Legit Survey Places.

Yesterday I had a reader email me asking about the online surveys that I take and subscribe to. Being that it’s a pretty long list of actual legit survey places I decided to make a blog about it as best I could.

A lot of people including the blogger who emailed me, look to places such as inboxdollars.com, it’s not to say that they are a scam, but they make it pretty unrealistic to cash out at any point in time. I myself don’t like to mess with many places like that, most of the time the surveys don’t amount to much and it takes forever to hit the cash out points. Below are a few of my favorite sites, I don’t want to post too many at a time as the post will get long winded, so if there is interest in things like this please leave a comment and let me know, I’ll try to post surveys that do come up (new ones) as I get them if there is an interest. For now, here’s a few below, and I’ll do another post later this week with some more for those who are interested.

Right now Standford is closed for new participants, but is a great place where you can earn Amazon Gift Certificates either by a lottery or per survey, it depends on the survey itself, I have gotten a lot of Amazon GC’s from here. Keep checking back to see if they open up registrations again for new participants. This is a site you need to not wait for emails on once you are registered with them, check in daily for new surveys.

I’ve done a bunch of surveys for this places, have always been ‘rewarded’ with Amazon Gift Certificates. You don’t get many surveys, they do come via email when they come out though.

Another great site. They send you surveys via email, they come about once a month, not many but good surveys. I’ve always been rewarded with Amazon Gift Cards.

You mostly collect points as you do surveys, I get multiple surveys a day usually via email from these guys so your points add up very quickly and you can cash out. Sometimes they also have a $ amount attached to a survey where you’ll be guaranteed something like $2, or $5 etc etc. Not very many of them by they do come.

Another great site, I get multiple emails a day from here. Again you earn points and can cash out and request paypal payments, Amazon gift certificates or other various rewards. It’s very fast and easy to cash out on your points.

I know when I first signed up for this you had to have a referral, I am all out, I’m not sure if you still have to have one or not, give it a try. I don’t get many surveys from these guys, when I do it comes via email. This is the same you earn points per survey and can cash out at $10.00, I’ve received many checks from them when I do rack up my points.

Really good site, you need to check their site daily as not all emails for surveys do go through. You can earn cash rewards, sweepstakes entries and there is also instant win games. You can receive payment via check or paypal.

I get a lot of surveys from them, usually it’s a chance to win an amazon gift certificate or cash prize, easy surveys and I have won gift certificates from them.

I actually won $150.00 from doing their surveys. I don’t get them a lot but when you do you are entered to win, or they give away amazon gift certificates.

This is very interesting, I’ve actually gotten to try a lot of cool new products from here, you can get concert tickets and lots of fun stuff, one to sign up for!

Don’t get a whole lot from them, but when I do you collect points that you can eventually cash out.

This is one of my top favorites. I currently get paid $5 survey via paypal, although they are now changing their scale to a sweepstakes entry and a $3 payment via paypal. This is hard to get into, you need to find their banners online, you cannot just join via their site.

One I forgot last minute, I used to do this one a lot, and remembered about it today when I went into an old email account which I had signed up for it with, very legit, I’ve been paid from them in the past, now to just chance my information to my current email account.

Those are some of my favorites, again like I said above, I’ll post some more later in the week if there’s interest. Also from time to time I get various separate surveys not with a ‘group’ that offer cash incentives, if enough people are interested I can post those on the blog when they do come up to give others the opportunity to take advantage and sign up for survey spots.

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50% off all Kea and Joby products

Wow what a great deal. At Kea and Joby right now all of their items are 50% off. EVERYTHING is 50% off, no special codes, no coupons, no nothing. It’s unfortunately a closeout sale and they are closing their doors, so I’m sure you can find some really great deals right now, head on over. If you are a fan of Kee and Joby like I am, be sure to head over to their website located at: http://keaandjoby.com/

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Some Fun and Great Giveaways….

A Daycare Life has a great Sun Protection Zone giveaway going on until Aug. 7th. You can enter to win a Prize pack that includes: A Long Sleeved Rash Guard Suit, Children’s Adjustable Legionnair, Sun and Ski Sun Screen, A Pair of Sunglasses and a pkg of Solar Safe Bands. All of this for one little comment on the giveaway post about what rash guard or rash guard suit you’d like to win and why sun safety is important to you. It’s that easy, there’s also extra ways to gain entries, check out A Daycare Life for more information.

One Day At A Time has another giveaway going on right now for a really great set from Mary Kay. Enter to win a a Satin Hands Set from Mary Kay (ARV $30). All you have to do is head over to the Tired of Dry Hands giveaway and comment on the post with which of the new Mineral Eyeshadows from Mary Kay you like best and which shade you like. There’s also extra ways to gain entries, head over to One Day At A Time for more information.

The Ivy Kitchen is giving away 2 bottles of some really great lotion. Enter to win yourself a bottle of both Skin MD and Gloves In A Bottle. All you have to do is head over to her Gloves In A Bottle review and giveaway post and leave a comment about why you’d like to try Gloves In A Bottle. There’s also extra chances to win! Visit The Ivy Kitchen for more information.

A Window To My Crazy Life has a giveaway going on for one of those great Parking Pals. All you have to do is visit the Parking Pal giveaway post and comment on the post with one of the safety tips & stats from the parking pal website. There’s also extra chances to win, visit A Window To My Crazy Life for more information.

My Wooden Spoon is having a FIESTA PARTY!! Want to win a great Pace Fiesta Pack? Then head over to her post called Aye, Aye, Aye …Fiesta Party With Pace! and enter to win. All you have to do is comment on her post with the flavor you want to try. There’s also extra chances to win as well. Visit My Wooden Spoon for more information.

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Freezer Food Friday

Freezer Egg McMuffins

12 English muffins, split with a fork
12 frozen sausage patties, cooked and well drained
12 slices American cheese
12 eggs
3 Tbsp. butter

Cook the eggs as desired on a nonstick skillet, using 2 Tbsp. of butter. Make sandwiches with the English muffins, cooked sausage patties, cheese and cooked eggs.

Cool sandwiches in the refrigerator.
When cool, wrap each in a microwave-safe paper towel and freeze. Package them into heavy duty ziplock freezer bags.

To heat, slightly unwrap the paper towel and microwave on high for one to two minutes until the cheese is melted and the sandwich is hot. (12 sandwiches)

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Daily Freebies!!!

July 25, 2008 – 11:18 AM - | Posted in Canadian Freebies, daily freebies, free stuff, freebies, UK Freebies, US Freebies | Comments Off on Daily Freebies!!!
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