ or ‘enhance’. Just taking a simple everyday picture and making it into a beautiful work of art is so amazing just with some talent, some patience and some great technology that simple everyday picture can become the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

With places around like Enhance-Me you can take any picture you have an customize it to be a one of a kind picture that everyone will be talking about. With a simple email including the pictures to Enhance-Me, within a few days I had the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen sent back to me, in print quality (8×10 or greater) and I have had nothing but jaws dropping at the newest pictures of my girls.

Enhance-Me brings you the most unique and personalized portraits in your choice of fantasy backgrounds. So many different choices to personalize your photo, the amazing outcome just leaves you breathless.

Right now on Mommies ‘N Babies we are having a summer time photo contest where you can win your very own Enhance-Me photo customized just for you. If your not already registered to Mommies ‘N Babies (women only) stop by and register, the photo contest is open to all registered members and closes on June 20th. Otherwise head over to enhance-me.com and check out their beautiful backgrounds and order your own portrait today.

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Circus Time with Kushies

Kushies yet again has come through as a great place to find just about anything for your child. Their line of Zolo Toys is just amazing. Bright, colorful and funky. They’re sure to grab any child or even adults interest.

One of my favorite toys from their Zolo line is the Kushies Zolo Stacrobats. Since we’ve gotten it, it must be the most played with toy around the house daily, not only by the children, but by me and my husband as well, it’s just an all around fun toy for the entire family. Children are encouraged to use their imagination while they play, and they learn about balance and dexterity at the same time. The ‘stacrobats’ are magnetic figures that include a few balls and also a magnetic base which in turn is also a carrying case. There’s so many ways to connect them and try to make them balance and stack. Recommended age for the Kushies Zolo Stacrobats is 1 – 100 years old, so yes, as I said this is a family wide toy, and it’s fun!

The line of Zolo toys from Kushies is so much more than just the Stacrobats. From activity mats, to mobiles, to bean bags, rings, activity books and so much more Kushies has hit the mark on creating a line of toys that will help with self expression and self confidence and encourage those brain cells to work a little bit harder than they do with other toys. Kushies used EQ (the theory of emotional intelligence) as well as guidance from child development experts to design their Zolo toys and they’re fairly confident that the toys will help create a more open-minded flexible thinkers when it comes to kids of all ages.

Visit www.kushiesonline.com to find more about Zolo Toys and the toys that they carry.

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Mobile Babies

Strollers have come such a long way since I’ve had to buy or use one, and it really hasn’t been that long of a time frame. It seems like in just over a year, strollers have become more lightweight, more modern and simply just more cool.

Mutsy Strollers have to be one of the coolest strollers I’ve seen, for both mom and child. The Mutsy Slider is a light weight, compact, high performance and maneuverable stroller with a great modern but chic look. The many benefits of a Mutsy Slider is that it can be used as not only a stroller but also as a bassinet, and a car seat (with adapter). The upper body part is detachable and also has a reversible handle, makes it very easy for Mom, being lightweight, stylish and convenient it has every feature a new mom is looking for. I can only wish these were around when my children were younger.

Not only does Mutsy carry the slider, but they also have th 4 Rider stroller. Also with a strong handle, a protective hood and zip storage compartments, this is a great stroller with wonderful fabrics of your choice. The Seat separates so that it may be used to let your baby face you, or the front. You will also find an easy access basket and a car seat adapter included.

All Mutsy strollers are designed to make mom and baby be comfortable while they’re mobile, indoors or out, Mutsy is the way to go.

You can visit www.mutsy.com for more information on their strollers, or if you wish to purchase one visit www.barebabies.com and use code: laam10offmutsy to get 10% off any Mutsy order.

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Old School Socks for a New School Kid

I ran across this site a while ago, Nix Baby has one of the most simplistic items of clothing we put on our kids, but they’re cute! I love the old school sports socks and to be able to have a size for one of my girls, is just too adorable not to want them.

Nix Socks were created by a mom who was just sick of constantly loosing one sock and only finding the other on her child. After looking for some of the really cute old school tube socks for babies, and coming up empty handed, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Nix Baby was created with boys and girls in mind, not only to have some really cute sock that can be worn with almost anything, but to make sure they stay on those little feet as well. The socks are sold in pairs of two and are “one size fits all” which fits shoe sizes 2-7.

Aria just loves her Nix Socks, she thinks they’re ‘pretty’ and I can say that they have in fact stayed on her feet (unless she has willingly taken them off herself which does tend to happen). Now only if Nix Socks could create a sock magnet or something so that when she does take them off, I’m not running around looking for the other one.

You can find more about Nix Socks by visiting their website www.nixbaby.com, right now they have a limited time offer of FREE SHIPPING within the US and Canada with your order.

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Great Giveaways Going On..

Here’s some of the great giveaways going on around the blogosphere….

Heather from A Daycare Life is giving away 2 great shirts from Leave Me Be Maternity. A Beautiful Buddah Belly tank (Large) as well as an Immaculate conception tank (XL). All you have to do is leave her a comment with your favorite shirt, as well as which shirt you’d like to win, plus theres ways to get extra entries as well. Head over to her giveaway now to enter.

Lisa from Lisa C Writes has some of the best lotion around right now. She’s done a review and is giving away a 4oz bottle of Skin MD Natural. All you have to do is leave her a comment on the giveaway, letting her know why you or someone you know would benefit from using Skin MD Natural lotion. Head over now to enter…

Another great giveaway from Amanda over at A Window To My Crazy Life! She’s giving away a burp cloth set from Posh A Bye Baby Boutique. All you have to do is head over to her giveaway and leave a comment letting her know what your favorite item is from Posh-A-Bye Baby Boutique.

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