Bobby Lashley…

It’s quite funny to me the ongoings of some of the ex-WWE wrestlers.

Take for instance Bobby Lashley. ECW Champion, he was going to be the next HUGE thing in WWE Wrestling… Until he got injured. And well, never returned.

I was a huge fan of Bobby Lashley, talked to him a few times, even got to meet him and get my pic taken at a Wrestlemania 23 event in Detroit MI. Super nice guy, soft spoken, and a great wrestler, plus a very good looking guy with a GREAT physique. I was even a moderator on his website and message board.

Bobby announced a few months back that he would not be returning to WWE and would be persuing MMA fighting. What a let down, I was all about supporting the guy etc etc until I heard about the whining he was doing about money, what he wanted to come back, I lost total respect for the guy as an athlete and wrestler. He was new in the business yet wanted all the perks and payoffs that so many other guys had to work hard for.

Anyways, apparently he’s going to be an MMA fighter now. Following the likes of Brock Lesner I guess. I’m not really into MMA or UFC or any of that, I’ve tried, just can’t get into it. I honestly can’t see a huge guy like Bobby Lashley doing that well in MMA but I guess we’ll see.

Also, I guess on to make more money and a new business venture, along pops Lashley Nutrition. Yes you read right. Bobby Lashley now has a website dedicated to wholesale nutritional products. Is it just me, or does that seem… Hmm… Well…. GHETTO????? I mean its one thing if you come out with your own line of products, or your a spokes person, but a wholesale online shop….. I dunno…..

I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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Win a year’s supply of Reddi-wip and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Win a year’s supply of Reddi-wip and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

This is probably the WORST giveaway for me to enter right now, and so bad for my diet, but I can’t resist.

Table for Five is giving away a grand prize of a Year’s Supply of Reddi-Wip and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Can you imagine?????

Here’s all you have to do… Head over to the contest for A Year’s Supply Of Reddi-Wip and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

To enter the rules are as follows:

For one entry, I need you to leave a comment with:

1.Your first name or blog alias. Comments left with Keywords/website names will be deleted.
2. What your favorite food is to put whipped cream on-cake, pie, cookies, ice cream, etc.
3. What your favorite flavor of ice cream is.

For two entries, leave a comment with:

1. All of the above information AND let me know that you have either subscribed to my feed, faved the blog on Technorati, or added Table for Five to your blogroll.

For three entries, leave a comment with:

1. All of the above information AND the url of a blog post linking to this giveaway. Please mention in your post that the giveaway ends April 29th.

Entries may be submitted until April 29th at 9 AM ET.


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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday


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Daily Freebies April 16, 2008

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Inspire, Awaken, Blossom, Shake up the creativity…

Inspire, Awaken, Blossom, Shake up the creativity. Enjoy the beauty and discerning humor of any hip family, child, baby, Mom or Dad and others who share in whimsy and discovery. Come and enjoy, relax, peruse, reflect, advocate, laugh and hang out with Little Googoo.

I’m all about finding great products that have a great message. Whether it be to inspire, or something that’s environmentally conscious. Especially for the girls, inspring but fun products are always the best. Little Googoo does just that.

Little Googoo is an online boutique who designs their products via Cafe Press. Not only do they have inspiring and environmentally conscious products, they also have fun and humorous ones as well. Their products are for anyone, from babies to adults of all kinds. They carry things from onesies to mugs, t-shirts to grocery bags and things in between. They have also had the pleasure of being selected to provide their products and designs for some ‘swag’ baskets to Celebrity Mom’s and Dads such as Christina Aquilera, Jennifer Garner, Gabrielle Reece and David Alan Grier.

I recently had a chance to review a few of their products with my family.

Little Googoo was so nice to provide us with 3 T-shirts and a grocery bag. I must say, I really like the designs of their products, they have a great message and are fun to boot. My girls both really like their shirts, and my husband as well.

Little Googoo’s grocery bag is a big hit with me so far. I like the fact that its 100% cotton canvas and nice and thick, it has the ability to hold a lot of things in it. On our quick grocery trip to Sam’s Club this weekend, I decided to bring it along. We all know you don’t get bags of any sorts at Sam’s if you want something to carry your groceries in, they have flimsy cardboard boxes that you can load up and bring out to your car. The grocery bag did a great job at holding my smaller items. The handles of the bag are nice and long as well 22″ to be exact, so they work out for my husband or myself to carry. The cherry print was the one sent to me, and the print was on both sides of the bag, not just one.
Also, to test the product well enough, I decided to wash the bag in the washer as well to see how well it and the design holds up. It passed the test and did great, no fading, no rips or anything in the wash.

The bags retail for $18.99 and is a great price and investment for such a bag. We all need to be a little more environmentally friendly, and using re-usable bags will help out getting rid of all those useless plastic ones.

While we were looking at Little Googoo initially, I had the girls pick out their favorite items from the website. Aria who’s 2 years old, picked out Hip Hippo Infant/Toddler T-Shirt. For her it’s perfect because as of late, everything revolves around monkey’s and hippos, she’s so amused by them. When we got our package in the mail, and I pulled out the oh so cute pink Hip Hippo T-shirt, her eyes lit up and she screamed “HIPPO!!!!!!”. Too cute. She really loves her shirt, she doesn’t want to take it off, its a struggle at bedtime just to put her PJ’s on.

The shirt is nice and soft, 100% cotton, and fits her perfectly. The only issue I had with the shirt itself might be the graphic of the hippo. I think that the resolution for the graphic when printed on a t-shirt on the size it is needs to be adjusted a little higher, as the graphic was a little pixelated on the t-shirt. Otherwise it’s great. Just a cute, fun little shirt for a little one who loves hippos. Retail price: $16.99

Lyric who’s 4 years old, picked out the Smart, Funny….Beautiful T-shirt. I’m really glad she picked out this shirt, it’s got a wonderful message and is inspiring for a little girl, such a switch from all the princess and bratz t-shirts that she has. She was quite pleased with her t-shirt when it came out of the package as well. This shirt too is 100% cotton and very soft. The graphics are sharp and bright and easy to read. Retail Price: $20.99

Both shirts washed up wonderfully, some shrinkage, but not a lot, just the usual shrink you’d get with 100% cotton things. There was no bleeding from the graphics or fading as of yet either.

My husband Rodney was also lucky enough to get a shirt of his very own. A humorous shirt, that is a common saying in our house or any house especially with kids, he loved the Because I Said So… shirt. His shirt was in a great military green color with the black lettering of Because I Said So… in the center. He really enjoyed the shirt, and the guys at work got a kick out of it as well. This shirt again was 100% cotton and washed up well. Our only real comment on this shirt was that the copyright was a little too large underneath the actual graphic/wording of Because I Said So. My suggestion would for it to be smaller and not centered with the text, or put on the back of the shirt near the top in small print. It sort of takes away from the text itself. Still a great shirt tho.
Retail Price: $22.99

I’d say head on over to Little Googoo and check out the rest of their fun, inspiring and humorous products, you won’t be disappointed. Mothers Day and Father’s Day is fast approaching and any of their products would make great gifts for a parent, or child for their birthday.

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