What A Night!!!

What a great Wrestlemania……. Not every match ended as I had thought, or hoped, but it was a great show none the less.

First of all, let me say…….. The 24 Man Battle Royal….. The winner of this match would get a chance tonight to go up against Chavo for the ECW Championship. What a quick match….My pick was for Elijah Burke. Now Elijah, he has some explaining to do to me lol first of all, he’s gone and changed his ‘logo’ on his shorts, and gone and changed his colors again. E, how the heck am I supposed to keep your myspace page kickin if you keep changing things without my knowledge lol……
Anyways, Elijah was eliminated 3rd by Kane…..
And well, Kane won the entire match and went on to face Chavo for the ECW championship later that night, the match lasted, oh about 3 minutes, if that, with Kane defeating Chavo.

The matches went as follows:

Now my 2 cents, I am NOT happy with a few of the outcomes. I really wanted to see someone beat the Undertaker. He’s now 16-0. I really thought Edge would be the one to do it, unfortunately not.

Money In the Bank Ladder Match, now I understand a bunch of changes probably had to be made, as it was quite apparent that Jeff Hardy probably would have won this match if he had not been suspended. But, CM PUNK????? COME ON NOW!!!!! I am not impressed at all, think of all the other guys who have worked their butts off for this chance, who deserve it way more than CM PUNK, myself, and I’m sure a lot of other fans, are just plain SICK of CM Punk by now.

The match that surprised me the most was the triple threat match. John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H. I was dead set positive that Triple H would be winning this match, but, we were surprised as Orton pinned Cena to retain the belt. Surprise Surprise.

Now, to the most important match of the night, in my opinion……..

Tonight was a major night in wrestling history, it was the end of the Flair era. It was a heartbreaking night for a lot of fans and wrestlers alike. I’m sure everyone who is a die hard wrestling fan shed some tears.

We all knew it was coming, Ric was inducted into the Hall of Fame last night, this was a career threatening match, who better to ‘pass the torch to’ other than someone who was a life long fan themselves and ‘mirrored’ themselves almost after you.

Shawn Michaels had probably one of the hardest matches tonight. He defeated and ended Ric Flairs wrestling in ring career. It was a great match, the tear jerking moment, that even put myself into tears, was seeing Shawn Michaels in the ring, in the corner, getting ready to do Sweet Chin Music on Flair, head down, and you could see the tears in his eyes, he looked up, as Ric Flair was getting up from the ring, Ric motioned him to “come on with it”with tears in his own eyes, Shawn Michaels mouthed “I’m sorry, I Love you”.

HEART BREAKING!!!!!!!! Even thinking about it, the chills are still there the emotion is still there, it was a sad day in the business, but we all thank Ric Flair for everything he’s ever done for this business, for the shows he’s put on for us the fans, for never letting us down.

We Love You Ric Flair!!!!! and Thank You!

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Tonight’s The Night!!!


Wrestlemania 24 is tonight at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando Florida.
The biggest night in Sports Entertainment. The night we all wait for each year.

Tonights matches will include:

BunnyMania Lumberjack Match: Ashley & Maria vs. The Glamazon & Melina

Matches that I’m most looking forward to watching is the Triple Threat Match, Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels, SmackDown vs. Raw and the 24 Man Battle Royal. Now depending on the winner of that, will determine if I really care to see the match of who ever faces Chavo for the ECW Championship.

Also Remember, the 24 Man Battle Royal (which Includes my boy, Elijah Burke GO ELIJAH!) will be broadcast on WWE.COM at 6:30pm ET/ 3:30pm PT.

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Blog Talkers Talk #66

Blog Talkers Talk #66

Blog Talkers

If you could go back in time and witness one event from your family’s history, what would it be? (Be specific). How would this change impact your life? How would this change impact the lives of those close to you?

Hmm, this is a question I’ve often thought about these past few weeks. Would a decision made in the past, change the future impact of my life, my families life? That’s a good question, it could change, but would it be for a better or worse situation than we are in now?
I don’t know if there’s just one event I’d want to witness, could witnessing an event change the outcome of something? Do you gamble with the fact that if you witness that event, various things may turn for the worse, or may turn out to be the best change for your life.

The only event I would have liked to witness (again) possibly could be witness the thoughts I had in my head when I made my decision to move to the USA and get married instead of getting my husband to move to Canada and get married and start a life there instead. Would we be better off? Be in a better situation, I don’t know, it would have impacted our lives greatly, and would probably have changed a lot of the history of our family as we now know it, would we have had the girls already? A house? there’s to many questions to think about going back to change history.

I think I’ll pass.

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Lazy Day….

We’re just having a lazy day here today. It’s grey outside and just not nice.
Rodney is playing video games, I’m listning to music and just surfing the web.

We’ve made some bunny cookies we had left over from Easter, they’re in the oven now, they smell YUMMY!!!

The girls are having a painting day and enjoying the paints they got in their Easter Baskets this year.

I hope everyone is having a fun day in one way or another.

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Mommies ‘N Babies

You all might notice the button on the left sidebar under Check It Out.. that says Mommies ‘N Babies.

I just wanted to talk a little bit about what it actually is.

Mommies ‘N Babies is an online message board for women. It started as just a small parenting message board, but in the 4 years that it has been around it has evolved into much more than just a parenting message board, and more into a women’s message board.

Our main focus is always parenting, and mommies, but we do have many members who are just women, single, or married, children and no children. Women from all walks of life are able to enjoy Mommies ‘N Babies.

We are a women’s only forum, no men are allowed. We do have one or two of the Admins husbands who do come in from time to time to help with computer and tech issues (Q&A’s).

I encourage you to stop on by Mommies ‘N Babies, register and check us out. We’re always on the lookout for new members.

Right now we have a few things going on at Mommies ‘N Babies.

We have an Online Secret Sister sign-up that closes tonight, all registered members can join in the fun, its a fun way to make another member/woman feel appreciated. This runs from April 1st – April 16th.

We also have a Springtime Secret Sister Exchange/Swap going on as well. This swap/exchange is via snail mail. It is open to registered members who are in MEMBER status (200 + posts). Sign-up’s are open until April 1st. The exchange involves sending items to your secret sister that are spring themed, something to make her day. This runs from April 1st – 16th as well.

Last, right now we also have sign ups going on for April’s Cooking Challenge. The theme this month is an Ingredient Theme. There are 3 ingredients that must be included in your recipe. All registered members can sign up for this as well. The Cooking Challenge also has prizes available for the winner if 5 or more people sign up. We will be giving away the winner’s choice of either two(2) Books Autographed by Gemma Halliday or a pair of Baby Banz.

So, Stop on by Mommies ‘N Babies, we have a ton of different forums, great members, and fun things to do.

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