3x Thursday!!!

3x Thursday’s Questions this week:

3x Thursday: 04/03y2k+8: Time’s Makin’ Changes

1. As you’ve gotten older, have you noticed changes in how your body works? If yes, how so?

For sure!! My body doesn’t seem to handle a lot of things the same way anymore, food/alcohol etc. It also doesn’t like to have the same metabolism as I did when I was younger either, that is a major bummer! I think as you get older your metabolism should work better ;)

2. As time has gone by, do you find your music tastes have changed? If yes, how so?

Not really. I listen to more pop now than I used to, but I still listen to hip hop/R&B and Reggae like I always have. I still hate rock/country ect ect.

3. Do you look forward to getting older? Why/why not?

NO NO NO NO!! I refuse to even celebrate my birthday this year as it will be my 30th. I hate getting older, I don’t feel like i’m this old at all. I want to be young forever, I want to be around forever, I want to have a young body forever. It would be nice to CONSTANTLY be able to keep up with the kids no matter what age they are.
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April 3, 2008 – 11:05 AM - | Posted in 3x thursday | 1 Comment »

It’s Finally Spring!!!

Finally, Toledo Ohio has hit SPRINGTIME!!! It’s been a while coming, you thought spring was here and then BAM you’re hit with another snowstorm.

Not like its something I’m not used to in the first place, I mean come on, I’m Canadian born and raised, lived right by Lake Ontario for my entire life. I know about some snow and winter.

It just gets uber annoying when your stuck inside with a toddler and a preschooler 24/7 for the entire winter, with colds, and flu off and on. You just itch for that sunshine and warmth, and just to GET OUT!!!. Well, today it finally hapened. The snow is all gone, the rain has stopped for at least a day, and its nice and sunny and crisp outside.

The girls have been in and out most of the day, playing in the sun, its not as warm as I’d like but we’ll manage. The chalk was brought out, the basketball net, and of course the bubbles! The girls got some bubbles for Easter in their basket and have been DYING to go outside to use them. After me yelling at ‘Daddy’ for blowing them in the house and staining my hardwood floors and furniture, bubbles were banned from being used indoors.

The girls got good use out of them today, aside from trying to teach Aria NOT to put the bubble wand IN her mouth to blow the bubbles, they both did a great job, blowing bubbles and chasing them as well.

We had a wonderful day outside, hopefully it stays like this, no more surprise snowstorms PLEASE!! I’m sure we’ll be hit with much more rain, but as long as the cold doesn’t return, I can deal with that!!!

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April 2, 2008 – 3:19 PM - | Posted in daily life | 1 Comment »

Daily Freebies April 2, 2008

Daily Freebies!!!

Here’s your daily dose of freebies for today.

~ Free Reusable Shopping Tote from Earthbound Farm (US/CAN)
The quiz answers are: 2 3 1 3 4 2 2 1 2 1)

~ Allure Free Bliss Fatgirlsleep for the first 500 at Noon EDT

~ Betty Crocker Free Sample of Warm Delights Minis

~ Trojan take the Pledge and get a free Condom Sample

~ Free Sample of Ultra Xcid Antacid

~ Free Gillette Mach3 Disposable Razors (Canada)

~ Nivea Free Sample of My Silhouette Gel Cream (UK)

~ Pull-Ups Free Potty Training Success DVD


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April 2, 2008 – 11:18 AM - | Posted in freebies | Comments Off on Daily Freebies April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!!!!

(one way to use the potty lol)

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April 2, 2008 – 10:59 AM - | Posted in wordless wednesday | 15 Comments »

Ten On Tuesday….

Ten Things You’d Fix in Your Home

(if you had the time and money)

Great topic for me this week, I’ve been going thru this in my head for a few weeks now…

My list as follows (in no order)

  1. Waterproof the basement/fix foundation
  2. Renovate the basement, make it into a rec room
  3. Build a bathroom in the basement, complete with shower/sink and toilet
  4. New Flooring in ever room in the house
  5. Redo the bathroom entirely
  6. Paint every room in the house
  7. New doors both front and back as well as a new storm door for both
  8. New siding on the house, no more Aluminum siding that needs to be painted
  9. Make the front porch bigger and better
  10. Add on a florida room
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April 1, 2008 – 6:49 PM - | Posted in ten on tuesday | 6 Comments »
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