Last-Minute Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

The HP Envy All-in-One printer is a great compact solution for your home and office printing, scanning and copying needs. Now if you buy the HP Envy 5540 e-All-in-One printer, it comes with 3 months free of HP Instant Ink! With HP Instant Ink you select your subscription plan and HP takes care of the rest so that you never run out of ink and printing costs a lot less! Ink, shipping, and cartridge recycling are included in your monthly plan. Plans start as low as $2.99/month and are based on pages printed, not cartridges used. There’s no annual fee and you can change or cancel plans online at anytime.









Link to HP Envy 5540 e-All-in-One printer:

Link to HP Instant Ink:

Now through Cyber Monday, HP Social Media Snapshots Removable Sticky Photo Paper are BOGO at Staples when you use the following link and click “redeem now” –

Maria Bailey put together this list of her favorite items and deals for moms and families on These 8 items are great discounted gift ideas for a variety of people on your holiday shopping list!

About is a discount online shopping website that sells a broad range of products including furniture, rugs, bedding, electronics, clothing and jewelry.

-Shop all of’s Cyber Monday Sales:
-Shop all of’s Black Friday Sales:

Maria’s Favorite Discounted Items at this shopping weekend:

Paula Deen Collection Aqua Speckle Porcelain Nonstick 15-piece Set



Regular Price: $180.00
Sale Price: $99.99

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4)



Regular Price: $52.00
Sale price: $27.99

Item Name: Rolling Coaster Children’s Ride-on Car




Regular Price: $54.99
Sale price: $34.99

Item Name: Discovery Kids Light-Up Musical Microphone & Stand




Regular Price: $29.99
Sale price: $22.99

Item Name: Acqua Di Gio Men’s Eau de Toilette Spray




Regular Price: $45.00
Sale price: $27.99

Item Name: The North Face Men’s Black Zip Pullover




Regular Price: $60.00
Sale price: $42.99

Item Name: Stainless Steel Expandable ‘I Love You to the Moon and Back’ Bangle





Regular Price: $50.00
Sale price: $11.99

Item Name: Hailey Jeans Co. Junior’s Striped Long Sleeve Open Front Cardigan





Regular Price: $39.99
Sale price: $14.99

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream Comes To Toledo!

D32 Logo Large

It’s that time of year! That time when Disney comes to YOU! That’s right, Disney On Ice is making its way to a city near you! Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream will be coming to the Glass City in December! The Huntington Center will be the stop in Toledo Ohio. Me and the girls have been going for years, I don’t think there’s many that we’ve missed, and even though they’re older now, it’s still a tradition at least me and my youngest still like to carry on. Your never to old for Disney On Ice!

Classic meets contemporary in Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream! Join your favorite Disney Princesses in a celebration of 75 years of Disney Princess stories, including two-modern day princesses, Rapunzel and Tiana; the always elegant Cinderella; and the princess who started it all, Snow White. Laugh at Disney’s hilarious hair-raising escapade, Tangled, as Rapunzel; her unlikely companion, Flynn; and Maximus, the Captain of the Guard’s determined horse; embark on an uproarious journey that takes adventure to new lengths! Travel to the enchanted forest with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Snow White escapes from the Evil Queen in her search for her one true love. Watch as fanciful dreams become reality as Cinderella meets her Prince Charming, with a glass slipper fit for an unforgettable fantasy come true. And boogie to the beat of the bayou in a magical, musical journey that celebrates the story of The Princess and the Frog with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen. All your favorite princesses take to the ice in a spectacular finale at the ultimate Disney Princess event of a lifetime! Experience the beauty, sparkle, and spirit when Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream comes to your hometown!

This is a great show for young and old, and especially if you’re a fan of Disney Princesses! For those in the Toledo Ohio area, I have some tickets to share! You can join me and my family on opening night of Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream, on Thursday December 3rd at 7pm! Enter to win a 4-pack of Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream tickets for the December 3rd show at the Huntington Center below.

Not a winner, or can’t go opening night? Don’t worry, you can purchase tickets and save money! Opening Night tickets are just $12 – No code needed! Kid’s tickets start at just $12! – no code needed! Purchase your tickets on

Show Times Schedule:
Thursday, Dec. 3 7:00pm
Friday, Dec. 4 7:00pm
Saturday, Dec. 5 11:00am, 3:00pm, 7:00pm
Sunday Dec. 6 1:00pm, 5:00pm

Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream Ticket Giveaway

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Can you get fit without leaving the house?

Ahh convenience, we all want it. The easiest fastest way possible is what we all crave to find. That also includes when it comes to working out. Sure, we join that gym that we all see on the way home from work, thinking how convenient homeworkoutit is. Just stop in after work and go home. But, by creating your own home gym, you’ve got an even easier more convenient route.

The first thing you probably think of buying is a bigger piece of equipment. A treadmill may seem the most obvious answer, but don’t forget about the other smaller items like dumbbells, resistance bands, a medicine ball and don’t forget about using your own body for resistance with workouts. Also, don’t forget about the exercise mat to use for stretches and cushions for things like crunches and push-ups.

Your home gym doesn’t have to mimic “the gym” you need to make it your own, for your needs and fitness level. Remember you can always add on to the equipment as you need to, there’s no need to rush. Start small, with the most simple things. Think of the area’s you want to improve on, or what you enjoy doing with your workouts.

Exercise is important and you need to find things that work for you, sometimes without requiring equipment at all. Find ways to make your workouts fun like blasting music, or watching TV. Forget the excuses, you don’t need all the fancy equipment.

Here are some great workouts you can do:
– Walking: It’s great to get outside and enjoy the weather, but if it’s just not working out for you that day do a flight of stairs, or just walk around the house a few times.
– Jumping Jacks: They can make you feel like a kid again, but guess what, it’s great cardio!
– Pushups: Yea, they kind of suck. But you need to find the best way to do them where you feel comfortable. Use your knees instead of keeping your legs straight, or do them standing up against the wall.
– Leg Lifts: They don’t always have to be done straight to be effective, try bending your legs slightly while lifting.
– Crunches: You want those abs? You have to get down and do those crunches, as a beginner, don’t worry about getting all the way up, as long as you feel the stretch in your muscles, you’re doing good!
– Jogging in place: Make it interesting so that the time goes faster, play some music or watch TV.
– Squats: Sitting or standing up from a chair, as long as you do a few reps you’ll be doing something for your legs and buttocks.
– Dancing: Talk about having a fun workout, dancing is great and hey, if you can’t think of a dance, pop in that Just Dance game and go at it, include the kids, you’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll all have and how much of a workout you’ll get.

Getting some sort of exercise in is important, but you don’t have to go all out, paying gyms or buying expensive equipment to have an effective workout. Use what you have on hand, in your home, you’ll be more likely to keep up if you’re comfortable!

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WWE Network Gift Cards – The Gift Of The Season! #WWEMoms


For any wrestling fan, WWE Network has become a staple! With exclusive shows, pay per views, special segments and more, any WWE fan who doesn’t have the Network, well, they’re totally missing out!

We’ve had the network in our home since day 1. For just $9.99 a month, it’s saved us a ton of money, we now get the pay per views included instead of paying another $50 some odd bucks to watch one once a month. Yes, you read that right, the pay per views are INCLUDED!


So we’re adults, we have a credit card on file and an automatic monthly subscription. But what if you have kids who want the network, or don’t want to use your credit card. The perfect solution? A WWE Network Gift Card!

These gift cards can be purchased exclusively at Walmart stores and include a 3 month subscription to WWE Network. Perfect gift for any wrestling fan, no credit card required and as soon as they redeem it, they’re locked in for 3 months to watch the network on their game system, Apple TV, Phone, Tablet, Computer, Google Chrome and so many more options!  All you need is the internet, and a love for WWE!

With Christmas and Wrestlemania on the way, this is the PERFECT gift for those WWE fans in your lives!

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Hair Care with Weaves and Extensions

What is a hair weave?
When you integrate hair — human or artificial — with your own, the result is known as a hair weave. The additional hair can be interwoven with your own, or it can be placed on top of the latter. People make hair weaves for various reasons — some may want to enhance the colour of their hair without having to put in chemicals, which can be harmful, or radically change their hair texture. They may also want to give their hair more volume or length, or hair weaves may simply be in fashion in a given place at a given time. Some people wear them to conceal hair loss, although hair weaves can themselves be a cause thereof, as we shall see.

Picture1 Image Courtesy of

Starting with a brief history…
The use of hair weaves dates back at least to the time of the ancient Egyptians, who used extensions of various sorts to make their hair look more elegant. Wigs, made in a variety of shapes and styles, were popular in Europe and the colonies beginning in the seventeenth century. Hair weaves as such did not, however, become popular until the 1950s.

Examples of hair weaves
There are a variety of hair waves for people with varying tastes and styles, such as Remy and Indian. Some dark-haired packages look great on people with light skin.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Others look just fine for those with darker complexions; this “Brazilian ombre” hair weaves contrasts beautifully with the skin of the wearer:

For quite some time, Indian and Latina locks have been especially popular because of their structural similarity to white hair and their low cost compared to Euro technology hair.

There are also companies that specialize in providing hair weaves for customers. International Hair Company is one such place, and they perform ECO Indian hair, Remy hair (closures and blond), clip-ins, tape and styling tools. One good book on the topic is Hair Weaves for Dumb Girls by Tanika Torrice.

Traction alopecia
Sometimes, wearing a hair weave — or any style — for prolonged periods can make the hair just above the ears or along the fore hairline fall out, a condition known as traction alopecia. Black American women are particularly vulnerable to this kind of thing, which can cause scarring in (and is also the chief cause of hair loss among) such people. The fact that hair weaves can cause traction alopecia sounds ironic, given that so many people wear them expressly to conceal that condition; but it can be avoided if the wearer takes care to perform regular maintenance on the weave.

Traction alopecia takes place because the hair of the braid to which the weave is attached continues to grow, and because the tight braiding and the snug fit can create tension on hair when the risk of it falling out is already great, putting pressure onto the follicles.

The longer the follicles remain dormant, the more conspicuous the hair loss will be in those areas that have been subject to the stress that the weaves put on them. The braids, being confined in the hair, create their own “tracks” that enable them to stand out therefrom.

To prevent traction alopecia from occurring, you should take the weave off regularly, re-braiding your natural hair and snugly reattaching the piece.

Further information
To learn more about the different styles of hair weaves, and how to decide which one is right for you, watch the slide at “Different Types of Hair Weaves: How to Choose a Hair Type and Style to Suit your Face and personality.”

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