This Father’s Day, the Hub Network invites viewers to join the fun with WWE Legend Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and his daughter WWE Diva Natalya as they celebrate Father’s Day wrestler style in a series of fun, witty skits. These skits will air as interstitials during “Hub Network’s WWE Slamtastic Father’s Day Movies.” Kids can spend quality time with their fathers watching entertaining, action-packed movies on Sunday, June 15 (3–10 p.m. ET) on the Hub Network, champions of family fun and the only network dedicated to providing kids and their families with entertainment they can watch together.


The interstitials will feature Neidhart and Natalya spending father-daughter time together, but with a wrestling twist. Viewers can enjoy a unique, humorous look into this WWE family and their idea of quality bonding.

Check out the :30 promo video: http://bit.ly/1jSfRqN

Schedule for “Hub Network’s WWE Slamtastic Father’s Day Movies”:

3-4:30 p.m. ET: “Stan Lee’s Mighty 7”

Stan Lee executive produces and stars in this Hub Network Original Family Movie as an animated version of himself. Lee is a legendary superhero creator who teaches a crew of alien prisoners and their jailers, who have crash-landed on Earth, how to work together and use their powers to be superheroes. The movie features brand new characters voiced by an all-star cast, including Sean Astin (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy), Jim Belushi (“The Defenders”), Mayim Bialik (“The Big Bang Theory”), Darren Criss (“Glee”) and Teri Hatcher (“Desperate Housewives”).

4:30-7 p.m. ET: “The Next Karate Kid”

Since the passing of her parents, 17-year-old Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank) has directed her anger in all the wrong places. But now, enigmatic karate teacher Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) takes Julie on an odyssey that allows the girl to be herself.

7-10 p.m. ET: “Superman III”

Christopher Reeve is back once again in the ongoing adventures of the Man of Steel. This time Superman faces the awesome power of a super-computer genius, who has been hoodwinked by a sinister tycoon seeking global dominance.

To find the channel in your area, please visit HubNetwork.com and check the channel locator at the top of the page.

Visit the Hub Network on Social Media:

Facebook at Facebook.com/HubTVNetwork

Twitter @HubTVNetwork

Instagram @HubTVNetwork

YouTube at YouTube.com/HubTVNetwork

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2014 Special Oympics, The WWE and A WWEMoms Twitter Party!


WWE is now a Founding Partner for the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games. This national sporting event will take place in New Jersey June 14th – 21st.

Around 3.5000 athletes will be traveling to New Jersey for the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games and will compete in 16 Olympic-style team and individual sports. Not only will the 2014 USA Games 10001441_293298480835561_4889491366308456422_ncelebrate the Special Olympics but it will also promote the ideas of acceptance and inclusion through sport, and showcase the abilities of athletes with intellectual disabilities.

WWE will be promoting their partnership through various platforms including TV, live events and social media in hopes of generating awareness and raising funds in support of the USA Games. There will also be an hour long T.V. show produced by WWE highlighting the games as well as including WWE Superstars and Divas participating in various events. WWE will also be making a financial contribution to support the games.

For more information about the WWE Founding Partnership with the 2014 Special Olympic USA Games please visit community.wwe.com.


A Special WWEmoms Twitter Event
When: Thursday, June 5, 2014
7:00 – 8:00 pm ET
4:00 – 5:00 pm PT
‘2014 Special Olympics USA Games’

Join myself (@wrestlingaddict) and @WWEmoms as well as special guest @2014USAGames this Thursday, June 5 at 7 pm ET as we celebrate the upcoming 2014 Special Olympics USA Games!

The Special Olympics USA Games will be hosted by New Jersey June 14-21, 2014. Nearly 3,500 athletes will compete in 16 Olympic-style team and individual sports, with the support of 1,000 coaches, 10,000 volunteers and 70,000 family, friends and spectators.
Special Olympics is a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability.

RSVP to the party for a chance to win a Longchamp tote bag, Beats Powerbeats headphones or a Sony PS Vita!

(Click here to learn more about our Twitter chats. You must RSVP and attend the party to be eligible for a prize.)

Email RSVP@theonlinemom.com (subject line: WWEmoms) indicating your Twitter ID
Spread the word and RT or share this post with your followers!
Join us on TweetDeck or HootSuite (#WWEmoms) this Thursday, June 5 between 7 – 8 pm ET
Tell your Twitter followers!

PRIZE WINNERS will be announced during the Party!

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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Axe and X-MEN: Days of Future Past *Giveaway*


Superheroes seem to be the talk of the town these days, especially in our home. My oldest daughter has just become a comic book fanatic and my husband, well, he’s loving the fact that he’s now got a sneaky way to read comics, head to the comic book store, and watch all of those comic book inspired movies that I particularly am not a fan of.

Yes, I said it. I’m not a comic book fan, I’m not a superhero fan at all. Hubby has tried to get me to watch X-MEN and other movies a million times, but I’m just not that interested, I’d rather watch chick flicks. Now that he’s got a partner in crime with our oldest daughter, they can’t wait to have a daddy daughter date to go and see X-MEN Days of Future Past which is in theaters now!

To celebrate the release of the new movie X-MEN: Days of Future Past Axe and Walgreens have a new gift pack that I’m sure the manly X-MEN fans in your life would love. This X-MEN: Days of Future Past Axe gift pack is exclusive to Walgreens and features Axe products as well as a FREE X-MEN movie poster inside! Want to go grab the gift pack for yourself? Just enter your zip code in the store locator below to find a participating Walgreen’s store near you.


Three (3) lucky Wrestling Addicted Mommy fans will each win a movie certificate good for two (2) tickets to see the new X-MEN: Days of Future Past movie at their local theater!


 This post is sponsored by Global Influence however all opinions are my own.
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June 1, 2014 – 9:47 PM - | Posted in Giveaways, Movies | 73 Comments »

Kids Bowl FREE This Summer!!!


My oldest daughter started bowling in the after school program this year at one of our local bowling alleys. Although, she’s not the greatest (it is her first time) she loves bowling! She has a great time with her friends, and it keeps her active as well.

So now that the school year is coming to a close, bowling is over, kind of. Because now, her and her sister can bowl two games a day FOR FREE thanks to kidsbowlfree.com.

All summer long, your kids can get 2 FREE games of bowling every day at your participating bowling alley. There are over 1,050 locations to choose from.

Head over to kidsbowlfree.com and register your kids today, there’s also a great family pass to purchase so you can all bowl! When you register your kids, please use my email lyricandariasmom@gmail.com in the ‘referred by’ field. We’ll both be entered to win some cool prizes including iPads and a trip to Walt Disney World!

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May 30, 2014 – 6:36 PM - | Posted in freebies | No Comments »

Let’s Talk About Bums and Your Bathroom Routine! #LetsTalkBums


Lots of deals are to be found when shopping at CVS, especially if you have coupons. Being a coupon clipper myself, I just happen to have a great CVS Cottonelle coupon to be able to purchase a wonderful new product, Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths as well as Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper.freshcare

Yea yea, talking about toilet paper and having a clean bum isn’t a great conversation to have, but lets face it, we all need to clean ourselves, we all need to purchase the cleansing products, so why not talk about it? Find the best products that will keep us clean and comfortable!

Toilet paper is toilet paper, not true! You get that one ply, two ply, soft, rough, there’s so many variations and each person is different, but lets face it, if it’s soft enough to clean without falling apart, it’s usually something everyone prefers, I mean really, do you want to clean yourself with a brillo pad? I think not.

Cottonelle-Clean-Care-Toilet-PaperCottonelle’s Clean Care toilet paper is soft. So soft, it almost feels like you’re using a blanket. No I’m for real, it’s that soft, not rough at all, and does the job without falling apart in your hands while you’re using it. I also love the Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths that gives you a gentle cleanse before you dry off with the toilet paper, especially good for us women when we have that time of the month, we might not feel our ‘freshest’ or in the summer time when we all tend to sweat a lot. The Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths are a great addition to the paper.

Everyone in your family will just love the new additions to their bathroom time personal cleaning routines. I know I do, and my girls do as well, my hubby, hasn’t said much, but again, he’s a man, probably won’t get to vocal about his love for the new products.

So what are you waiting for? TIME TO GET CLEAN AND FRESH with Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths as well as Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper.

Don’t forget to download your CVS Cottonelle Coupon so you can get $1.50 off your purchase of the new Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care Toilet Paper.


*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but my love for their fresh care flushable cleansing cloths is all my own!

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